Written by lexiemarkone

24 Mar 2008

I have this fantasy of going into a cubicle to try and bra on, and needing the assistant to bring me another size. She says, you need a bra like mine, then lifts her top to show me. I say, let me try it then, and she takes it off provacatively rubbing it over her nipples to get them long and hard. It is warm and smells of her, she says, let me show you how you should put it on. She fastens it at the back, then cups my tits, nestling them in and rubbing my nipples. I feel my clit throbbing and she senses this and lifts my skirt to look at my gusset stretching across my plump pussy lips. The damp patch is just beginning to appear, so she slips her finger inside and I am in ecstasy. I fondle those lovely tits, and bend down to nibble her rubbery nipples. She asks me if I want to try her knickers on - they match her bra, and then slips them down revealing a smooth, bald pussy. I can smell her juices as I bend to put her knickers on - if only this was real!!! Maybe someday ........