31 Jul 2017

Wrote this someone special, they liked it hope you do!

For our next meeting we go to a hotel, meeting in the hotel bar playing the part of a business meeting, you in tight skirt just above the knee and a white blouse with stocking and suspenders and matching black underwear, me in a 3 piece suit. We meet and I buy us a drink the bar is quite busy and we look the part of business people in a meeting. We are chatting and flirting and I notice the bar waitress keeps looking at you. She is younger than us and stunning. A blond with a beautiful size 8 body and 34d pert tits. She has a little black skirt and black blouse on undone showing her stunning cleavage Mmm interesting I think. I start to include her in our chats which given the nature of our relationship soon get onto sex. She tells us she is 25 lives with her fella but he works away for 6 months at a time so she is gagging for it. We have a room booked so I tell her the number and say come join us. With that we head on up to our room. In the lift we kiss passionately and you get my cock out whilst I finger you hard. We stumble to our room undressing as we go and collapse onto the bed. By now you are just in your underwear and looking so hot. I have my top off and trousers undone where you had my cock out. I lift you up and put you on the desk and you wrap your stockinged legs around me. We fuck frantically the combination of our lust and the hopeful anticipation that Gemma the bar waitress might join us has turned us both on sooo much after a while I am emptying my load into you and kissing you as I soften inside you. My cum dripping back around my balls as you play your clenching game again. Mmm that was good.... As we kiss and explore each other there is a tap at the door........I slide my cock out of you and pass a robe. I wrap a towel around me and head to the door, as I open the door Gemma is stood there. She has done her make up and hair and looks amazing.....come join the party I say as she walks in, as she does you let the robe fall open revealing your stockings and underwear. Mmm hello she says as she strides up to you and kisses you like someone who has not kissed in a long time. Her hands are all over your beautiful body and she reaches down your panties and feels my cum, mmm somebody has been busy already she says and returns to kissing you ......... To be continued if people enjoy it ;-)