Written by Fanny Wipe

17 Nov 2009

I have many fantasies of being cucked by my beautiful wife.

I used to work until late evening not getting home until about 11 pm, for a few months I had been telling G 48 I wanted her to have another man due to my lack of performance (medical) I had shown her loads of stories on various sites.

one saturday I got a text saying she had arranged to meet a couple in a local popular pub and my fantasy may happen. she later told me she had checked ads on line and answered a couple. She met the couple at 9:00pm they sat at a table on a raised platform, there was a table next to it on the lower level. They discussed what they wanted them telling her they wanted to fuck her brains out her telling them she hadn't had proper sex for years and my submissive fantasies.The man J pulled my wifes hand on to his crutch and asked her if that was what she wanted. Feeling a very thick 7"cock she said yes.

His wife J then took her to the ladies in the cubicle she told her if she wanted her old mans cock she would have to eat pussy and be very obediant. Agreed the first command was to strip kneel and prove she could eat pussy, when satisfied she gave G her skirt and thin top back putting her underware in her bag as they walked back to the table It was obvious to J he would be fucking G later as her "D" cup tits with nipples like bullets bounced as she walked back accross the room.

At the table there was another drink waiting for her and the seating had been rearranged J&K

were facing each other accross the table G had to sit on a stool on the end facing the bar and lower seating area Checking she was happy to continue they had her sit right up to the table and put there hands on her knees gently easing them apart then running there hands up her thighs all the way to her shaved fanny lost in the moment G realised J & K were talking to someone saying "yes shes a slut and we are going to fuck her stupid" she the heard a girls voice saying can I take a picture "yes" they said. G realised that 2 girls had sat at the table below theres and were looking under the table at her exposed fanny she tried to close her legs but they were held firm both girls got snaps of her fanny then her face on there phoneslaughing that there friends and colleagues wouldn't believe them without pics.

K said it was time to go and they went to there house only 100mtrs from ours round the corner, G txt me telling me when I got home I had to strip put on a jogging suit and trainers and walk the dog. I did as I was told when I got home I walk the dog down our street on to a main road up the next and then right back to the house. As we walked along the main road a woman about 30 was at her front door having a ciggy the dog started pulling towards her and she called her by name? she asked if I had a minuit so I went up to her door she asked if there was a mark on her front window I walked to the window and had a look the curtains were open a crack lookijng in I saw G naked kneeling infront of a naked man trying to get his very fat penis into her mouth. The woman told me the number was on the back gate down the alley behind the house if I want to watch when I took the dog home.

I was now stood on a main road 11:00 walking a dog with a tent in my joggers, I got the dog home and rushed to the back of the house as I entered the gate I was met by a different woman thinking I had the wrong garden I made to leave but she said aren't you going to watch then, she held up a pair of cuffs telling me to strip. she put the cuffs on and pu my clothes in the kitchen she led me through to the lounge by my small hard cock. I found my wife laid naked on the coffee table her legs held up by 2 naked men both cocks longer and thicker than mine. K was between her legs tickling her fanny. she said bout fuckin time your wife has been begging for cock all night the promises shes made and info on u 2 just to get fucked. I told her a woman is at her wettest when she comes and she will need to be wet to accommodate my old man and the next door neighbour after years of only your pencil dick on no sex at all for a few years so if you want her to have her fun lick on orgasm out of her and prove to her you want this, I immidiately burried my face in her fanny licking for all I was worth G calling out "thats it pervert make me spunk so I can have some real cock". G came all over my face and K pulled my head back and right in front of my face was J's fat angry penis K Said u better wet that so it will slide straight up her in one. I licked it from base to tip coating it in saliva then he pushhed the helmet into my mouth he pulled out glistening K told me to kiss his bollocks and ask him to fuck my wife like shes never been fucked befor and fill her with spunk so I can humiliate myself cleaning them both up which I did he then turned to my wife on the table legs held by the neighbours wife E who had removed her trousers and knickers and sat her hairy pussy on G's mouth J positioned his cock at the entrance to G's cunt told E to pull back on her legs to get perfect angle then thrust 1/2 his cock right up G a real grunt came from between E's hairy lips as J pulled out and thrust it all up her telling her he'd been made to wait al night for this he was going to rip her a new cunt K pulled my face between her thighs and made me lick her whilst listening to my wife scream her pleasure into E's hairy fanny with J slamming into her. There were lots of comments telling J to really fuck the slut, at one stage E lifted up and my wife screamed she was spunking on his beautiful cock. shortly afterwards J emptied his balls into G's well fucked cunt. K pulled me close to there union J pulled out his angry looking fat sticky cock and thrust it into my mouth K telling me to clean it good as she didn't want any of G's slut juice on her husbands cock when it went up her fanny. Meanwhile E had pulled back on G's legs so her dirty cunt faced the ceiling keeping the spunk in her not losing a drop. My face was pushed between G's legs where they all informed to lick up all the spunk from my wifes dirty cunt P the neighbours husband being most vacal as he was waiting to get to grips with G. Once clean I had to wet P's nasty cock the girls had swaped over K now on G's face E holding my head whilst her husband wet his cock in my mouth, the same request to fuck my wife good and fill her with spunk was made whilst licking his bollocks. He then thrust up G in one go as she was so wet E said listen to your wife grunt into my neighbours fanny she must really love this then pushed my face into her hairy fanny whilst encouraging P to do his worst and ruin the cunt, after I had cleaned up from P's fuck they had a rest my nouth was kept busy on cocks and fannys. they were dicussing P&E's sons b/day next month wondering if G could cope with being a maid at a party for a dozen horny 18 yr old boys and girls.

After the rest they continued as before one man fucking one man resting the girls using our tongues as they pleased By 02:00 they were fucked out G couldn't stand K told me it was time to really humiliate myself the guys lifted G's legs so her fanny was the highest part of her I was stood withmy cock pointing at my wifes red puffy distended fanny lips the girls stood either side of me K had baby oil on her right hand and she gripped my little cock tight we stood there for a few minuits then she slapped my arse saying I'm lowering myself to let you fuck my hand you didn't I was going to wank that pathetic little dick did you, you fuckin pervert. So I started to thrust in less than a minuite I was cumming they all sensed it G was rolled further back so as I shot my meagre offering it landed on her arsehole, they all laughed saying all night I had been a cock and cunt wipe now I would have to be an arse wipe.We were given our keys and bundled out the front door naked with a message that G would be contacted about the party and any other times they wanted to use her. We were now stood on a main road 02:00 naked G totally fucked out 100 mtrs from home G could barely walk so running was out of the question,I don't think the neighbours us