Written by Cuteyass

23 Dec 2010

I,d Just returned from a 2 week trip abroad,couldnt wait to get home to my wife,had a great big stiff cock all the way back on a long flight,just thinking of what i wanted to do to her,when i arrived home,delayed by weather,and roads,tired but happy she was in to meet me, big hugs,long kiss with tongues exchanged,hadnt had that for a long time,anyway,she helped me unpack,gave her her pressies,just small talk about my trip,the daughter went out,i then suggested we go and try out her new pressy,i,d been in the adult store and brought her back some sensious oils and body chocolate,we opened it up,and i suggested i rub her back with the oils,she stripped off ,down to her knickers,leaned forwards onto the bed,i was naked,after showering,i massaged here shoulders,my already stiff cock rubbing her rounded cheeks,god i wanted to push her down,and fuck her there and then,but she then said i could massage her front,she lay down,her lovely 36dd breasts just wanting to be touched,i dribbled the oils on her body,rubbing it into her skin slowly,i leaned over and we kissed,echanging tongues again,my cock was huge and at boiling point,i massaged her nipples slowly,kissing them and running my tongue on them, by this time,her eyes shut,wanking my cock slowly,i started to stroke her pussy ,she was wet, i asked if i could shave her pussy,(always refused before) she said go on then,i took ages slowly shaving all her hairs from her pussy,she was wet through,and her pussy looked so sexy completely shaved,by this time,i,d aleady been passed her favourate vibrator,she wanted another cock in her pussy,while wanking me,this was all to much,she wanked me off all over her tits,but i continued to lick her clit with this other cock in her,she was riding it hard,i asked if she,d like another cock in there ,she kept saying yes, a nice big one i replied,yes she said,a real thick hung cock,with me watching,yes she said,as she bucked on this didlo,she was wet,and coming,she started to come,her pussy tightening on this imaginary cock,god,it was so horny,i asked if she,d been anywhere while i was away,she smiled and said,she and a few friends had been out a cpl of times in the bars in towns,oh yes i said,mm,we went to have something to eat,and a few drinks,,then it came out?? her friends had then come back for a drink at home after the night out,not thinking anything out of the ordinary,i said ok ,did you have a great time, oh yes she said,her 2 friends had had a lot to drink,and had started kissing eachother, not being even curious,i thought that nothing would cum of it,but she said,they grabbed hold of me,and started rubbing her big proud tits and nipples, she said they even kissed her,and it all got out of hand,she had her first bi experience,she had her tits sucked ,licked,and she said it felt so good,her pussy played with,although they didnt get chance to really get in to it,one of the girls hubby,had arrived to pick her up,so she was left with her other friend waiting,bit silent,still horny,but when the other hubby turned up,they invited him in for a coffee,seeing his wife tipsy,he apologised for her.started to get up when his wife grabbed hold of his hand ,and thrust it on her breasts,slightly embarrased ,my wife looked away,but her friend had got her hubbys hand on her unopend blouse,stroking her nipples, my wife couldnt look away forever, and moved onto the sofa,she tried to cover her up,but she wasnt having any of this, took my wifes hand and put it on her other nipple, she just started to play with it,while the hubby did the same,his wife was now really enjoying the attention,and was fingering her own pussy,the wife told me ,he had a huge hard on,bulging thro his trousers, and she felt turned on by this,so she moved her friends hand from her pussy ,onto his cock bulge,she started to wank him, and my wife suggested he get it out, for her to see, i couldnt believe what she was telling me, having always refused me to get her fucked by another cock? 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question is,,,, is this fantasy,,,