Written by Joe

5 Jun 2018

This is about myself and my long time ex but is horny story.

We had gone to her friends wedding. Her dads friend had always me and her should join in her wife and share, he was open he was into the scene, the gardens were huge at venue, I’d gone looking for partner to find her getting fucked on the ground by here friends dad was really giving her, my partner saw me and said she has decided to try, she told me to go the rooms and go the mans wife’s room, I went instantly knocked on the door and she invited me in, she was still dressed and had a Blake all in one dress on black heels and tanned tights, I told her about my partner and she said that it was my turn, she asked me to unzip her, her dress fell and cage had a tanned bra stockings suspenders with her knickers underneath, she said she liked pulling to one side when she as gets, she undressed me rubbed whilst she did, she said I was big and hard as was looking forward to having it, she said she wanted filling in all holes and said she wanted her arse played with, I took her over to the table and bent her over, pulled her knickers apart and rubbed her arse with my finger, the hubby and

My partner walked in, my said she wanted to watch and told me to go ahed, I then licked it and then my parter to put my cock in her, I pushed in my partner said it looked good, and said her hubby can do the same, once they undressed my parter. Had white hold up stockings and white heels, she asked to be straight away so he just began fucking her, i was giving it to his wife she groaned and said she loved it, i pulled out and she said she would love to licked, she layed showed me older wet pussy, I just pushed my tongue straight in she tasted good i then worked her clit, my partner asked if she suck her hubbby next to I, my partner knelt and she sucked him and licked his balks, his wife reached under and put a finger into my partners pussy my partner was loving it, his wife said she wants to fuck my wife with a toy, she wanted to do as she wants to see her husband and me watch, my partner agreed and layed back on the sofa and opens her legs and spread her hold apart, the toy big and think and wife pushed in my partner said it deep and to fuck her slow, her husband had started to suck my parters nipples and rub her stockings, I pushed my fingers into his wife I had two inside and she asked for another, three inside her and rubbing her stocks up and down. My partner was enjoying the toy and asked her to go faster, she sped up and was really giving it her, she said she was going to come soon do told her hubby to lay as she wanted him taste her, she was nearly tho so sat over hubbys facs and finished herself her juices flowed over his face he swallowed as much as he could, his wife asked if I could fuck her whilst my partner enjoyed her treat, my partner had no idea what she meant, her husband and asked his fiend to call and see how things had gone, my partner asked if they were both going to don her, the new man undressed and placed my parter on all fours and enfterd her are the women’s her husband layed benath and fucker her soaking hole, she was getting it good, his wife said she was wanting cock so i got her to ride me, her stockings rubbing against me whikst sliding up and down my parter was ready for coming again and juiced over them both, my said she was glad she’d a few or would never found out good it was my partner then sat above face his wife licked her whilst I fucker, the men then said the women should suck us in turn whikst the other men played with wife’s, I went fist and his wife and partner sucked me and licked my balls whilst there arses got fingered, I was ready to come and when i did they both lapped it up into there mouths, her hubby and friend got the same they were both covered in come, they licked it off each other, the wife said she wanted to give my partners arse some with her toy, my partner wanted them, his wife fucked her straight away man licked from underneath and her hubby got sucked, I fucked his wife from behind and rammed her , pulling her stockings up, I came into her arse and it gushed out my partner shot over and eating it up, my partner then asked me to fuck her arse, it went in and wife Layed below her head and got licked, I couldn’t come just then so her husband took over, then her friend took his turn but licked her, husbands friend had to leave but said to let him know when we meet again. We all called it night but it was great to experience