Written by andypc

14 Feb 2008

I discovered this site only recently & have loved reading the stories sent in, so decided it was time to include 1 or 2 of mine.

This experience happened 2 years ago after 12 years of fantasies about my mother in law. As a lad like many others I always wanted to have sex with an older woman, but no such luck. When I started to date my wife in my early 20\'s I started to wank myself off thinking about her mum all too often. When I was round there I would usually nip off to the loo at least once every visit, to go through the linen basket to try & get a feel of her mum\'s knickers. Well for a long time that was it & I never thought it would be anything else. However 4 years ago my wife got the opportunity to go & work overseas for her company for a couple of years. We ended up In Mombasa in Kenya & 2 years in her mum came to stay with us for 2 weeks & those 2 weeks were just amazing.

Our sexual adventure started just 2 days into her visit. My wife had gone to work & I was at home, as I am self employed & do all my work online. About mid-morning I went down to the kitchen to make a drink & I noticed that my mother in law was lying on the terrace with a bathing suit on. Now at the time she was 55, but looked younger. She has got a great body, nice big tits, much larger than my wife\'s & a realy nice looking arse. As I got a drink I just stared at her & I felt my cock growing in my shorts as I imagined her lying there naked. As I was feeling really randy I went back upstairs & went into the room my mother in law Joan was sleeping in. I opened some of the draws until I found her undies. I have to say none of them were really sexy, mostly plain cotton white panties. However I pulled a pair out, pulled down my shorts & started to rub my cock with her knickers. I lay back on the guest bed & lost myself in my masturbation.

Joan\'s voice brought me back to reality, \"Wanking in my panties again?\" she said. I looked up at the door & she was standing there arms folded just staring at me with a very disapprovoing look on her face. I felt flustered but terribly excited, knowing that she knew what I was doing. I muttered somekind of apology but she just shook her head & said she knew that I had been doing this for years. \"Have you got a thing for knickers or is it just me,\" she asked. I said there & then that I had fancied her since I first met her. She came towards the bed, I was still lying there with my cock out & she sat down on the bed & started to stroke me. \"You are a naughty boy,\" she said \"But I haven\'t had one of these since my divorce 3 years ago.\" The sensation of my mother in law slowly wanking my cock was just too much & before I knew it my cum shot of me & went all over her arm. As the last bits dribbled out of my cock, she bent down & licked the end of my penis. When her head came up, she had little blobs of my cum on her lips, \"Do you feel better now?\" she asked. I nodded & reached up for her & pulled her toward me. We started to kiss, our lips just brushing each other until it developed into a full scale snog. As we kissed & I rubbed her back my mind was reeling, here I was snogging a 55 year old woman who happened to be my wife\'s mother. I eased her onto her side & started to fondle her ample breasts through her bathing costume. However she got up then & I thought perhaps I had gone too far, but she just stood by the bed & slipped herself out of the bathing suit. I couldn\'t believe my eyes, there were her lovely tits in full view, with big round brown nipples & her well trimmed pubic area. She got back on the bed & pushed my head down to her tits. I started to slowly lick her nipples, then went into full chewing mode, as she started to moan with passion. My left hand went down to her pussy & I felt how wet she was, & I slipped 2 fingers into her. Her back arched as I penetrated her & she groaned loudly as her wetness increased. After a couple of minutres of this, she pulled me on top of her & I eased my cock into Joan\'s pussy. \"Fuck your mother in law stupid\" she said, words that will always live in my memory. As I had cum just minutes earlier I was well up for a long session & I fucked her as hard as I could. For the next 15 minutes or so, we fucked in a few different positions, before I shot my load again, this time into her. Afterwards we lay in each others arms, & I knew she was feeling guilty, but I promised her that Katherine, her daughter, need never know & I would keep it a secret if she would. A few minutes later we both got up & went into the shower. I washed her all over which she loved as it was a completely new experience for her. Soaping her tits & arse & pussy was lovely & as I was doing it I slipped a finger up her arse. (My wife loves anal, so I was banking on Joan liking it too). Her eyes went wide as I slowly finger fucked her arsehole & she reached down for my cock, which was just about recovering & getting back to being hard again. I asked her there & then if I could fuck her arse, she was definitely shocked as she had never done that before, but I could tell that the sensation of my finger inside her was driving her beserk. She just nodded & I made her face the wall of the shower & with the aid of some soap I slipped inside her arse. Within seconds she was screaming in pleasure, & she had a massive orgasm as I fucked her arse & rubbed her pussy with my hand.

When that was over we both got dressed, but throughout the next 2 weeks, we had so much sex, that her pussy was really sore by the time she went home.

Our sexual adventures have continued ever since & now we live back in the UK, Joan & I have been at it at every possible opportunity & we have even had some fun with other people as well.

But this was the first time & still the most memorable, I\'ll tell you of some others another time.