Written by hilary257

15 Dec 2013



was fantasising about you at work today , this is how my imagination went.

you invited me down for a night of naughty fun , well thats what you said.

i arrived at 8 and you let me in and kissed me hard on the mouth , we kissed

for ages in your hall . you put your hand on my cock as we kissed and rubbed

my huge hard on. we finished kissing and you said upstairs and do as your

told naughty boy . i followed you up stairs.

your bedroom was full of things i didnt even know you had , there were strap

on dildos on the chest of draws and loads of lubricants and oils , there

were ropes and blindfolds and cock rings. i looked at you and you smiled and

said get naked , i did as instructed and soon stood there with just a smile

and a hard on, are you game for anything i looked at you and said yes . good

you said and lifted your skirt and said lick this . i began to kiss your

pussy and you moaned as my tongue licked and teased you .

you came after a few minutes and said right now get on the bed. i did as i

was told i thought i heard giggling coming from downstairs but you said

everyone else was away for the weekend. you then started to tie my hands and

feet to the bed posts , it was not uncomfortable but i couldnt move a great

deal. you put a pillow under the small of my back and sucked my cock for a

few seconds. i want you hard all night you said and produced 2 viagra pills

and told me to take them , i swallowed then down , you got some stay hard

spray from the draw and after sucking my cock again you sprayed it and said

now you will be hard till tomorrow, you got a silk blindfold out and tied it

over my eyes everything went dark. you said be back in a moment.

i heard you leave the room and waited ....

you had been gone a couple of minutes when i heard lots of giggling girls,

shit i thought what were you up to . the sounds got closer then i could hear

4 or 5 of you in the room.

wow someone said and then there were lots of laughs .

i lay there not knowing what to do i felt someone straddle my face and

slowly lower themselves onto me, i flicked my tongue out and tasted you .

come on girls join in you said.

i licked you and kissed your clit and pussy , you were thrusting against my

face, i felt a mouth on my cock and then mouths on each of my nipples i was

in heaven , i heard you groan and you got of my face, another pair of legs

straddled my face and i began to lick it wasnt you , but i licked and sucked

and nibbled and heard another girl start to groan. i felt someone straddle

my cock and felt the warmth of pussy envelope my cock.

before i knew it i was being rode very roughly and i could hear the girls

laughing and screaming as someone was saying look shes cumming already this

is the worlds best hen night ever.

for the next hour one after another different women used my face and cock

for there deepest pleasures. all i could do was push and thrust and lick and

slurp. at one point someone stood over my hands and pushed several fingers

into themselves and used my hands as dildos. i thought i would cum at any

minute but the delay spray had done the trick and i couldnt cum.

after an hour i heard you say come on girls anyone want a drink , you all

left the room and left me exhausted but still hard and tied to the bed.

when you all came back you whispered in my ear some of the girls have dark

fantasies me included are you game , yes i said .

you undid my restraints and said one of the girls wants to hold your cock

while you pee. you lead me to the bathroom and i cud feel you all stood

round me , go on then you prompted and smacked my ass.

a hand held my cock and pointed i presumed at the toilet it was difficult

with a hard on but i let me bladder go and started to pee , i hit the target

and heard my pee going into the bowl as this girl held my cock , there was

lots of laughing as she held me and someone said go on you said you always

wanted to try just before i finished a mouth went round my cock and someone

was drinking my pee. wow shit i didnt know what to think as i finished the

lips came off my cock and a girls voice said wow that was horny i nearly

came just drinking his piss, there was lots of laughing and giggling . you

whispered in my ear back to the bedroom.

you lay me on the bed told me to roll onto my front as the girls want some

fun with your ass.

you put 3 or 4 pillows under my stomach to raise my ass in the air and tied

me back to the bed. the next thing i know someone has their tongue in my ass

and to be honest i am loving it the girls are touching me and playing with

me tongues all over my ass. then i feel lube being rubbed into my ass and

fingers being pushed into me , i moan and groan as my ass is used by these

horny girls.

i hear your voice say ok whos first with the strap on . i tense as the only

thing thats been in my ass is your tongue and fingers. you offer something

to my nose and say sniff this slowly, it will help you relax. i sniff and

feel my head start to spin and my blood pump hard and my body relax.

i feel hands all over my back massaging me a hand sneaks under my body and

slowly wanks my cock. i feel someone kneel between my spread legs and feel

something against my ass , i scream as i feel the strap on slide into me,

then it slides in and out and in and out there is lots of giggling as the

girls chant go on fuck him fuck him , they seem to love the fact that i am

being humiliated , the double ended strap on soon does the trick and the

girl screams as she cums and slams the dildo into me.

the dildo slides out and the girls giggle as they decide who goes next. oohh

the dildos all wet from your juices one says, im next she puts the strap on

into herself then climbs between my legs and begins to fuck me.

after what seem an age everyone has had there turn and i am sore and

exhausted and my ass is stinging.

the ropes are untied and you whisper in my ear your going to cum now. i am

rolled onto my front and my hands are tied to the bed posts my feet are then

tied to the same bed posts my feet by my ears my ass wide and exposed again.

i feel a tongue playing with my ass that makes me horny, another mouth

envelopes my cock and hands are on my nipples teasing me. slowly the mouths

and tongues begin to bring my throbbing swollen cock to climax. the girl

sucking my cock shrieks hes cuming , her head comes off my cock and my cum

shoots in the air and across my stomach and onto my face. all the girls

giggle and begin to lick it off of me.

ok girls anyone for another drink, you all go downstairs and leave me tied

in that exposed state. a little later as i drift in and out of sleep i hear

the girls leaving you cum back upstairs and untie me and take my blindfold


did you have fun ? you ask , i smile and say did you? oh yes i loved using

you , your my slut. i laugh and say yes i am your slut . you climb into bed

next to me we cuddle up and feel my cock grow hard against you . i want you

i say and you say well take me then ............