Written by adidas_1

10 Nov 2013

After an hour of licking and sucking each other we take a little break before round 2..

We start again with rubbing against each other lifting the tension between us. You take my hand and lead me to a low wooden chair in the centre of the room and I sit down you walk around me a couple of times with a finger lightly stroking my chest and shoulders, stopping behind me you clip a pair of hand cuffs to me and the chair making sure I cant move.

You come back in-front of me and show me some thing I wasn't expecting. Your now wearing a large strap-on cock. Nothing to massive about 6" long and average girth. My eyes widen as you step towards me with the imitation cock bobbing in front of you.

You straddle my lap and press the toy against my lips, I open my mouth to receive it and start to suck the rubber member, pulling my hair you force the toy deeper and forcefully into my mouth causing me to gag a little but I keep going.

After a few minutes of this you remove yourself from me and go back around my back while I catch my breath.

I can feel you doing something behind me but I'm aware that your not letting me go, suddenly the back of the chair drop under my weight and lands in a flat position so now in laying on my back but with my feet either side of the chair on the floor with you standing above my head.

You step forward and slid the strap-on back into my mouth, with my head now hanging over the top the chair I can swallow more of the member and find I'm taking the entire length down my throat.

I feel a pair of hand on my rock hard cock but I know their not your as they are on my chest, they feel large and rough skin, they must belong to a man that has entered the room without me knowing

I then feel lips around my cock and receive a good blow job from the mystery man.

I feel him deep throating my cock and sucking on my balls.

I can hear something going on but as you are still straddling my head forcing.my to lick your pussy and suck you rubber cock I cant see anything.

I feel the strangers hands on lower part of my legs and I'm aware of something being secured around them, some kind of straps but what for.

The stranger releases his lips from around my cock and my legs are pulled up but I cant bring them together, the straps on my legs are securimg a spreader bar holding them apart and now up as well.

This position has lifted my bum a little off the chair base and I can feel a tongue licking at my tight arse hole, I can only imagine what is gonna come.next.

I feel a finger probing me and it feels cool and slick as its inserted into me before being slid in and out.

I start to relaxe and enjoy what is happening and I feel my arse be stretched a little more as another finger is inserted then a 3rd.

I am anally fuck with these fingers for a couple of minutes and.i totally love it, fingers are removed and I feel the tip of a cock at my entrance. bit by bit I feel my arse being filled with the strangers cock he starts to fuck me slow and deep, I have no idea how big he is but I know its not small. After a few minutes he picks upt the pace slamming me hard and fast before gripping me tight and plunging ball deep into my now stretched arse and he fills his condom deep inside me.

I feel him withdraw and I think that's it all finished but how wrong I was.

You remove yourself from over my face but before my eyes could adjust to the light again the strangers cum covered cock is put in my mouth and I'm told.to clean him off.

I suck hungrily on the softening cock swallowing all the cum

once he is happy with the job I have done he climbs off, turns quick and leaves without a word.

You tell me what a good boy I have been and that I can have my reward now,

You release my legs from the chain now hanging from the ceiling and undo the spreader bar so I can move my legs again you reach beneath me and undo the cuffs restraining my hands, I rub my wrists a bit as they are sore from the tension where I was pulling at them from all the pleasure I had been receiving, you stand in front of me as I sit up and you remove your strap-on. You are standing in front of me in just the thigh high boots and nothing else.

You come towards me and sit on lap giving me a soft passionate kiss taking my tongue into your mouth, you shuffle forward and position your dripping.pussy over my cock and slowly impale your self on it while we continue to kiss.

You writhe around on my lap and I cup my hands under your ass cheeks lifting and lowering you making my cock slid deep and long into your pussy.

We both cum together in body shaking orgasms.

Once we have finshed shaking you climb off me you grab your long coat and head for the door,

you look back at me, you give a wink and a smirk and your gone leaving me exhausted still sitting on the chair