Written by mandyb1965

16 Aug 2010

it was obvious why the maid and manager had came into my room. They were obviously having an affair. I should have been out of that room so he could have his wicked way with her. But the look in both of their eyes now seemed as though they didn't really mind that I was in there at all. I got off the bed and thought I should get dressed and get out of their way, but they both seemed to have a different idea.

The maid had a bag with her and she pulled out some ties, something they were going to use on each other. she sat me on the chair. tied one of my legs to the chair leg, pulled my legs apart and tied the other of my legs to the other chair leg. Pulled my hand behind my back and tied them behind me. Out came a blind fold and with that she covered my eyes.

The next thing i new was a hot tongue was between my legs, my pussy still soaking wet from my earlier finger fucking. i wriggled as the tongue circled my clit, mmmmmmmm god it was so hot and wasn't sure who was licking me. Was it the maid or the manager. the licking continued and then i felt two hands on my big boobs and a liguid poured all over them massaging oil all over and my nipples squeezed very hard. i could feel my self cumming but had no idea who was doing what. my legs were then untied and i was made to go on all fours but my hands still tied. My lips of my pussy were now being pulled apart and i was being licked from behind. A nice big hard cock was shoved in my mouth and as i began to suck and i was finger fucked from behind. It was soooooo erotic i was cumming again and again. I was sucking his cock harder and harder and could here his breathing he was panting and then he stopped and so did the fingering. I was left in silence with nothing just my legs shaking for a few minites but seemed like hours. and then i felt this big hard cock deep inside me ramming me so hard i nearly fell. i was then pulled towards what must have been the bed as my head was shoved in to a very wet pussy. I had never licked another woman before but as i started to lick and suck her clit i could here her moaning and thrusting her hips towards my mouth. If only could have my hands untied so that i could feel how wet and warm her pussy was.

with that i felt the hard cock go into me again and this time he was a little more gentle and untied my hands. I was free to explore this womans pussy and managed to get four fingers in her. I made her come and felt her gush in my mouth. then she pulled away and i was thrown on my back with my legs in the air and fucked hard again. this time they took off my blind fold and the maid sat on my face whilst the manager fucked me. Once he had spunked all his come in me and the maid came again in my mouth, they both got dressed and left.

I sat on the bed and thought through what had just happened. And decided i needed to book the same time the following week :)