4 Jul 2017

I awoke really early. I had had a disturbed nights sleep probably because i had been so horny last night following my wifes tex message conversation with Kyle.

I looked over and was suprised to see Ang looking at me and smiling.

"Morning, I got another message from Kyle last night after you drifted off."

"Really?" I was wide awake immediately.

"Yes, would you like to read it?" Ang was reaching over as she spoke. "You hard already!" She passed me the phone as she disapeared below the duvet. I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock as she gently stroked me.

I closed my eyes I hadnt had an early morning wake up like this for ages. Kyle was already having a positive effect on us. Trying to concentrate on the phone ws difficult but I wanted to see what he had written. I turned the phone on and opened up the message section.

There were a number of messages between Kyle and Ang that had been sent at 2am.

Kyle: "Hi Ang, sorry to text so late but woke up thinking about you. Just wanted to assure you that I never charge for the Yoni massage thats strictly pleasure."

Ang: "Ha ha, its okay was awake anyway. I would NEVER have paid for something like that anyway."

Kyle: "Good, so does that mean you might want to try it?"

Ang was increasing her pace with her hand!

Ang: "I have only met you once! We shall have to wait and see."

Kyle: "Cool! So did your husband really say it was okay?"

Ang: "Yes, he thinks that you are good for me and what I need right now to get trim again."

Kyle: "Oh is that all, thought he had encoruaged you to be a bit naughty!"

Ang stopped sucking and asked, "Hope your enjoying my flirting!" and then she went back to sucking.

Kyle: "Its kept me awake thinking about it!"

Ang: "My husband reads everything that you text me, so make sure you only write what your happy for both of us to read!"

Kyle: "I love that! Bloody hell thats given me a huge hard on!"

Ang: "Ha ha my husband will read that".

Kyle: "Good I want him to know his wife is hot."

Kyle: "Does the thought of us playing make you horny?"

Kyle: "I'm playing a little now."

Ang: "You dirty bastard! I can't say the idea is not appealing."

Ang: "mmmmm actually I'm a little turned on right now."

Kyle: "Where is your husband?"

Ang: "Laying asleep next to me. why?"

Kyle: "Reach down to your pussy and start to play for me, imagine its my tongue!"

Ang: "Kyle! mmmmmmm."

Ang: "Should I wake him?"

Kyle: "No but he can read this in the morning. I'm imagining your lips around my cock and your hand wanking me off!"

Ang: "I'm soooo wet"

Ang was really wanking me hard by now! I was trying desperately not to come.

Kyle: "do you have face time?"

Ang: "Yes why?"

Kyle: "put your phone on silent so we dont wake your husband."

Ang: "Really?"

Kyle: "Yes!"

There were no more messages.

Ang really was putting everything into making me come and I couldn't stop it any longer. She swallowed some some went in her hair the rest hit the duvet and my belly.

I laid my head back down. "Did you face time him?"

"Yes! I watched him wank! and showed him my tits! It was really sexy as you were asleep laying next to me. I really thought you would wake up!"

"Thats so sexy! Did he come!" I was still so horny.

"Yes! loads of it nearly as much as you just did!" Ang was chating to me me. With come in her hair chatting about watching another guy wank off. I was getting hard again.

"Were you playing or just teasing him?" I wanted her so much.

"I watched whilst playing a little but when he had come I concentrated on myself it didnt take long! I dont know what you have done to me but it was intense." Ang was gently wanking my cock again. she slid up the bed and got on top of me. Then we kissed. I could taste my own come on her lips and face but i was so horny. I slipped inside her. She was so wet. She closed her eyes and rode me. I wasnt sure if she was imagaining me or Kyle inside her but I didnt care. She was totally focused on herself. I sucked gently on her nipples and reached around to tease her arse. She shuddered and came. I rolled her over and fucked her for all I was worth.

When we had finished Ang grabbed the phone and messaged Kyle.

Ang: "Thank you for last night was very naughty."

Kyle: "Pleasure was all mine."

Kyle: "Did you show your husband?"

Ang: "Yes of course! He loved it!"

Kyle: "Really? How do you know he liked it?"

Ang: "His hard on gave it away! Right I must dash things to do today."

With that we both got up and went back to our normal lives.

At work I receieved a mesage from Ang: "I loved the last 24 hours its been so sexy. This morning was amazing. When was the last time you came twice! I think I want to do more of this!"