Written by Angela

7 Dec 2007

I liked the look of him as soon as I saw him, young, tall and muscular. He was sitting having a glass of wine. He smiled at me and without asking poured me a glass too. I took my jacket off and placed it over the back of a chair. I enjoyed the less than discreet look he gave me and I felt he approved of what he saw. I was obviously braless in a thin tee shirt and nice tight jeans. I sat on the chair directly across the table from him and returned his smile and approving looks.

It must have been so obvious to him what I was thinking because he stood up and came round to my side of the table and gently kissed me on the cheek. The second kiss was on my lips and soon we were kissing deeply and passionately. His hands were on the sides of my braless boobs and without giving it too much thought I reached down and rubbed his hardening cock through the fabric of his jeans.

We were soon in the bed room and he had my tee shirt lifted up over my tits and was squeezing and rolling them with his big, strong hands. I pulled his belt undone and undid the button fly of his Levis. I was delighted to find that he had no underwear on and I soon had his dick in my hand. It was a massive hunk of meat and I moved my hand along its length enjoying the feel of the size and cut of this, the biggest dick I’d ever seen. He was shaved smooth and the skin of his ball sack was soft and warm. I reached round and felt his muscular, toned arse. I stood back from him and pulled his tee shirt off over his head and looked in delight at his body. Unable to resist touching him I moved my hands all over his torso, feeling the shape of his six-pack and pecs. His shoulders and arms were large and the muscles well defined.

Dropping to my knees, and holding his dick with two hands I licked around the tip and moved my tongue along the shaft. Gradually, I took the enormous piece of meat in to my mouth and played my teeth over the ridge where the bell-end met the shaft. He winced slightly as my teeth caught him a couple of times but I knew he was enjoying it because I could feel him growing even larger and harder in my mouth.

I became concerned that he was close to coming and I didn’t want to miss getting fucked by this monster of a dick, so I stood up, undid my own jeans and pushed them down over my hips. I was pleased that I’d spent the time and I too was smoothly shaven. I was also pleased that I’d chosen not to wear knickers that day and I saw the delight in his eyes as he watched me remove my jeans. He reached between my legs and quickly had his middle finger a few centimetres inside me. This sent a shudder through my whole body and I knew I needed him inside me and I needed to be fucked right at that moment.

I lay on my back on the bed with my feet still on the floor and my legs open. He watched as I fingered myself to an orgasm and once I’d come for the first time I asked him to get inside me and fuck me. He positioned himself between my thighs and I felt his dick pressing on the entrance to my fanny and his fingers working to part the lips of my fanny and open me slightly so he could get inside me. His bell-end stretched me and the sensation of his long, thick shaft entering me brought me immediately to my second orgasm.

He was soon stroking in and out of me like a steam hammer and I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my tee shirt in time with the banging I was getting. I kept telling him to fuck me harder and he didn’t disappoint. He went at it like an animal and he pounded his rock hard meat into me like a man possessed.

To make sure I got maximum penetration, my legs were as wide apart as I could get them with my feet kicking in the air. I could feel his huge balls banging on my arse as he fucked me and gripping his arse, I could feel the muscles flexing as he banged his nail into me. I can’t remember how many times I came but I was reaching the point of exhaustion when changed his technique. The strokes slowed but became longer and he seemed to push deeper in to me. This brought me to an altogether different level of orgasm; I almost screamed as I felt it building and building up deep inside me. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Eventually I did scream as my whole body was taken by the most amazing orgasm I’d ever experienced. Just as it was beginning to subside he increased the speed and power of his strokes slightly and I felt him off load into me. His buttock muscles relaxed and he lay heavily on top of me as he gasped for breath.

As he lay on me, his dick remained deep in me and by moving my hips slightly; I managed to bring myself to one more gentle orgasm, before I felt him soften inside my swollen well fuck fanny. Although I hadn’t had time to try the skiing, I was feeling extremely satisfied with the sex I’d just experienced and soon I felt myself drifting off to sleep as I thoughts of the forthcoming holiday filled my mind.