Written by Angela

28 Nov 2008

We’d gone out straight form work and we were dressed in our smart business suits. Somehow we’d ended up in a bar full of kids and scallys. It was only 10.30 and me and my mate had decided to leave the bar and go back to my place for a quieter drink. Just as we were pushing our way through the crowds my friend got in to conversation with two lads; one of whom she knew. Like us, they were out of place in the bar and asked us where we were going. I told them I’d had enough and was going home. After a few minutes conversation we were invited back the flat of one of the lads which was a short walk away from the bar we were in.

As soon as we got to the flat, we opened a couple of bottles of wine and my mate disappeared into the bedroom with her friend. That left me and the other lad standing in the kitchen making small talk. I’d noticed that he had a pretty good body and a wonderfully tight arse. I started to think that a little session with this fella would be a good idea and decided to try my hand. Pouring another glass of wine I gave him a little peck on the side of his face and said, “Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little envious of those two in the bedroom”. He agreed with me and kissed me on the lips.

We went through to the living room and sat on the couch and started snogging. His hands were all over my back and soon he was gently massaging the side of my boob. I wasn’t wearing a bra and he didn’t waste much time getting my shirt open and was playing with my naked tits. I had my hand on his chest and was very impressed by the hardness of his body and was really looking forward to getting his shirt off to get a view of his muscular torso. My hopes were well satisfied and once I had his shirt undone I was very impressed by his perfect 6-pack.

By now, his hand had started to venture to my legs and his hand was a on my thigh and he was slowly working his way further up. In an effort to make my intentions quite clear, I stood up, reached under my suit skirt, took my knickers off and dropped them on to the floor. Once I sat down again his hand headed straight up my skirt and I felt his breathing become heavier as he reached the lacy tops of my hold-ups. By this time I had managed to undo the belt of his jeans and was one by one popping the buttons of his Levis. My own breathing became heavy as I started to realise that he was commando and to my absolute delight, completely smoothly shaven. This was such a massive turn on for me as a love the idea of a smooth, hairless cock sliding deeply in to my freshly shaven fanny. I could hardly wait to fuck this man. His dick was wonderful and hard with a well defined bell-end and his balls were large and super soft. He helped me push his jeans down off his hips and after I deep-throated him for a few seconds; I hoisted my skirt up round my waist and straddled him. It took a couple of minutes to get the position exactly right, but I soon had his full length inside me and I was comfortably riding him. The view I had of his super body was fantastic as I moved, grinding myself down hard on to his meat.

His hands constantly moved between my hips and my stocking tops and occasionally to my braless tits which were only half covered by my fully open shirt. The extra sensitivity of our freshly shaven skin touching as we fucked and the amazing sensation as my juices lubricated our grinding was sending a tingle through my whole body and I soon had my first orgasm. All too quickly he increased his grip on my hips and pulled me down hard on to his dick. Realising that he too was close to orgasm, I pounded myself down on to him and I could feel my tits bouncing in time with our rhythm. As I came for the second time, I felt his cock stiffen inside me as he off loaded deep inside me in three or four powerful jerks of his cock. I managed to wriggle myself to one more smaller climax before I felt him start to soften inside my.

As I sat over him with my legs wide open, still enjoying the feel his dick still inside me and my sensitive skin on his I could hardly believe that I’d met this fella for the first less than an hour earlier and already had fucked him and had his load inside me.