Written by cameraman

21 Jul 2014

I was on a new contract fitting a closed circuit TV security system in an upmarket bar-restaurant development. The shopfitters had almost finished their work, furniture was being delivered and set up. The manageress was a strong minded lady in her forties, well built but not overweight, hard looking but not unattractive. Clearly she had never read the rules about sexual harassment , I had seen her trying it on with a couple of the younger guys on site. I soon realised that I was also in her sights, as a couple of times when I was up a step-ladder she had reached up and squeezed my privates.

Although I pretended to be shocked and shy, if she wanted to have her way with me I would not resist.

I was installing a camera in a corridor leading towards a rear entrance, my step-ladder was blocking the way. The manageress, Brenda , wanted to get past. I came down and moved the steps to allow her to pass. As she did she pushed herself hard against me, saying there was not much room to pass. A while later she came back, so again I came down , but this time as she pushed past I deliberately moved my leg between her legs and pushed my thigh up against her crotch. She was willing to play the game , pushing back. Now I had both my legs between hers, pushing my cock hard against her pelvis. I joked that the corridor was getting tighter as I moved myself past her.

As I was setting my ladder up she asked how much longer I would be on site. I said the job would be finished tomorrow. She asked if I could stay late this evening and show her how the system worked. I said OK.

I cracked on with the job, plus a few extra extras that were not in the spec.

By 6pm the last of the other workers on site were gone, Brenda locked the doors behind them. I was waiting for her in the office that was to be the CCTV room . As soon as she came in she said the room was hot and took off her jacket. I was sitting at the control console showing her what did what, she was standing behind me too close to be anything other than a turn on. I told her to take my seat, then I stood behind her, reaching over to point to different controls, my arms deliberately brushing against her tits. Then I started to unbutton her blouse, she did not resist. We started kissing and groping, clothes coming off and falling to the floor. She was wearing exactly what I expected, black bra and thong, suspender belt and black stockings. Her pussy was shaved , and wet.

She wanted to take control, I was to be her young victim, she would do what she wanted with me, I would do as I was told. I played along, let her suck my cock and balls, let her ride my cock as I leant back against the desk. She rubbed her clit to bring herself to her first orgasm with my cock hard inside her . She laid me on the floor and straddled my cock until she had her second.

Now it was my turn, I leant her over a table and rammed my rigid prick into her from behind. With one hand I was pushing her head down onto the table, my other hand on her pussy, my fingers in her slit pulling her back onto my pumping cock. She could not complain about sexual assault , but this was hard rough dirty sex. This was all for me.

I did not care if I was hurting her, judging by her gasps I was. I rammed in until I could not hold back, my spunk exploded inside her. I pulled out until my tip was just touching her pussy and spunked again , then moved my cock up against her anus as my third squirt jetted out.

Then I put my cock back in her pussy and pulled her round so she was sitting on me sitting on the seat. I pulled her legs apart and started to rub her clit in gentle circles. Within a minute she jerked back against me, her pussy went tight on my cock as she had another orgasm.

We got dressed quietly, not really talking much except to say it had been fun. She let me out of the building, she locked the doors behind her and we went off to our respective vehicles.

The next day I finished off the last remaining jobs, then in the CCTV office I dismantled the four covert cameras I had installed yesterday. I ran off copies of the recordings of our session.

I said goodbye to Brenda and gave her the copies, to watch later.