Written by nicky london

17 Nov 2009

We were preparing for a party with friends, and the call was fancy dress.

"Please wear your french maid outfit to make Terry happy."

Terry was our host, and I knew him since schooldays.

"You'll have to help me choose some nice things to wear underneath. Terry loves looking up my skirt!"

She put on a white frilly blouse and little black skirt. A black suspender belt followed and black fishnet stockings.

"Now the knickers," she whispered. "Your choice."

I selected full back satin knickers with little frills across the seat. "White OK for you?" I enquired.

"Ooh very naughty. I will have to watch my step tonight. Bend forwards and everyone will get a good flash."

"You enjoy that. "

"Yes I love showing off my legs and bottom. I hope there's plenty of dance music so I can twirl. Such freedom. And those knickers are too pretty to hide for long."

"I love watching you dancing and letting your little skirt rise. It really turns me on. These knickers are too good to cover up. Twist away."

And Jilly was true to her word that evening. I could not help noticing that whenever she danced, most of the lads sat down to get a good view of her stockings and white shiny knickers. Terry came over and asked me if I minded the brazen display.

"Not at all. Jilly gets turned on knowing all the lads are looking up her skirt. Do you like her knickers?"

"I love them. Would you do something for me?" he asked.

"Take her into my bedroom and put her over your knee. My favourite fantasy is to see a maid being spanked with her knickers on and her skirt pulled back."

"It will be our pleasure. I'll take her upstairs and you can follow. We'll stop halfway up so can you can get a good look at her legs and knickers. Make sure you have your camera ready. And we'll take it from there."

Five minutes later, we stopped on he stairs and Terry was busy snapping away.

"Lovely little frills across the bottom. Lean forward again," he commanded.

Jilly did so and raised her skirt so he could snap her knickers suspenders and stocking tops.

Terry placed his hand between her legs, stroking her gusset.

Jilly flinched but made no attempt to stop him. I kissed her lips and let my hand rub the front of her knickers. Jilly gasped at the double attention. I felt her hand on my zipper as I enjoyed the silky feel of her satin knickers.

"You are a big boy," she whispered. "Let's go to the bedroom and please Terry now."

She stepped higher and took me by the hand into the bedroom, Terry following.

"I've been a naughty maid," she teased, bending over my knee. "Spank my knickers. "

I glimpsed Terry with his camera recording every little movement. He was trained on her knicker clad bottom as my hand came down on Jilly's rear.

"Maids have to be spanked when they disobey the master of the house. Learn a lesson," I said as I spanked her some more. "Now it's the master's turn," I told her as I pushed her away towards Terry. Bend over his knee."

I took his camera so I could continue the movie.

Terry paused to admire her lovely satin panties stretched in front of him. He let his hands explore the little frills across the seat and a wet patch that appeared between her legs. Then a spank landed . Followed by another one. And another one.Slowly he rolled the knickers down to her stocking tops and a finger suddenly found her pussy.

"Oh!" she gasped. "Oh! More. More."

She rolled back onto the bed and gave herself to his fingers. I joined in the fun and put a finger next to his . It was so wet as we increased the speed of our rubbing.

"Oh my god," she shouted. "Oh my god!" And she came seconds later, shouting in joy. "That was amazing," she gasped. "Amazing."

I heard a scuffling and turned round. Five couples were standing by the door. All were in stages of undress and each feeling between their partners legs.

Terry shouted to them to join us on the bed.

Very soon we were all tangled together and hands were feeling my huge erection whilst I stroked knickers and suspenders of anonymous girls. These were soon removed and I found myself thrusting a nurse, not knowing where Jilly had got to. But no one was complaining. Least of all myself.