Written by Seb

11 Jul 2015

I dumped my bag in the hall. "Lucy-Rose", I called. Lucy rose appeared. Dressing robe and her long blonde hair wet.

"Have a shower. One of your hotties is coming round later"

"Which one?" I asked. "Talking of hotties I can't work out my new PA. She sort of terrifies me."

"Sunita.. You have your shower. And shave." That meant face and pubes.

Enough said. Sunita was a hottie. Tall. Slim. Long thick black hair. For a threesome.. Dream on.

Upstairs on the bed was a little package with a red ribbon round it. "You'll love these. Lucy-Rose". More underwear for me.

Lucy-Rose has an underwear fetish for me. Its part of our sex play. New pants for me have to be admired, touched, my cock wound rigid, teased and crying for release to explode, then skilfully eased out for action.

I unwrapped her latest offering. Pale blue, skimpy micro briefs, designed for some separation between cock and balls. I stiffened.

In the shower I had to be careful with my stiff cock. I wanted to wank but was not going to waste juice.

L-R's gift scarcely covered me but felt good. Looked good. The waistband just came in above my cock. The door-bell rang. Sunita. I pulled on some chinos and a polo shirt and went downstairs.

Lucy-Rose and Sunita were hugging. They pulled apart. L-R was wearing a short black skirt, cropped top black stockings and harlot heels. Sunita looked good in hot pants a white cropped top and black tights and harlot heels too.

"Get some drinks Seb". I brought in some white wine. The girls were on one of the sofas. Hmm. Rather close. L-R's hand rested on Sunita's thigh.

"How's the present?"

"Great. Fine. Thanks.", I fudged. The girls looked knowingly at each other. L-R's hand started stroking Sunita's thigh. The pants coped well with the swelling dick. Then the door bell went again.

I opened it. My new PA. Not dressed for business. "Lucy-Rose, invited me."

I bet she did. I could see my wife's hand in this. Katie was dressed in a tiny mini-kilt, green top and white over the knee socks. My fantasy fuck clothes as L-R well knew. Unlike the office her red hair was loose over her shoulders. Ravishing. The new pants coped well with further growth and stiffness.

Back in the lounge something was clearly going on between the two on the sofa. The broke off their snogging to welcome Katie. I got her a drink and sat next to her on the other sofa. L-R and Sunita resumed their kissing. Sunita's hand moved up L-R's leg. Up went her skirt as Sunita started to finger her. So L-R fancied Sunita too.

"May I kiss the boss?", asked Katie and without waiting for an answer, came on. I looked down at the flesh between her sock tops and skirt. My hand dropped on. She smelled and felt sensational. Her hand reached for my. An "Mmm", came out of her kiss as she started stroking me.

"Show us the pants". It was Sunita. "Come on".

So there I was now facing Sunita and Katie on the sofa. L-R got behind me, released my belt, undid my button and slowly unzipped me. My chinos fell to the ground. Lucy-Rose reached round and started to stroke my cock as they watched, eyes riveted on the pale blue cotton stretched over my swelling cock. The other girls reached out and started stroking my thighs cock and balls. I looked round into the strategically placed mirror at the end of the sofa at the two girls leaning forwards and L-R behind me, three pairs of hands working me.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Sunita, sucking my cock through the taught cloth said, "Lets go upstairs".

Soon we were on the bed. I was on my back. My pants were slipped off and my cock leapt for freedom. My cock was rock rigid on my tummy. Sunita had my cock in her mouth, lips engulfing it, giving head slowly and skilfully. Was I moaning? No. Katie's finger was driving Lucy-Rose to ecstasy whilst she nibbled and sucked at Katie's small, firm, pert breasts.

"I want to watch you fuck them", L-R whispered to me. "You know I've always imagined what it would be like to see you stuffing your rod in and out of another woman." She took Sunita off me and buried her face between her legs. I could hear the sound of her juices being sucked.

Katie took my cock in hand, lubed with her spittle and started long slow wanks. Her hands squeezed my balls then her head dropped down and she took me in her mouth. She attacked me greedily as if she wanted to taste my cream as quickly as possible. Wanking again she chewed my balls.

"Stop." I begged. "I don't want to cum yet"

"No". said L-R. "Fuck us first". I'd save my cum for later. (To be continued)