Written by Seb

13 Jul 2015

I was saved from cumming by Lucy-Rose. She moved over and firmly grabbed the base of my cock. It remained erect, engorged and throbbing. "You're not cummming for one us but all of us!"

At the other end of the bed Sunita and Katie were 69ing, slurping sounds mixed with happy noises. Leaving me L-R moved in on them, kissing Katie on the lips and pleasuring herself. Her fingers went into Sunita while Sunita buried her face between Katie's spread-eagled thighs. Three happy girls. I lay watching them pleasuring myself slowly. "I must not waste my cum"

The mirror on the wardrobes alongside the bed allowed me to watch the three of them from a different angle. It was Charlie's Angels, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. All had their tops still on, Sunita's skin-tight red hot-pants had gone long ago. She had come commando. I remembered as they were unzipped and lowered a glimpse of her clean shaved pubes. L-R's skirt was around her waist, her cropped T pushed above her breasts. Katie's mini was still on as were her white panties which L-R had pushed aside to accommodate her tongue. How lucky was I?

Left out, I moved up the bed, cock stiff, balls taught and to join in. My fingers slipped into Katie, L-R's hand slipped onto my cock. I was reaching the point where the thrill the release from of shooting my cum equalled the desire to go on with my throbbing cock forever. But Katie knew me and she dampened down signs of increasing urgency from me. She rolled me over on my back. "Katie wants a ride".

L-R held my cock up and Katie lowered herself on to me, slowly, tauntingly, teasingly. I felt my cock slide gently but firmly into her warm moist cunt. L-R, hands on Katie's bum controlled the speed as she rode me slowly. I pushed deeply in raising my hips and arching my back as she came down on me. Then up and as my cock slid out L-R made her travel the full length grabbing the base of my emerging cock until the helmet emerged. Then down and my cock buried in te warm, moist embrace of her body. By my face, Sunita stood fingers slipping in and out of herself in an unconscious matching rhythm.

Automatically I wanted to go faster thrusting deep with increasing speed and force, but L-R would have none of it. She was in control.

I was getting desperate again, but L-R had one more thing for me to do.

Both girls bent over the end of the bed, two glorious bums to take. Two more beside me reflected in the mirror. L-R behind me reached round again guiding my starving member into Sunita. hands under my balls she guided me in and out between her enviable, round, firm bum cheeks into her moist cunt. Then out and in to Katie again. Katie pulled up her kilt exposing her bare cheeks invitingly. I love up-skirt fucking. L-R guided me into her, controlling the speed, in other words, slowing me down. I looked across to the mirror, Katie, skirt round her waist, boobs hanging loose, over-knee white socks and harlot heels looked fantastic, cock swollen and desperate slipping in and out between her cheeks. L-R pumped me in and out. I grabbed Katie's hips pulling her on to my cock. Katie pushed back hungrily on to me wanting as much as possible.

Then Sunita again guided by L-R In the mirror I could see my cock engorged and red, the knob big hard inflamed blue, waving as I moved across, glistening with a mixture of my pre-cum and Katie's juices, bent over to receive me, removing her fingers from her hole, welcoming me in. Pushing from behind, cupping and caressing my balls with one hand pushing and pulling my cock in and out of Sunita with the other, L-R was seeing I had maximum pleasure. Gradually she released her grip and I went free. I was at the point where only one thing was my goal - release. I pumped faster and faster. Quickly out of Sunita and into Katie. I pulled out. "He loves to cum over tits".

The girls knelt before me. Lucy-Rose knelt alongside, took my cock in hand gave a few deep sucks and squeezing my balls wanked me gorgeously. My hips thrust into her hand frantically, increasingly desperate for the exhilaration of release. I pushed L-R's cock hand away and it fell to work my balls with the other and handled my cock familiarly pleasuring myself urgently. I could feel the cum rising in my cock and with a yell I shot. The first load shot onto Sunita's dark hair. Globules of cream spunk ran slowly down. The next two arced onto their breasts slowly leaving glistening tracks as it slithered down. The final L-R took in her open mouth bending forwards to receive it. Katie massaged my cum into her lovely breasts .Sunita leant forwards taking my emptied, but still stiff cock, in her mouth hungrily licking it to extract every hint of cum from it.

I was satisfied beyond my imaginings. Katie had had what she wanted. To see me fucking another girl. More than that, two girls and she'd helped. Four of us slid smelling of sex and satiated into our king sized bed. I was later to learn more of Lucy-Rosie's hand in all this.