Written by Mark F

25 Oct 2013

If you remember from the 20th and 23rd what had happened, I will move on Lisa my wife was having an affair with a bloke she worked with Graham I had managed to spy on their outside meetings, I was still cut up about it they didn't know I knew more to the point Lisa didn't

I had put a brave face on at home and managed to be as normal as I could be, from watching I picked bit of information from there conversations

Where she work her boss had a annual BBQ in the summer where its expected management like my wife to go with partners, that was coming up very soon it was on the caldera, the first thing Lisa said was what are you doing next weekend, I knew she was going to try to put me off going, so I played along saying oh I think I maybe golfing she said okay thinking I had forgotten, I left it at that, she never said a thing

The BBQ was on the Saturday afternoon on Friday she asked when I was playing I said I think its a afternoon round Bill's arranged it

So my wife thought she would get away with it I had forgotten I guess she let me go golfing then go to the BBQ, I had a surprise for her on Saturday morning

Quite late I announced Christ its your BBQ this afternoon, I had one very surprised wife I made out I call Bill she persisted

It was now her turn to put a brave face on, I drove over with a very uneasy wife, when we arrived we where greeted by the host, I could see Lisa looking round I knew she was trying to spot Graham, I stayed close to her, they saw each other at the same time, I give the bloke his dew he has balls in both senses I seen his nuts, he walked up to us as calm as any thing and introduced himself, this made my wife really nervous, I knew she want to speak to him first alone but I didn't give her a chance

Graham was quite charming and polite in fact to much so, here I was talking face to face with the man that's screwing my missus,Lisa problem was she got taken away by her boss to meet other people and I was left with Graham, I thought revenge for what I have been through, she was constantly looking our way, I can see why his in sales his got bottle a right smooth operator

He was trying to find out about me as I was trying to about him but he wasn't giving to much away

We sat chatting and I was looking at him it was a bit weird he never knew I seem him naked or watch him fuck my wife my eyes where drawn to his crotch he must of been completely slack but there was still quite a bulge there in his trousers, I wondered if that had attracted my wife at first or was it his personality what makes a woman fancy any one man over another

He asked what I did for a living I told him he was interested saying he may put some work my way, he told me my wife was very good at her job how she was liked in the Fermi and he liked her a lot and got on very well with her, I thought yes you bastard you like sticking your cock up her, Lisa came over and seemed quite hesitant I think , we talked after a time she didn't seem so worried we were together, Graham spent most of the afternoon with us and me, on the way home that evening Lisa said you got on with Graham, I said well his a nice guy he thinks a lot of you, she asked what I meant, I replied are you very close adding at work, she paused and said we get on, Lisa not the nervous sort in any situation I could tell she was edgy it gave me the upper hand in away

At home later I said you and Graham are quite friendly how friendly, she looked very puzzled, before she could say any thing I said very friendly not jest at work, what do you mean she said what has he said to you, I replied nothing, my idea was to make her uncomfortable but she pushed it, I took a chance and said you are a lot more than friends at work, she was now getting angry, I went on his shagging you she went red then white

and told me I was mad not to be so stupid, I said no I am not stupid he is fucking you she denied it, I told her he is and gave her some dates times she was speechless

I then said we need to talk don't we, I never seem my wife lost for words she still tried to deny it, I took my phone out and said look the first picture was her back sitting on top of him you could see his cock in her the next she was sucking it then one of her on her back with him up her, I said that's you and him I have more if you like to see them

Where did you get them from, I told her I was only about five yards away from you when I took them she was Scarlet I said don't deny it that is you two

I had the upper hand now, she was very quiet I said you get on the phone and get him over here now we will sort this out now, she said no I said okay I go and see him he told where he lives and I find out if his wife knows

In the end she agreed to call him I told her to tell him I was out for the evening and he could come over here, I knew he take the bait he got pleasure out of talking to me he would think he could shag her in my bed, with phone on speaker she called him I was right he said give me an hour and I be there

He was in under an hour, when I opened the door to him he was shocked to say the least

I got both of them in the lounge I started with no bullshit from you two, you are fucking each other, I looked at Graham and asked do your wife know, he surprised both of us by saying yes more so Lisa he went on we have an agreement obviously she had no idea

There was a discussion heated at times, Graham got it round to where do we go from here

are you two going to get divorced or what do you want to do, some how he turned the tables on me, some how it was agreed they could carry on but not behind my back he can talk his way out of anything, he pointed out I know I have seen then I even had photos so was there a real problem if we are all adult about it and its discreet

I had given my consent to him fucking my wife some how, it was obvious she want to carry on if I said no I think if she felt like that it could go either way we could of split up

Graham is a man for the moment after the upset we jest had, he hugged Lisa whispering something to her I didn't hear it but it was more than a couple of words she looked at me then at him and said alright

With in minutes they were snogging, he was soon groping her Lisa was tad nervous I think

but went along with it, it was soon more serious petting she looked my way a few times maybe trying to judge my reaction, she was more hesitant than she been when she thought they where alone, he was fingering her whether she liked it or not she was very turned on

She forgot about me I think, she got his cock out and start playing with it then sucked it she looked at me with it in her mouth I smiled it reassured her it seemed I had a throbbing hard on myself I had never been this close to them before I could smell there arousal, it didn't take long before Graham said you going to show me your bedroom

We all trooped upstairs together, once in the bedroom it was minutes they where both completely naked on our bed I sat on the dressing table stool right by the bed a couple of feet away, hell this was something else, I could hear every sound they made even smell them I heard his fingers working her very wet pussy he sighed as she tugged on his cock, it was in full view I would guess this close it must be seven or more inches long and really fat extraordinary fat dark veins bulging going round it

He rolled her on her back to take her mount her, between her legs he fumbled with it in his hand he got it there she gasped as he pushed she made a low murmur as it sunk inside her there was then a hard thrust she cried out OH GOD he did it again to a loud gasp

As he started to ride her she moaned and panted I went to the foot of the bed her pussy was stretched round him his cock looked like a piston driven into her Lisa legs come up in the air she grabbed her ankles holding self open for him, moving to the side Graham was putting some effort into it now he lifted himself up on his arms I watch my wife's breast on her chest wobble with his movement like two jellies she had her eyes closed biting her lip groaning she was about to cum, he went faster the bed was creaking as the climax hit my wife the bed was banging on the wall with the force of the shagging she was getting as that happen I got my dick out it was so hard it was painful they didn't notice

as my spunk flew onto the carpet, the room was filled with noise of them fucking Graham going like train he had to unload hell did he going the sounds he made

He lay on top of Lisa exhausted both sweating and breathless, after a time he got off and lay on his back my wife's was out of breath, her climax had been very intense, it was her that looked my way and said are you alright I nodded and smiled back she smiled as well and mouthed thank you, I didn't know what I had started it was not going to finish there

Graham stayed about a hour longer before going home after he gone it was a little awkward for us we had a lot to talk about