24 Aug 2018

Chatting to a mate one day and we got around to talking about sex as you do , after current affairs etc , when he said I hear there is a dogging area on our local common where people park during the day to take their dogs for walks , and he suggested we go that night and see if the rumours were true , so it was decided we would check it out I couldn't believe it myself but why not if its not true nothing lost , my mate said I will pick you up at 10.30 that night , and at exactly 10.30 he arrived at mine , we arrived and parked up and sat there for a while , then a car pulled in followed by another , it was a moonlit night and you could see quite clearly , the first cars doors opened and a woman got out followed by a guy , they lit up cigarettes and started smoking sitting on the bonnet of their car , I looked at my mate and said I think it was a rumour that's all , and my mate touched my arm and said no hold on , I turned and looked at the couple who now got back in the car and turned the interior light on , with that the car that arrived when they did the drivers door opened and a guy got out stretched his arms and sauntered over to the car , we watched engrossed , we couldn't see what the couple in the first car was up to , the other guy was by the passenger window, my mate said come on let's go over there , if I was there on my own I would have second thoughts and drove home , but my mate nothing deters him anything that involves sex he's there , anyway we left our car and walked over , the passenger window was open and the couple were kissing and he had his cock out and she was wanking it , the guy outside with us was wanking his cock not giving us a second thought, the woman in the car leant over and sucked her partners cock , the guy in front of us put his arm through the window and lifted her short skirt , she wasn't wearing any underwear just a very thin short dress as she felt his hand she eased herself so he could get to her cunt with his hand , it was such a fucking sexy sight before I knew it I was playing with my cock , so us three guys outside were wanking away , but no not three five of us outside , I was so carried away I didn't notice the two newbies arrive , the woman in the car stopped sucking her partners cock and leant back in her seat legs wide apart running her hand up and down her cunt lips , then she ushered the guy standing next to the door to get closer , when he did still playing with her cunt took his cock in her mouth , he said after a while I'm cumming with that he came on her face , she took off her dress and wiped her face and said whose next boys , my mate was there in a shot and she started sucking his cock , he didn't cum but after a time he withdrew , and my cock was in her mouth, this wasn't me , if someone had said I would have my cock in a woman's mouth whose just sucked other cocks I would have classed them as mad , but Christ I was horny , I pulled out and she sucked the others cocks , she eventually got out the car and laid on her back on the bonnet , and opened her legs revealing a gorgeous cunt with really swollen cunt lips , my mate got between her legs and eased his cock in her cunt and started shagging her she started to let out sighs of pleasure, and all of a sudden there was a guy having his cock sucked while being shagged , it was too much for one of our party as he shot his load , my mate came in her as he withdrew another cock took his place , I wanted to fuck her and after the second cock unloaded it's spunk in her I took his place , and her cunt was so wet , I came pretty quickly , and as soon as I moved away another guy was filling her up , me and my mate after cleaning ourselves up we continued to watch the woman take the remaining guys spunk , then she sat up with spunk oozing out her cunt down her legs , she was joined by her partner who sat next to her , she looked up at us and said thank you guys we are here most weekends and Wednesday's, we went back to my mates car and on sitting down I remarked I can't believe I did that but it was so fucking horny I went with the flow and she was a very attractive shagable woman , as we drove away my mate laughed and said same time next week