Written by JH

11 Jul 2016

We rush through the door of your hotel soaked to the skin from the torrentional rain. We make our way to the lift deperate to get to your room, suddenly the doors open and we step in ,you pushing me against the wall and use one hand to tweak my rock hard nipples and the other to finger my wet pussy. Suddenly we hear the ping of the lift and we are at your floor, we rush down the corridor till we get to your room. You open the door and masterfully push me through before closing the door behind us . Leading me by the hand you guide me to the .... leading me by the hand you guide me to the bedroom where the king-size bed covered in red satin beckons us invitingly to lay on its soft slippery surface. Unable to resist the temptation you pick me up and lay me down towards the top end gently putting my head on the.pillow as you close in for a kiss. As I threw my arms around you, you deftly release yourself and place yourself at the foot of the You beckon me to raise myself onto my elbows as you slowly release your top from your waist band and pull it over your head revealing a lightly haired chest. With a quick flick your now drying hair repositions itself to where it sat before as your hands glide slowly to your waist band via the steadily increasing bulge from your crotch. My lips moisten with anticipation as I watch nimrod straining to reveal himself and my legs draw up to meet my fingers which are slowly lowering themselves to my pussy as I strain to stop myself from playingYou lower your trousers to reveal bare skin as you decided earlier to go commando. My eyes follow the contours of your body until I reach him. Just as I remember. Hard and inviting. Your continue to lower your trousers until you are totally naked and standing to attention before me.

More to come if you like what you read so far