Written by Heavenly_hels

9 Sep 2011

This is a story I posted back in 2007.. I have re-posted it as my other half is useless at finding it when he is away... I hope you enjoy it like he does.x.

I have a new assistant at work, who is hot. Everyone agrees, especially my on/off partner/friend/fuck buddy.

She's a tiny, tanned, toned blonde with beautiful little breasts and a cute arse. Antony, my man, brought her into our fantasies after their first meeting and we have been fantasising about her joining us during almost every liaison ever since.

Last Saturday, Ju asked if she could gatecrash any plans I had because her fella was going out. Ant and I just had a night in with the x-box planned, so of course, he was more than happy for a night in with his two favourite blondes. A nice meal and a few vodkas later, Ju informs us that her back hurts and Ant is more than happy to try and ease her discomfort. He positions himself on the huge sofa and guides her to sit between his strong thighs. The vodkas have started to take effect, and Ju is now relaxing, and responding to his firm strokes across the small of her back. She looks so tiny, and as quiet groans of pleasure escape from her rosebud lips, and her eyes begin to close, I can feel a distinct stirring in my tight jeans.

Ant gives me a saucy smile, and slides his hands up under her tight pink t-shirt to massage her shoulders. I run upstairs and begin to run the huge double bath: the size of a hot tub, filing it with jasmine scented bubbles. When I come back downstairs, Ant is gently kissing her neck, and hands are moving upwards from her tiny waist to her pert breasts. I take another drink over to the sofa for each of us, and seat myself close to them both. I can see from the straining in Ant's jeans that he is expecting his fantasies to come true tonight.

He leans over and kisses me, and I can taste her perfume on his lips. He reaches up strokes the back of Ju's head, guiding her face towards mine. She's giggling now, and gives me a shy smile, before responding to his suggestion, and kisses me gently. Although I have enjoyed some girl on girl action before, it has never happened with a straight woman, and her tentative kisses and gentle touch really turn me on.

Ju begins to relax, and kisses me back. Her hot tongue feels so amazing in my mouth, and as I reach up to her face, I feel her breathing quicken. I move off the couch, and kneel on the floor in front of them. Ant pulls her back to lean against his chest and slides her t-shirt up to give me a great view of her hard little nipples. He's now kissing her neck again and playing with her nipples. She slides her hips forward slightly as I put my hand on her leg and start to massage her inner thigh in firm, smooth upward motions. Her tight denim shorts are tiny, and I can see the edge of a fuscia pink thong between her legs. Ant has removed her t-shirt by now, and ties it around her eyes as my fingertips gently brush her crotch.

He unbuttons her shorts, and I slide them over her hips, watching a damp patch begin to grow on the cute underwear. I can't wait to taste her pussy, and I kiss her over her thong, she responds with a sharp intake of breath, and pushes her hips back to feel Ant's huge cock in the small of her back. He moves her forward so she is perched right on the edge of the sofa, and peers at me over her shoulder. I pull her little thong to one side, and slide two fingers up her lips, gently grazing her clit. I hold my fingers up so Ant can taste her sweet pussy, then put my fingers in her blushing lips and let her taste too. She sensually sucks my fingertips as I lean in and begin to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moans a little, and her hips begin to respond to my touch. I lick her sweet pussy with greater pressure, and plunge my tongue deep inside her. Ant moves his hand from her breast, and pulls me up by my hair, greedily kissing me to get another taste of her.

I pull away from him, and kiss her passionately. She grabs my face with both hands, and kisses me hard, laughing that this isn't the most professional of extra curricular activites! Ant had undone his jeans, and places her right hand on his rock solid cock, reaching around to slide two fingers into her dripping pussy. He asks her if she has ever tasted a girl, and she says 'no'. I wriggle out of my jeans, and sit back upon the sofa. He moves her hand, which has been gripping his cock, and places it onto my pelvis. She protests she doesn't know what to do, and I tell her to explore and enjoy. She starts on my thigh, and slowly moves her hand softly up to my crotch. She brushes the back of her fingertips across the lacy black material of my admittedly tiny thong, and I feel like I'm going to explode. After she has rubbed her fingertips across the material a few more times, her movements become bolder, and she shifts her hips so she can look at what her hand is doing. I guide her hand down inside my thong, and, push two of her fingers inside me. Ant pushes her to kneel infront of me, and replaces my hand with his own, pushing two of his own fingers inside me too. He unhooks my bra, and plays with my hard nipple under my shirt. Ju has begun to explore inside me now, and I can feel her little fingertips pressing forward, looking for my g-spot. I lean forward and kiss her again, then make her kiss Ant. He is clearly loving everything that is going on, and keen to get undressed. I push him away, and order him to drop his jeans. He is standing infront of Ju, his cock harder than I have ever seen it. I push her face towards his groin, and she slowly strokes her tongue up his dick.

He moans with pleasure, and suggests that we all move upstairs to the bathroom. Ju has never seen the huge bath, and giggles again as we all remove any remaining clothing and slip into the hot water. I push her back up out of the water to perch on the end of the bath, and bury my head between her tight thighs. She leans back against the huge mirror, and pushes herself into me, rocking her hips and groaning happily. Ant pulls my hips up so I'm on all fours, and slides his fingers inside me. As I continue to probe her sweet litle pussy as deep as I can, he repaces his fingers with his cock and begins to bang me hard and fast. I can feel his considerable sack slapping my clit with each thrust, and begin to suck Ju's hard clit as I feel the telltale pulsing of my pelivic muscles as I head for a huge climax. Ju slides back into the soapy water, and I slide my fingers inside her dripping pussy. As I massage her clit with my thumb, she begins to kiss my neck with hot hard kisses. Ant grips my hips and fucks me as hard as he can. I am closes to cumming, and can feel that Ju is too.

I push Ant off me, and tell him he has to feel her tight pussy around his throbbing cock. He sits back against the wall of the bath, and guides her through the water and onto his cock, with his back to her. She gasps as she slides down his dick, and can't quite takes it all at first. As he lifts her up and down his shaft, he tells me how tight her little pussy feels, and I can see he is trying to delay his climax. I push her index finger onto my clit, and show her how to massage me to orgasm. Her little fingers are gentle and dextrous, and she beigins to tease me, switching from thrusting her fingers deep inside me to playing with my clit.

She's really flushed, and by now clearly loving having Ant's huge cock thrusting deep inside her. I put a finger either side of her hood, and move in time with they're rhythmn. She shouts she's about to cum, and grips the side of the bath as her little body writhes and shudders. Ant pulls her down onto him hard, pressing his huge dick as deep inside her as she gasps and screams in ecstasy. I can feel her muscles quickly contacting around Ant's cock as she leans back against his chest. He lifts her off and she melts into the hot water as I take his cock into my mouth. I can taste her juices all over him, and suck him hard. I slide a finger ito his ass, and he shoots his load at the back of my throat.

I kiss Ju, letting her taste his cum on my tongue, and Ant lifts me out of the water onto the side of the bath. The air is cold compared to the hot water: my nipples harden and my body shivers a lttle as he puts two fingers into me at the same time as guiding Ju's mouth towards my clit. He holds open my lips and tells her to flick her tongue quickly over my clit as he expertly massages me from inside. I AM IN HEAVEN! I push her head away a couple of times as I feel I'm about to cum, delaying the waves of pleasure. I shortly give in to my greed, and thrust my hips upwards as Ant hits my g-spot and I push her face hard against my cunt. My orgasm is intense, and I have no idea what I shout as I explode with pleasure all over her face. Ju giggles again, looking really pleased with herself as I slide back into the hot water.

We all sit stroking each other for a few minutes in a silence that is not quite uncomfortable, but almost expectant. I ask Ju what she is thinking and she says 'That Was Amazing!' Ant laughs, and asks if she might like to do it again sometime? She tells us she feels a bit guilty, but incredibly horny as she thinks about what we just did: I'm sure she will consider a repeat performance.

I certainly hope so, and I think I will ask if her boyfriend would like to join us next time...

OK, so its a fantasy at the moment, but I'm off to my first swingers night tomorrow with 'Ant', and I am informed there is a large jacuzzi! And by the way, the details of the size of his bath and cock are not exaggerated, and neither is the fact that this is a shared fantasy of ours!

I'll let you know how my first experiences go after tomorrow! x