Written by Leedscpl40s

24 May 2009

We were both nervous, it was going to be our first meeting with another couple. She looked great though, short black dress, tight in the right places, with sexy black underwear and stockings beneath. We entered the bar and looked around, we had seen their picture, so knew who we were looking for. They were waiting at a corner table, bottle of wine and glasses waiting. We all introduced ourselves and he poured us a drink, we needed it. Julie looked very sexy, but young, in short skirt and tight cotton top, pushed forward by breasts straining to burst out. Paul was equally young and looked very fit, I’m sure Carol liked the look of him, as she turned and smiled at me. We chatted, and seemed to get on well, although there was a tension between us all, perhaps in anticipation of the night to come.

They were a coupe in their twenties, married, but not for long, and lived just around the corner from the bar. After a while we all became more relaxed, probably the wine, we were now on our second bottle, and more comfortable with each other. I caught Paul looking at Carol, and he winked at me, she was enjoying the attention, and I was also enjoying the view of Julie, who kept crossing her legs, showing glimpses of black stocking tops, getting me more excited with each glimpse. We agreed to finish the wine, then walk round the corner to their flat. It was cooler outside as we walked, and I put my arm around Carol to warm her, feeling her tremble, probably in anticipation.

We had agreed before hand that we would play together tonight, indulging in same room sex with another couple, but keeping to ourselves, although I felt this might change later. Once inside we all got drinks again, and Paul produced a film to get us into the mood. We settled down to watch, Paul and Julie on their settee, Carol and I in a chair, she on my lap. The film was quite hard, with lots of sucking and penetration, and Carol seemed to be getting excited, she was squirming in my lap, moving against my erection, restrained in clothes, but wanting to be released. I eased my hand up he stocking leg, teasing her, and glanced across at Paul and Julie. They were kissing, and her top was laying on the floor by their feet. She looked great in sexy little black bra, quarter cup, her breasts pushing over the top, her nipples just peeking out. Paul bent forward and licked one, and Julie glanced at me and smiled. Carol broke me away and kissed me passionately, her tongue brushing across my lips. I eased the zip down her back, and pushed my hand round to squeeze her breast, which quivered under my touch.

We looked up to see Julie standing over us, just in bra and pants, she bent down and kissed Carol full on the lips, she responded eagerly. Carol stood up, and Julie pushed her dress off her shoulders, it falls to the floor. She stands there in back hold-ups, thong and bra, goose pimples breaking out across her body. I lean forward and kiss her stomach, which tenses under my touch, They are kissing again and Carols hand strays up to cup Julie's breast, I hear them both sigh. I kiss lower and she eases her legs apart as I smell her arousal. Paul is stood behind her now, reaching round to ease her breast over her bra, his fingers gently squeezing her nipples. I lick through her pants as Julie kisses her neck, then lower to take a nipple inside her mouth. I run my hand up Julie's leg as I continue to lick, across her stocking top, and rub across her mound, its heat radiating out to my touch. She pulls my head away from my wife and kisses me, I taste her and carol on her lips, and reach a hand higher to squeeze her breast.

She pushes me backwards and lowers herself, tugging my trousers and shirt open as she goes. Carol and Paul are kissing passionately now, with her hand inside his flies, rubbing up and down as he pushes his hand down the back of her thong. My attention is drawn back as lips envelope my manhood, easing down my shaft, then sucking as her lips come back up, her tongue flicking out as it is released from her warmness. I ease her bra off and take her nipple into my mouth, it hardens as I circle it with my tongue, growing in hardness and size. My hand squeezes around her breast, feeding more into my mouth, causing her to sigh with pleasure. Soon we are all naked, the girls on their backs now, side by side, and Paul and I between their legs. I run my tongue up the length of Julie's lips as Carol sighs loudly, responding to the touch of his tongue on her. I ease a finger inside her, it is warm and very wet, a mixture of her juices and my saliva lubricating her. I lick around her clitoris and she shudders, her breasts heaving as she turns her head and kisses my wife, their hands exploring each others bodies as we men pleasure their vaginas. We build a rhythm with them, both girls responding to out touches, touching each other, both their bodies moving as if in unison as they close in on their orgasms. I push my tongue inside her, tasting her warmth before licking the length from clitoris to anus, both their breathing becoming more laboured. They are kissing again as I look up, and I see my wife's tongue probing between her lips, as she does with me.

Julie arches her back as I feel her muscles tightening on my finger, I lick quicker now, noticing that Carol is also starting to shake as her orgasm comes to her. Their hands are entwined, fingers gripping each other as they both moan with pleasure. I ease away from Julie, kneel by Carol and kiss her tenderly, before turning and kissing Julie. There is a smell of sex abound us now, and I feel a hand easing around my shaft, pushing me backward flat on my back. Julie is over me now, and I look at Carol who is going into a similar position with Paul, but glances across to me and smiles. I see her mount his manhood just as mine is enveloped by her warm wetness, pushing firmly down onto me. I reach up to cup a breast, flicking my tongue out to tease her nipples again. I reach across to hold Carols hand as she rocks upon Paul, and feel Julie easing up and down upon me. All our bodies are covered with sweat, and I lick it from Julie's body, easing my hands down her back to squeeze the globes of her bottom. We all sigh as the two women rock us towards pleasure. I feel a tightening in my sack as she squeezes me from within, rocking backward and forwards on me. I am moaning now as I approach my release, she lowers her head and kisses me before moving down to my neck. I shiver, then explode within, hearing Paul coming inside my wife, and both women rock themselves off upon us.

Paul and I are spent, and lay there in the afterglow, but the girls are not, and move towards each other, entwining together as we rest before swapping partners.