Written by mike

23 Sep 2009

i have always wanted to try dogging in the hope that we would be watched and maybe julie my wife would allow other men to participate in some way. we have in the past had sex in laybys or secluded spots in the car but only when she was sure we were alone.last friday i was to pick her up at 2330 from leeds after a works night out. on the way home i could tell she was up for some action when we got home, the wine she had drunk would have helped.i made a small detour to go past a doggng site that i know but julie has no idea of it.i pulled in and asked if we could have kiss and cuddle to which she agreed.julie was certainly up for it the way she was kissing, and letting me fondle her lovely 36d breasts before stating to play wth her wet silky pussy.she was really going for it and removed her top and knickers to allow me better access.while she did this i put on the brake lights to see if it would attract anyone that was around.we carried on the foreplay and she was now very wet,i glanced at the window on her side of the car and saw a figure stood about a yard away,i whispered to julie that we had company and she immediately tried to cover herself up but i assured her it was ok the doors were locked and we could leave when ever she wanted.that put her at ease and we started where we left off.the figure outside moved slowly up to the car and julie asked what he was doing, i looked and saw that he was playing with him self.up to now i hadn't had a look at his face but when i did i noticed he was a large black gentleman around 40ish,when i told julie she seemed to quiver and moan loudly.the guy was gesturing to me if we would wind down the window, i asked julie and she just moaned so i took it as a yes.when the window was down his big black hand appeared and started to fondle my wifes breast and nipples,when she didnt object his hand moved down to her pussy and she let out a large whimper that told me she was now ready for anything.the stranger opened the car door turned julie around and buried his throbbing cock in her pussy in what seemed like seconds not giving her any chance to complain even though i dont think she wanted to,he was really thrusting into her and she was shouting for him to give her his black cock,i just sat there watching my lovely wife enjoying it as much as me,she started to scream as she orgasmed and then at the last moment he pulled out and sprayed his cum over her breasts.after cleanng up and getting dressed he thanked us and left, when we got home she said she really enjoyed it but doesn't know if it will happen again,heres hoping.