6 Mar 2016

“I’m here, in the car park” the text said.

“Room 335” was the reply received.

“Shall we meet in the bar for a drink, just to calm nerves” he texted.

“Room 335 NOW” was the response.

A wave of intense nerves caught him by surprise, however two minutes later he was knocking on the door of room 335, the door was opened from the inside and he forced himself to walk in. Inside dressed casually was the couple he had met briefly for a drink one lunch time recently.

“Strip naked” she said, he looked around and hesitated

“Now” she followed up with

Well this was what he had thought he wanted, a couple to dominate him, at that moment he wasn’t sure what he wanted or what he was doing, however he kicked off his shoes and then started to remove his shirt and dropped it on the floor beside his shoes. He looked up and made eye contact with the male of the couple and received a brief smile, he then glanced at her.

“Continue” she said

He undid his belt and slid his trousers down, taking them off over his feet and placing them on top of his shirt, he removed his socks, added them to the pile and then paused.

“What are you waiting for” she asked

He felt his hands shaking and breath quicken as he bent down and removed his boxers slowly, as he slid them over his feet and placed them on the pile of clothes, he dropped his gaze to the floor.

She walked towards him and he felt all his breath leaving his body, she bent, picked up his clothes, took them over to the desk and placed them carefully on the top.

“Now undress Sid and I, one item from him and one from me” she said looking straight into his eyes.

He breathed out slowly, with some relief as he hadn’t known what to expect once naked, he walked towards Sid, noticing he was bare footed, and asked “ok”, Sid nodded and moved his arms away from his body so he could remove his t shirt, once off he dropped it on the floor.

“Pick it up, fold it and place it on the bed”, she said sternly. He did as he was told and then feeling his anxiety rising again turned towards her. Slowly he walked towards her and looked for an indication of which item to remove first, she made no movement so he started to unbutton her shirt. On releasing the last button he took in the silky underwear now on show and the breasts contained within, as he found his breathing moving back towards normal and walked behind her to slide the shirt from her arms. He then folded it and placed it on the bed.

On receiving no negative feedback he turned again towards Sid and realised it was his jeans next to be removed, tentively he took a gentle hold on the waist band and released the button before pulling down the zip. He was aware of a bulge as he moved to pull the trousers down. Sid helpfully lifted first one leg then the other to allow him to remove them, he then folded them and placed them on the bed.

With more confidence he turned back towards her and moved closer to remove her jeans, his hands easily slid into her waist band and the button was released, followed by the zip and they were removed with similar help as from Sid.

Now he was naked, Sid dressed in just boxers and she was in soft, silky black underwear with delicate pale flowers on it.

He moved back toward Sid, “ STOP” she said forcibly, “That’s enough” He froze and when nothing more was said raised his head, to see her walk towards the desk. She pulled the chair out and placed it facing the bed.

“Sit” she said, he quickly glanced at Sid, “Don’t look at him, just do as you are told” was the response.

He walked to the chair and sat down, she quickly turned towards the desk, reached into a holdall and on removing an item, took hold of his upper arms and pulling them backwards tied his wrists together behind the chair. He instinctively pulled on his restraint. “ Don’t” she said “its to stop you touching anything”.

She then moved in front of him bent down and gripped an ankle, this was then tied to one of the chair legs and the same done with his other leg. Again he instinctively tested the ties.

“I told you NO” she said and standing straight in front of him, he realised he was breathing so heavily she must be able to feel it on her naked skin. She then lent forward and kissed him, an initial peck on the lips and then a deeper kiss. Then she was gone, realising his eyes were shut he opened them to see her grab Sid’s hand and pull him onto the bed.

Immediately they were kissing passionately and hands were caressing each other, a breast was released and a nipple licked, sucked and nibbled, the bulge he noticed earlier was stroked and the boxers pulled down to display a semi hard cock. Fingers were slipping into the knickers and they were moved to display a nice patch of pubic hair.

He felt his own cock start to twitch and attempted to move a hand towards it, the restraints reminding him that they had the power and controlled what he could do. As if she sensed this, she looked up at him, licked her lips and started to suck Sid’s cock. The sights and noises were continuing to cause his cock to swell as Sid moved round and had his mouth between her legs, his fingers still inside her.

She started to moan and move on the bed in time to Sid’s movements, her hips thrusting upwards, he let out a small moan and attempted to move slightly on the chair.

“Quiet” she said “No moving and don’t you dare cum” before continuing to enjoy Sid’s actions, for a few minutes before with increasing noise she began to pant and swear at Sid as he continued and with a scream she orgasmed.

He felt himself relax and collapse down in the chair, decreasing the tension in all his restraints as she came down from her high. She heard the movement in the chair and looked at him.

“Did you enjoy that?, Oh its going to get better” she said as she got up and walked towards him. He held his breath expecting to be untied, however she leant over him allowing him to get the smell of sex as she kissed him even more forcibly and then walked away.

After helping themselves to some drinks from the bar, they returned to the bed, her bra was removed and Sid put his attention to her nipples, she reached for his cock and slowly stroked the length, rubbing her thumb over the end. As the precum appeared she wiped it off with her thumb and raised her hand to her mouth, licking it off. She then moved her head to the end and started to suck. Sid rolled onto his back giving him a full view of what was happening and she took more into her mouth and sucked harder. He felt his cock getting more erect and began to find his restraints uncomfortable. Sid was now moaning and moving on the bed to push himself further into her mouth. Suddenly they moved and Sid was sat astride her, wanking himself and with a loud groan he came over her breasts.

For a second they froze and then Sid quickly got off the bed and walked towards the chair. His heart rate rose with anxiety and excitement, Sid untied the restraints,

“Clean her up” was all Sid said, his knees felt weak as his look alternated between Sid, the bed and back to Sid.

“Don’t make me tell you again” He walked towards the bed and gently sat down, moved towards her and got onto all fours. Gently he began to lick at the salty liquid now rolling down towards her belly button and down her sides. As he swallowed, he felt so low and found it excited him, he licked more strongly and used his fingers to move the cum into places he could lap it up from.

As he licked up the last of the fluid and started to run his tongue up towards her neck, she rolled away and said

“I need to be full, make Sid hard again”