Written by sore bum

22 Jun 2008

it was so long ago now , but remember so well. i was only young lad at the time this happened about 18 or so.

i was walking through my local park as it was such a hot day and only waring my shorts,when i noticed this guy of about 35 or so watching and following me.so feeling a little nervus started to walk under this bridge and into theses fields on other side .when i looked back he was still following but stopped under bridge, i noticed he had his cock out and openly stroking it.i said nothing and walked off.

i came up to the trees at other end of field there was a little dirt track before i walked down i turned and yes he was still following and stroking his cock, so i stopped a little further down track, till this guy came right up to me still with his cock out, but since he was right up close i noticed how big his cock was and wow was about nine inches long and thin.

i said what are you after silly me[ tell i was so young] he said what you like, well i didnt know as never been with guy before. so just dropped my shorts and pants and waited to see what happened.

he never said a thing just came up close and took my hand and was fairly rough as he took me over to a fall tree. where he just pushed me over it so my now naked arse was up in the air.he just spat on my bottom and then on his bell end,thats when i was now fully aware what i was letting myself in for. i felt his cock nudge my ring then in one thrust he pushed his hole length into me. just aswell he had me pinned down as the pain was so intense, i yelped out loud, but he just kept on thrusting into me.deeper and harder and then the pain started to turn into pleasure,i start to moan quite loudly which made him fuck me harder.

thats when i noticed i could hear people walking by, which turned me on even more i was so close to cumming and id not even touched my cock yet.

thats when i now noticed this lady of about 40 stood to the side of me smiling, she must of been able to hear me moaning and came to see what was happening, to my surprise she just watch on smilg to herself.

now the guy fucking was calling me his bitch a slut and more. i felt his cock swell even more and then pushed deeep into me and held tight onto my hips.thats when he started cumming deep in to my arse man there must of been loads as when he finaly pulled out of me his cum started ousing out and down my legs.

the woman was still there but now had her hand down her pants. fingering her pussy silly,she came up behind me and went to her knees and then rimmed my swollen ring and clean all the guys cum off me.thats when she placed her mouth over my swollen cock and sucked me off it didnt take long before i emptyed my sack into her willing mouth,

once i came i came to reality fast so got my shorts on and then legged it, that poor lady was still on her knees as i ran off.