Written by Megtooshare

19 Dec 2009

Standing just behind Jon, Meg took a deep breath. They were here now at the door to the club and this would be the last chance to back out she knew.

Jon pressed the buzzer and with a whirr and a click the door opened. Jon registered at the the window and Meg looked around her whilst trying to take in what the friendly receptionist was saying. All she caught though was the bit about the changing room, that they were to undress, store their clothes in a locker and wrap the towels round themselves and head into the club.

The changing room was small and busy, busy with men who looked at Meg with interest. She was only dressed in jeans and a shirt but she knew she looked good, and lets face it - she was the only woman she could see. The men around her made no secret of the fact that they were waiting for her to undress. Jon was amused at her slight discomfort, this was part of the plan. He also knew she had made her decision to get the most out of the visit as soon as she had walked through the door. Meg unbuttoned her shirt, slowly whilst making quiet conversation with Jon. Taking the shirt off she knew her nipples were hardening and pushing against the black lace of her bra. Wiggling her hips to help her jeans fall to the floor Meg bent over, her bum showing through the ruffled lace of her panties. She took these off, unhooked her bra, letting the weight of her 34e breasts free.

Jon had undressed and had his towel wrapped round his waist, he helped Meg tuck her towel securely and they walked hand in hand through to the club. There were other women in there, not many though and they were outnumbered at least 6 to 1 by the men. As they wandered through the club, Meg relaxed, this, she thought, was going to be alright..

Meg wanted a sauna so first they stepped into the showers and stood under the cold jets of water, Meg had an audience as she gasped under the blast of the cold, she ran her hands down over her body and felt her nipples harden then grabbed her towel and walked to the sauna. In the sauna there was only one other person - a woman who was friendly and chatted; Meg and Jon sat on a bench on their towels, Meg idly running her fingers over Jons thigh. Only minutes had passed when a man entered the sauna, he stared at Megs hands on Jon, he wanted to play, she could tell. Jon made the decisions though and she guessed that the man was not going to be her playmate today.

Jon took Megs hand, 'come on baby, lets get into the jacuzzi, it's too hot in here'. He led her out and gave her the choice of two jacuzzis, each had one man in. Meg stepped into the one where there was an older guy who just nodded and didnt stare too much. Meg and Jon settled into the water, Meg felt herself being turned on by the attention and took Jon's cock into her hand, gently moving her small fingers up and down his hardening shaft. In minutes there were several other men in there with them, all watching her movements. Jon had had his arm around Megs shoulders, helping her feel more secure but now he took his arm away and started to gently finger her pussy, she closed her eyes, her whole body was tingling with excitement. When she opened her eyes she was surprised and immensely pleased to see a couple stepping into the Jacuzzi. The man was dark skinned and had a neat body, the woman - she was petite and blonde and Meg knew that Jon would like to play with her.

After some polite conversation, the woman Ann sat on Jon's knee and they started to kiss..Jon's hands cupped her small breasts and Ann arched her body in excitement. Meg, turned on by seeing Jon having fun turned to the man - Ian and they started to kiss. He manouvered her body to sit in his lap, she could feel his cock stirring against her back. He liked to kiss and his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. Megs breathing quickened and Ian sensing her excitement moved a hand down to her sex and rubbed her clit gently under the water, Megs hips were moving against his hand, they were still kissing and she knew it wouldnt be long before she had an orgasm. Her eyes looked over at Jon but he was busy pushing his fingers in and out of Ann who was moving against him. Meg knew that she had to ask Jon's permission to cum. 'Jon, Jon'... she tapped his arm Jon looked across at her and Meg asked 'can I cum, please let me cum..' He nodded. As permission was given Ians fingers slid back into her and she groaned, closed her eyes and her head tipped back. There were other hands on her now, exploring her body whilst she rocked in orgasm. Fingers rolled her nipples, other hands stroked her bum cheeks and she was aware that someone else was playing alongside Ians hands. She didn't care, in fact she fell straight into another orgasm, her back arching out of the water. Coming down, Ian kissed her again and whispered into her ear - 'would you like to get a room?'

Meg nodded.... to be continued if anyone is interested....