Written by Megtooshare

20 Dec 2009

Meg looked around, catching Jons eye, she mouthed the word 'room' and he smiled, raising his eyebrows; he whispered to Ann and she stood up and led the four of them out of the jacuzzi.

Meg could feel eyes boring into her back as Ian gently put his arm around her and walked her to the room that Jon had selected. It was a fairly small room, but perfectly large enough for four people.

Meg and Ann climbed onto the bed, although this was her first visit to a club Meg had played with other women before.. she enjoyed their softness and liked to please them.. whether using her mouth or hand; she didnt have much experience of sharing toys yet but knew that when the opportunity arose she would take it. Ann seemed a little nervous so Meg asked if she and Ann could have a few minutes to themselves before the men joined in. Jon agreed immediately. Meg leaned over Ann and kissed her gently on her mouth, her fingers moving down to Ann's breasts which felt small and pert but whose nipples were really hard and were enjoying the stroking and circling by Megs hands.

Anns breathing quickened when Megs hand slowly moved down her flat stomach and gently stroked around her pussy, Meg wanted to be gentle so just let her fingertips trace around the folds of Ann's sex. Meg ducked her head down to Ann's breasts, sucking and licking at her nipples and enjoying the rapid rise and fall of her chest reflecting her heightened excitement. Megs fingers found Ann's clit and, with her middle finger, just very lightly circled it, enjoying the feeling of it swelling and of Ann's hips starting to move against her finger, inviting Meg to push the finger inside her. Meg looked up at Ann's face and firmly pushed 2 fingers into her hot, and very wet sex. Meg had forgotten how warm that could feel and smiled whilst she slid her fingers out, giving Ann's clit a circular rub and then moved her fingers back in. Ann's hip movements became more insistent and quickened so Meg slipped another finger in and as she did, Ann bucked and exhaled loudly, cumming with Megs fingers being gripped by her muscles...

Meg felt hands around her waist, turning her. It was Ian, he turned her on to her back, put one arm under her head and gently lay her down. Oh! Meg thought... a gentleman! He kissed her, insistently but strangely gently as well. She was turned on. Ian stroked her nipples then rolled them in his fingers, they hardened under his touch. Meg felt herself get wetter and wanted him to taste her. She put her hand on his head and gently pushed him down - he took the hint and trailed his tongue down her body causing her to tremble slightly. She gasped when his mouth closed over the whole of her pussy, his tongue flicking over her clit and then down into her wetness. She was very close to letting go, the familiar build up as a result of an unfamiliar touch making the low growl come to her throat. 'Jon?' She couldn't focus on him but heard him say 'cum for me, Meg' the wave of physical abandon washed over her, again and again - spurred on by Ian's tongue and now fingers pushing into her and knowing that Jon was watching.

Meg lay, slowly coming down, she focussed again on the room and the others in it. Jon and Ann were laying together, Jon had his hand between Ann's legs. Meg pulled her eyes away from them, she wanted to thank Ian and took his cock in her hand.

Ian knelt in front of her, his cock was hard and a tiny bead of pre cum was at it's tip. Meg held the shaft in her right hand and flicked her tongue over the head and down in a figure of eight, she shifted her weight to make sure that she licked all round - she didn't want to leave any part of it out. She slowly put her mouth over the head, making his head push through her lips and took him in as far as she could. Then she made a sound in her throat, which vibrated against him, causing him to try and push in further. She withdrew a little and dragged her lips back up the shaft, rolling her tongue over the head again as she did so. She repeated this, feeling his excitement grow and his pushing become a rhythm. Now Meg used her hand in a counter movement, as her mouth moved up him her hand gently, so gently, stroked down. She prepared for him to cum, she thought he was close. Ian had other ideas....

part III (and final part) if any one's interested will follow.....