Written by Megtooshare

21 Dec 2009

Ian laid Meg back down, on her back and kissed his way back up her body, stopping to nibble at her small tattoo. With the heels of his hands he kneaded her breasts, from the soft underside and around, he could tell Meg liked it, her head tipped back slightly and she put her arms above her head and kept them there. There was a short pause and Meg looked round... for the first time she realised there was a small window in the wall, Ian had removed the covering and she could now see a man's face peering in. She could feel a blush spreading over her but the audience, now grown to three men, looked at her appreciatively and she squirmed with pleasure...

Ian came back to her, spread her knees wide and held her hands above her head. There was no way she could move away from him but still she gave a wriggle as if to try. This seemed to excite him and he took his cock and nudged it against her - she wriggled again and he pushed it in. 'God you are sooo wet, you dirty girl'. Meg lifted her knees and moved her pelvis in time with his thrusting, she wanted him inside her as far as he could go and the width of his cock, filling her and sliding in and out was pushing her to orgasm, the familiar throwing back of her head, a low growling noise and a 'yes, yes' and she was cumming. Megs hips moved faster, Ian timed his moves but held himself back. She bucked under him, threatening to throw him off as she came so forcefully. He held her down, slowed his movements down and allowed her to come down.

Ian was still hard, his cock erect and wanting more action, Ian stroked it gently as Meg came to... she looked at the window, several faces were there, all watching intently. She surprised herself by kneeling up, whispering to Ian to lay down and then she straddled him. Squatting over him initially, she lowered her pussy onto his cock, then up and down...giving all those at the window a view of the fun she and Ian were having, she smiled....

Settling onto her knees, she took Ian's cock and placed it against her sex and moved back onto him, taking him in inch by inch, using her muscles and shaking her head at him when he started to push... only when he was fully inside her did she allow him to move. She stayed upright, rocking her hips in time with his movements; Meg licked a finger and started to circle her clit with it, still moving in time with Ian. With her other hand she played with her nipples. Meg could feel the excitement building again, Ian's movements were quickening, her clit was swelling and every time her hips rocked, her clit contacted with Ian's shaft. Meg smiled at their audience, licked her finger again and continued to play with her engorged clit. Ian's eyes opened, he looked at her and she knew he was going to let go.... she quickened her own movements and the wave of orgasm rippled through her, Ian exhaled loudly, groaning and grabbing at her as they both came. Meg bent down over him and kissed him.

A touch on her arm and she looked around, startled from her post orgasm moments. Jon looked at her, 'You didn't ask permission' instinctively Megs hand went to her neck, to feel the collar that wasnt there tonight. Her eyes dropped and she apologised 'Sorry Sir' she looked up at him, through her fringe 'I have no excuse, I lost control and I will accept the punishment you give to me' Jon grinned... but that'll be a different story.