Written by Shelley

28 Sep 2017

After being Seen by the woman at home last week, my appetite for people watching me touch myself has exploded. Again it was a Saturday but this time I accepted my parents offer of a lift into town.

I was wearing a mid length blue button up dress, white panties and nothing else. In town I headed off to find some new shoes. In the shop the female assistant came over to help. She was older than me about late 20's I guess. I sat on the stool and she came over with some styles I had pointed out. As she knelt in front of me I allowed my dress to ride up. I saw her glance at my legs and redden a little, encouraged I looked around, saw no one else so I unbuttoned my dress, leaving just 2 still fastened at my waist. As she held my foot up to put on the shoe she looked at my little boobs and pink buds, she moaned when I pinched them but lowered her gaze as I stroked my pussy through my knickers. Using her left hand she pulled them to one side allowing her an uninterrupted view of my pubes and tight little pussy. I smiled at her as she slid her hand over mine and pushed our fingers into me . God I was so wet as she rubbed my clit and fingered me . I very quickly came overher hand, she raised to her mouth and licked my juices. Then we heard a voice and looked up as a woman walked past with her daughter. I stood and liking her in the most gorgeous eyes blew her a kiss and left the shop. Next stop the ladies forsome intense finger work.