Written by Kate242

17 Feb 2009

One of the men moves up behind me on the bed. I am shivering with fear but his touch calms me almost instantly. He caresses my thighs and kisses the very back of my neck ever so softly as I fuck myself with the dildo.

> Soon I feel his fingers rubbing lubricant into my arsehole. One finger, then two, then eventually almost three. I go down on all fours and groan as his cock is pushed up where his fingers have been. He lifts me upright once he is inside.

> I fuck my pussy with the dildo as the big cock slides in and out of me with long steady strokes.

> More hands on me now. The other man moves in front of me and is kissing my neck and shoulders. His mouth soon finds mine and I drop the dildo and pull him closer. Between them, the two me lift me up so he can penetrate my wet pussy as he kneels in front of me.

> I used his solid body to steady me as I ride on both their cocks,

> I look at the third man, He is masturbating as he watches us. I take him in my mouth.

> I suck him as I am fucked. Soon he grabs my head to hold it still and starts fucking my mouth.

> With a groan the one fucking my pussy comes, filling me. The man behind me comes too, sending me over the edge. Seconds later, before they withdraw, the man in my mouth groans and comes also.

> Now they want to see me perform some more …