Written by Anon

19 Sep 2008

What was I to do? I had carte blanch over these three guys.

The third one was the one who had been before and if I am honest there was a little lust between us previously so I decided he would be the first to fuck me, or at least he would be the first one I fucked.

I turned to the third while we all sat chatting in the bed and and asked him if I could tie him up, he asked what with so I got off the bed and grabbed two pair of stockings from the drawer moved the other two off the bed and quickly tied both his hands and his legs to the bed.

Now the third is the boss of the other two so it must have looked pretty strange to see their boss strapped to a bed now under the control of a woman.

Even so they where all still turned on by the size of their generous cocks, in my dreams I couldn\'t have asked for three better sized and looking, first and third where both shaved and cut while second was not cut or shaved but it still looked very beautiful all where above 8\" and third had the biggest girth.

While third was tied to the bed starting to get frustrated I climbed on the bed and sat on his face facing his cock, I pushed my pussy into his face and moved about while his tongue sort out my clit, I leaned over and licked his cock until it was hard again and placed the condom on him.

I then told him he wasn\'t getting any more until I had cum all over his face, so he probed with his tongue and licked my clit, the best thing about being on top when being licked is you can control where the tongue goes and I also like to fuck a mans face with my pussy, so riding my clit up and down on his face I asked the second to play with my nipples and the first to play with the thirds cock to make sure he kept it hard.

The second eagerly obliged but the first was a bit reticent and said he had never touched another man before, I told him to just imagine it was his own and stoke it as if it was.

He begrudgingly moved towards the thirds cock and started to massage it, while I fucked the third ones face and came close to cumming.

I had never seen another man pleasure another man before and it was amazing to watch, the first one just closed his eyes and I could tell he was pulling his own cock in his imagination.

A final grind of my pussy and I came all over the third mans face, he carried on licking but I pulled myself away and promptly moved the first guy and sunk myself down on the third guys cock. With him still inside me I turned round to face him and totally unexpectedly he had the first guys cock in his mouth, the second guy was knelt on the bed next to me seeking out my clit while I pushed up and down on the third guys cock, this is what I had needed since I had got up this morning, this cock was wonderful and the second guy playing with my clit as I pushed up and down brought me to a very quick orgasm which I rode out until I felt the third guy cum inside me.

As I pulled away I saw the first guys head go back as he sent his load flying down his bosses throat, this guy had done this before because he was really enjoying it.

I left the first and third to come back round and offered the second my pussy which he lapped again, so to set the scene I am laid on the bed with second guy buried in my pussy while first and third are lazily sat rubbing each others cocks behind us.

The second is the best pussylicker he knows exactly what buttons to press and when to pull away and pull back, think when this is over I might keep this one.

While he is licking my pussy he starts to push his fingers in and move them around, not really seeking anything more I suddenly realise to get them wet. Without warning he plunges his wet finger straight up my arse and I instantly cum all over his face while riding his finger in my arse.

The other two are now completely wrapped up in each other sucking, licking and playing with each other, which I must say having seen on film didn\'t turn me on one bit but seeing it in the flesh we all the sounds and the smells is an incredible turn on for me.

So its just me and the second guy now, he asks me if I enjoyed the finger and did I want more, I said it was unexpected but by the fact I came instantly how could I not like it.

He said if I wanted to try more he would be gentle and stop if it hurt.

Ok I suggested the rabbit was probably the best way to start with a bit of lube.

I knelt on all fours and he lubed up the rabbit from top to bottom, pushed his fingers in my pussy and slowly and very gently started to insert the rabbit in my arse, I was surprised how quickly I relaxed and within the seconds the whole thing was in, he started to push in and out gently and I found myself grinding down on it enjoying the sensation I was getting.

The third guy by now was on the receiving end of the first guy and oh my god what a turn on.

How was I going to get all three cocks in me at once? What am I thinking? I now know I need to do this just because I can.

Second guy pulls out the rabbit puts the condom on. lubes up his cock and bends down behind me to slowly insert his cock in my arse, again I relax and he falls into time thrusting very gently in and out, without warning the first guy has released himself and is sliding his body under mine to get into position, the second guys moved slightly so the first guy can get under me to insert his cock in my pussy, he pushes upwards to meet my lips as I push down I can feel seconds in my arse grinding at the back wall of my pussy and suddenly both of them meeting with only my pussy wall between them.

I have two but I am greedy I want three, first continues to push himself up and fuck my pussy while second is now pounding my arse I am by now squirting all over the place but I need that third cock in me, I reach forward to third and he pushes his cock in my mouth, but I want it in my pussy, as he is the biggest of the lot it would probably be best if we all pulled apart and he went in first unfortunately he has other ideas and pulls his cock from my mouth, lubes his cock and kneels down behind second, but second is having none of it so we all have to move round.

Second lays on the bed and I lay flat on top of him moving so he can get his cock back into my arse, first then gets on top of me and pushes his cock back into my pussy, OMG I am going to cum so hard in a minute, third goes behind first and slowly pushes his big cock into him, this makes him thrust even harder into my pussy and while second is very still I can still feel them moving against each other.

On a count of three we all move to together, second pounds my arse while I push down on him, first thrusts my pussy meeting the pounding of third in his arse with so much vigour we all cant hold on for long, I am cumming already but I want the guys to cum to so let them ride out my orgasm as second cums in my arse instinctively this makes first cum in my pussy and third pulls out removes his condom and cums in my mouth.

I am not sure how long we all laid there completely spent eventually we all fell asleep entwined round each other mixing bodily fluids.

I awoke to third slowly fingering my pussy into it\'s final orgasm of the day.

They all got up, got dressed and kissed me goodbye, I rolled over and fell into the most contented sleep of my life.

They still haven\'t finished the work so unfortunately for me they have to come back again.

I can\'t wait.