Written by Denny_jones

31 Jul 2012

Fix in your mind the image of Liz Hurley, with a much more voracious body, a highly sophisticated personality and the ability to make any man look very small if crossed. You are now visualizing Daniel, a stunningly beautiful woman who turned heads where ever she went and was very aware of her magnetism. This was my first wife. I met her in the late eighties whilst we were both working for a London stockbrokers. We had a hot whirlwind romance quickly followed by marriage and at the time I thought myself the luckiest man alive. That was until the honeymoon period ended. I then found myself responsible for a massive mortgage on a flat overlooking the Thames and supporting a wife who had very expensive tastes. We were both earning very good money at the time, however Daniel clearly thought her earnings were solely for her clothing and mine were for us both to live on!

So I found myself working all hours trying to dig myself out off a very big hole. Our social and sex life was virtually non-existent due to my tiredness and Daniel was increasingly meeting friends on her own as I was hardly leaving work much before ten o clock during the week. The arguments were getting more frequent so finally we decided to take a three week holiday in Spain and try to sort out the mess our relationship had become.

For the first week life was sweet. As it progressed our sex life was beginning to improve although I did get the feeling that Daniel was not enjoying it as much as me. Watching her lying on the beach in nothing more than the briefest of bikini bottoms made my cock perminately stiff. Her bronzed 42DD breasts glistening in the sunlight caused much attention and it turned me on just watching the men sneaking looks at her voluptuous body. So all was well, that was until one Saturday night. We were drinking in this little bar near the harbour and struck up a conversation with four young and very fit looking Italian sailors who had stopped off on their way from Barbados to Marseilles to make repairs to a boat they were delivering. They were crewing a magnificent 60 metre motor yacht which was anchored in the bay. Daniel was loving being the centre of attention as usual and it was evident they had one thing on their minds, her. As the drink flowed I found myself being edged out, thus by midnight the sailors were sat either side of Daniel at the bar and I was being totally ignored, so past the time talking to the barman. I finally realised things were way out of control when on my return from the toilet I found one of them massaging Daniels arse and another pulling out her halter top and leering down it. To cut a long story short, I caused a scene and dragged Daniel from the bar drunk and protesting. Once back in our bedroom there was an almighty argument fuelled by the fact she had been invited onto the yacht the next day for drinks, to which I said we were not going she said she was. We finally collapsed into sleep at five the next morning.

I did not wake the next day until the afternoon and finding Daniel was not there I dressed and went down to search along the beech. After an hour of fruitless searching I went to the bar we frequented the previous night and ordered a drink. It was then that my friend the barman told me Daniel had been in earlier with the yacht crew and they had all left together to go back to the boat. I sat for ages totally devastated and not sure what to do next. I then finally decided once and for all to confront her. I would finally bring our situation to a head even if it meant us breaking up. I decided to swim out to the yacht and see for myself how loyal she actually was.

After a strenuous fifteen minute swim to the boat I climbed onto the extended swimming platform at the rear of the boat where I sat a while recovering. Above me I heard music playing and the familiar sound of Daniel’s voice laughing and talking. Cautiously I climbed up to the fly deck and made my way along until I had a clear view of the forward sundeck. Crouching so as not to be seen, I peered down. Daniel was wearing nothing more than her briefest bikini, drinking wine and talking intently to the crew, two of which were sat either side of her and two adjacent on a facing sofa. They were all wet so evidently had been swimming and now were relaxing. The six empty wine bottles indicated the party had been underway for some time and my wife definitely looked intoxicated. It was then to my dismay that I saw Daniel put down her wine glass and turn to Lucca who was sitting to her left. Placing her hand behind his head she drew him to her and gave him a slow passionate kiss. A cheer went up from the other three as this was obviously something they had been enticing her to do for some time. Disbelievingly I watched as she pulled his stiff eight inch cock from his trunks and slowly wank it, her tonge now exploring his mouth as they continued to kiss. He in turn eased off her skimpy bikini top and began fondling her bronzed breasts. Cupping his hand underneath her left tit he lifted and squeezed, her oily tit flesh slipped from his grasp and quivered as it flopped down, this he continued doing intoxicated by the sensual feel of her slippery flesh. I could clearly see that Daniels nipples were erect and her areoles had shrivelled to almost nothing indicating how aroused she was by his actions. By now the other three guys had removed their trunks and were sat playing with their rigid cocks whilst watching the sex show. After a while Daniel slipped to her knees and clasping Lucca’s cock in both hands steered it into her mouth. He pressed his hands behind her head and began rhythmically pushing her up and down on his hard prick. Then Bruno, who was sat opposite stood and crouched behind Daniel, crudely ripping off her bikini bottom he knelt, parted her buttocks and proceeded to lick and suck her cunt like a rabid animal. Next Enrico stood and joined them, spitting on her anus and wetting his finger he roughly pushed it up her arse to begin vigorously finger fucking whilst continuing to wank himself. Bruno then reached under Daniel with both hands and began squeezing and slapping her large hanging mammeries together whilst talking crudely to Enrico about the beautiful English slut and her impotent husband who could not satisfy her. He then once again resumed sucking her cunt, his tonge flicking her clitoris causing her to gyrate her arse as she relished the sensation.

My head was crowded with mixed emotions and it was hard to take in all that was happening so quickly. My wife was now nothing more than a cum slut encircled by men using her for their own sexual gratification. Looking down I saw the head of my rigid cock appearing out the top of my trunks. I gasped it and wanked vigorously. I was disgusted with myself but felt so aroused I could not stop. The last of the male quartet, Arturo I think his name was, then joined in the fun. Amazingly he leaned across and pushing Enrico’s hand away from his cock placed it in his mouth. His head bobbed back and forth as he mouth fucked it with relish. I found this very erotic and found myself pounding my cock even harder. Daniel’s beautifully tanned body was now glistening in the hot afternoon Sun as sweat and sun oil mingled.. Her large tits quivered and swung as Enrico continued pumping her head on his cock. Saliva caused by the rasping of the penis in her throat dribbled out of her mouth and hung suspended in mid air. Bruno then emerged from between Daniels arse and shuffling forward he thrust his cock into her saliva smeared cunt to begin fucking her wildly. The gratuitous pounding of her mouth arse and cunt continued for a good ten minutes. Firstly Lucca exploded in Daniels mouth. He forced her head fully down onto his cock and held it there as he ejaculated; she gagged as cum mingling with saliva cascaded from her open impaled mouth. Next it was Bruno, his body uncontrollably convulsing as he loaded his cum into her fanny.

There was to be no respite for Daniel. Enrico seeing that Bruno had finished indicated for Arturo to take over using her mouth whilst he took over pounding her from behind. A swift changeover ensued; Lucca and Bruno collapsed onto the sofa opposite and watched as the sexual abuse of Daniels body relentlessly continued. Enrico plunged his cock into Daniels cunt forcing Bruno’s cum to stream down her legs and smear his stomach. After a couple of minutes he realised my wife’s cum filled fanny was not giving him the desired friction so spitting on her anus he deftly slipped his cock from her cunt and mercilessly rammed it into her arse. A further ten minutes of arse fucking ensued before Enrico giving one final thrust exploded in her, forcing his prick in as far as it possibly could go. Then Bruno completed the cycle by thrusting his cock into her mouth and letting out a long moan whilst ejaculating down her throat. Momentarily satisfied they resumed their seats leaving Daniel on all fours gaging and coughing. Eventually she sat up and reaching for her glass and took a long drink of wine. It took her some time to fully compose herself; I sensed she had not expected such crude sex. These guys sailed a very expensive boat, but they did not own it and as such were not the gentlemen she was expecting. The sailors resumed a conversation in Italian whilst Daniel just sat listening intently trying to understand what they were saying whilst getting more drunk by the minute. Eventually in a very slurred voice asked if one of them would apply some oil to her back, it looked very red and sore from the prolonged exposure to the sun. Lucca told her to lie on her stomach and proceeded to pour a whole bottle of oil on her back. They thought this was hilarious and all decided it would be fun to all massage it into my wife’s naked body. By now Daniel was to far gone to resist and just lay there allowing them to rub and prod every orifice on her body. They then turned her over and continued the process on her front. Pouring yet another bottle of oil over her they roughly massaged her magnificent tits and fanny. She just laid there seemingly oblivious, her body shimmering in the hot afternoon Sun. Then one by one they mounted her and fucked her, their torsos slurping and slapping against hers as the thickly oiled bodies sucked against each other. It was a full hour before they had all satisfied themselves, allowing her to sit up and rest. Daniel literally looked shagged out her cunt and nipples red saw from constant sucking and fucking her normally immaculate hair now tangled with oil and her makeup smeared. But surprisingly she was smiling and seemingly had enjoyed what was a gangbang. I for my part had seen enough, my balls ached and my cock was red raw from continual wanking. I also felt nauseous from over exposure to the Sun so decided the best cause of action was to swim back to shore leaving her to further enjoy the attention of the four sailors as there was no hope for our marriage now.

To cut a long story short I immediately flew back to the UK and continued as normal waiting for her return so as to commence with divorce proceedings. Two weeks later I received a phone call from her parents demanding to know how I managed to get her locked up in France. It seems that she had decided to sail with her lovers to Marseilles, where they were all promptly arrested for drug smuggling. I did not hesitate in telling Daniel’s parents the full story about how their precious daughter had run off with four sailors and that she only had herself to blame. Finally adding that I had washed my hands of her and would have nothing to do with getting her released. She was finaly let out of prison six months later and I am still waiting to hear from her. That was three months ago.