Written by Diane

15 Jan 2008

I felt that I just had to write an account on here of an exciting experience I had recently. My name is Diane, I\'m 38 years old and have been married to Jack for 14 years. I have dark auburn hair with green eyes and have a good figure, the result probably of no babies. We have a good sex life, with Jack being about six and a half inches long and well into oral and everything. He often works away which always leaves me rather frustrated as we normally have sex every day.

One day I met up with three friends at Jenny\'s house for coffee. Being all women together the subject of our conversation eventually turned to sex. The others were, Jenny, my best friend, a married brunette with a good figure and mum to two girls, Fleur, another married girl rather younger than Jenny and me, she\'s blonde with a really great figure and has no kids, the last is Tessie, by far the youngest being in her early twenties, she\'s single with a good figure and very sexy looking. Anyway, as I said, the conversation turned to sex as it often does!

Tessie is probably the least experienced of us although she\'s no blushing virgin and she was the one who asked if a man\'s size really did matter. Well, it turned out that Jenny and I had only ever had pricks up to seven inches and we were quite surprised when Fleur said, emphatically, \"Of course it does! My Mark\'s dick is just over eight inches long and two inches thick! I\'ll tell you girls, when that\'s up me it massages everything! He\'s the only man who\'s ever made me come while doing it!\"

We were astonished, after all, all the Agony Aunts say the opposite, that size doesn\'t matter. We were agog for details, Fleur was only too eager to supply them. Jenny said, \"Well I wish I could feel a dick that size in me just for the experience!\" I agreed, I felt quite thrilled inside at the thought of one that big thrusting in me, I felt myself getting wet. Tessie said, \"Well I\'m bi and I\'ve had a few dicks but I\'ve never had one that size! What an experience!\"

Not long after this we went our various ways, Jenny and I were going to have lunch at a nice little restaurant we knew. We had a quick drink then our table was ready and we sat down and ordered. Our conversation understandably was about Fleurs husband and his big dick. \"What d\'you think, Diane? What\'s the biggest you\'ve ever had?\" She and I were fully conversant with each other\'s sexual experience, but we had never discussed size before. I shrugged, \"Nothing special really, Jack\'s got six inches and I think I\'ve only ever had one that I noticed was bigger and that was seven inches. It was that holiday I had on my own in Majorca? You know, the affair I had with this jeweller I met, I reckon his just beat Jack\'s and it was thicker. I think the fact that it was thicker was what I noticed.\"

\"Hmm,\" Jenny went, \" Tom\'s is six inches, which is what we are told is the average, I always enjoy it and any of the others I\'ve had, either before or since I married him, haven\'t been significantly bigger. I\'d love to feel what it would be like to have one Mark\'s size up me.\" \"Me too,\" I agreed. We knew that both of us had had sex outside our marriages and didn\'t think that was anything unusual. We also knew that Fleur hadn\'t, was Mark\'s size the reason? Tessie, in the past, had admitted that she\'d had few lovers compared to us and probably had as many women as men.

About a week after this event I received a phone call from Fleur. After the usual exchanges she said, \"I got the impression that, perhaps, you others didn\'t really believe what I said about the size of Mark\'s lunch-box.\" \"Not really,\" I replied, \"we were just intensely interested and jealous that you had that sort of experience and we hadn\'t.\" \"Well,\" she went on, \"I\'ve talked to Mark about this, he\'s eager to come to one of our get togethers and show you what he\'s got!\" \"You\'re kidding!\" I gasped. \"No, I\'m serious. We\'ve never experimented with other people, like you and Jenny, we\'ve been married a long time and think it\'s about time we branched out a bit. Doing it with good friends seemed to be the best thing.\" \"Wow!\" I said, \"have you said anything to the others?\" \"No, I thought I\'d leave that to you, you can get back to me when you have found out what they think.\"

To say that the others were enthusiastic would be to understate their reaction, they couldn\'t wait! As it happened we found a date when both Jenny\'s husband and mine were going to be away. I told Jack, he laughed, \"A fantasy come true!\" he said, \"You\'ll have to tell me all about it when I get back.\"

The day came for the meeting, I guess all of us showered and dressed in our sexiest clothes. I picked up Jenny and Tessie and drove over to Fleur and Mark\'s place. I think everyone was a little embarrassed at first but a glass or two of wine and a porno DVD soon broke the ice. The DVD featured an extremely well-hung man having sex with two women, it also had scenes of the two women having sex with each other. By the time it was over I, for one, was very wet and extremely willing!

Fleur said, \"If it\'s okay with you others, Mark and I are going to strip off and have sex, just so that you can see that we\'re not kidding!\" We all migrated to their large bedroom. It had a king-sized bed which was covered with large, soft bath-sheets. There was other furniture in the room including a small table, it measured about 4 foot by 3 and was very substantially built, it too was covered by a bath-sheet. They had taken a great deal of trouble, I realised, when I saw a number of mirrors too which could be moved about. Fleur explained, \"Once we had been married a good few years we started spicing-up our love-life by watching ourselves having sex, I recommend it!\"

They both stripped, Fleur was a size fourteen, larger than the rest of us, but everything was in proportion and she looked great. Mark obviously worked-out, he was a bit under 6 foot tall with a muscular physique and this monster dick hanging down his left thigh, he wasn\'t circumcised. I like this on a man, I\'ve had both and always like the feel of that soft skin as a man pulls out to the last fraction of an inch before thrusting in again.

There gasps as Mark revealed the truth, his dick soft was bigger than most men hard! But it was already growing as he anticipated what was to come. he kissed his wife and she pressed her ample charms against him as they became more and more involved with each other. Then Fleur turned, \"I\'m sure, as you have seen Mark\'s endowment, that he would love to see you ladies displaying your charms. If you have no objection, why don\'t you strip too?\"

We looked at each other, I guess the three of us were already feeling sexy and we stripped without hesitation. Mark had a broad smile on his face as he viewed what amounted to his harem, his dick now fully erect yet so heavy that it didn\'t rise above the horizontal. All the women were shaved, I probably naturally had the heaviest growth and I normally left just a \'Brazilian\' strip on my mound. The others were shaved completely.

As we watched, Fleur pulled Mark onto the bed. Her breasts were the largest of us and very mobile, as she lay they spread across her chest, the nipples already erect in anticipation. She also had the most prominent mound and the longest fanny lips, I thought that she looked gorgeous. Mark lay by her side and she grasped his lovely dick and began masturbating it as they kissed. Soon Mark was kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples before sliding his hand down over her stomach to caress the lips of her fanny. They engorged and opened quickly allowing him to feel her inside, finger-fucking and teasing her clit. Her juice glistened on the raw- looking flesh and I heard her murmur, \"Scissors, darling, so they can see your lovely prick doing me.\"

She spread her legs, lifting the left so that Mark could sandwich the right between his. This brought the head of his magnificent dick in contact with her open lips. Then he gently pushed it in. We gasped as her lips closed all round the shaft of his cock and the whole length disappeared up inside her fanny. I didn\'t knoew about the others but I had my finger on my clit as I watched and became more and more aroused. I looked at Jenny and Tessie standing, like me, where they could see the best. They were both masturbating too.

Mark fucked Fleur with mounting intensity, she began to moan. Love-juice began to ooze down my thighs, my hand was filmed with it, the whole room was perfumed by sex. Then Fleur said, urgently, \"Now, Mark, now!\" Mark began thrusting really hard, I was amazed that Fleur could stand having more than eight solid inches of cock ramming into her so hard. Not that it lasted long for Mark grunted and his thrusts became jerky as he came. Judging by his movements he spurted some six times with Fleur digging her fingers into his shoulder and crying out.

As they subsided, Tessie went \"Wow! Would I ever like to fucked like that!\" \"Me too,\" Jenny and I chorussed. Fleur opened her eyes, \"He\'s the best, I love it, he makes me come every time! You ought to try it!\"

I said, \"I can\'t speak for the others but I\'d love to!\" Fleur directed her gaze at me, \"Really, you\'d like Mark to fuck you?\" \"God yes!\" I replied. \"Then I don\'t see why not, we\'ll let Mark clean up and recover and I am sure that he\'d be only too pleased!\"

Mark disappeared into the en-suite, he came back smiling, \"Four different, lovely, cunts,\" he said, \"I can\'t believe it! I want to fuck each one!\" \"Me first!\" I panted. \"I want you to do me on the table.\" \"Christ, I love doing a woman like that!\" He said, grinning. His soft cock swung as he walked towards me, he took me in his arms and kissed me, I responded. I slipped out of his arms and knelt in front of him. I kissed his lovely dick then sucked it into my mouth. Sucking and using my hand I had him hard in less than two minutes. Then I got up, my jaw-muscles aching from stretching my mouth round his huge glans. I got onto the table, my bottom just on the edge, and spread my legs. Now it was his turn to kneel as he kissed my fanny and started using his tongue. He tongue fucked me and sucked my big clit into his mouth, I came with a great shudder as a massive thrill surged through me. \"Come on then, cunt,\" he said, \"feel this!\" I did, that massive knob pressed into my yielding flesh, finding the hole he pushed in. I was so wet that my juice was running down the cleft of my bottom, my fanny sloppy with it.

He pushed right up inside, it felt incredible as he stretched me wide and I took the whole 8 plus inches and loved it. \"Fuck me,\" I pleaded. He did and what Fleur had said was true, that massive weapon massaged everything. I have a big clit, it comes from under the clitoral hood and extends right down to the entrance to my vagina then divides around it. I think I passed out more than once because the thrills were so intense, but my enjoyment was intense too, I didn\'t want him to stop. In fact the others told me afterwards that he fucked me for more than twenty minutes before he came and I felt that incredibly fierce spurting filling me with his wonderful seed.

He went soft immediately and I lowered my legs from over his shoulders, I felt exhausted, exhausted but exhilarated, I knew that I would be feeling his beautiful cock in me for hours and feasted on the thought.

When I left the table I found that my legs nearly gave way, Fleur and Jenny grabbed me, \"That was awesome,\" Jenny said. \"It was for me too,\" I told her.

Unfortunately I had to wash, but then I sat on one of the chairs with a towel on it to absorb the mixed love-juice and spunk that was oozing from my dilated fanny. Everything throbbed, but I loved all the feelings I was getting.

Jenny said, \"I want some of that!\" \"You\'ll have to wait,\" Fleur replied, \"give him a chance to recover, but he can do it,\" she looked at Tessie, \"and you too, if you want it?\" \"Of course I do,\" the young girl replied, \"but first I want this.\" She went up to Fleur and kissed her, \"I want to kiss your pussy,\" she said. \"Oh!\" Fleur\'s hand went to her face, \"I\'ve never done anything with a woman.\" \"You\'ll love it, I promise,\" Tessie said. I thought, \'I wouldn\'t mind trying that either.\'

Mark watched as Tessie lay Fleur on the bed and lying with her began to make love to her, after a moment or two Fleur joined in. Tessie was soon kissing the big fanny, then tongueing and sucking at the delicate flesh. Fleur came, not once but several times, in the end she said, \"Oh, no more! I\'m exhausted.\" Tessie moved away smiling, then she looked at me, \"Your turn now,\" she said.

I got on the bed, she pulled me down to the bottom of the bed and put my legs over her shoulders. No preliminaries, she just started kissing my sloppy fanny then sucking the juice out and swallowing it. I came comprehensively. Then it was my turn, I had never been with another woman but I loved my own juice and, having felt my own reactions, I wanted to do the same to her. Her \'pussy\', as she called it was the smallest, but it was beautiful. She was aroused, of course, and when I applied my mouth to her, her lips engorged even more. Her inner lips extended and became thicker, they sort of folded back over her outer lips and her clit, the size and shape of a baby\'s finger swelled between them. It made her cunt look for all the world like a butterfly. I kissed, licked and sucked at everything and she came time and again while her juice flowed. I swallowed it joyfully, it wasn\'t so different to mine.

Then Mark started on Jenny, she gave herself willingly as he kissed and licked and sucked at her fanny before entering her. She had already come several times. I think the thing that took my eye was the way the lips of her cunt made a ring round the shaft of his cock and was pulled in and out as he fucked her. She sighed continually and thrust her hips up at every stroke until he finally shot his load up her. Mark certainly had loads of spunk I\'m sure Jack couldn\'t have filled me up three times in a row! Jenny kissed Mark passionately after he slipped out gasping for breath, \"God, I wish I could take you home!\" she said.

Of course Mark still hadn\'t finished, he still had Tessie to do. But he had to wait quite a long time before he could do her. We sat or laid around talking, playing with ourselves and each other. Fancy that! Three of us had never touched another woman, yet here we were playing cunt as if we\'d done it all our lives!

We drank wine too and talked really dirty in a way I didn\'t think any of us had done before. Then, finally, Mark was ready and Tessie opted to be fucked on the table like me. This had the advantage of allowing the rest of us to see what went on in the clearest detail. I loved it for one. I won\'t bore you with a complete description except to say that being so small she was extremely tight and her pussy lips were pulled in and out like nothing I had ever seen before. At the end she wanted Mark to come all over her rather than inside and we had the delight of watching his great spurts cover her face and little breasts. How could a man have so much spunk?

And that was that. What an experience. It didn\'t end there though, for I persuaded Fleur and Mark to come to our house so that Jack could see him fuck both Fleur and me and then achieve one of his fantasies, which was to fuck into another man\'s spunk as soon as he had removed his cock. Jack loved it and so did I, I even allowed him to fuck Fleur. The first time she had fucked another man since she and Mark married.