Written by sarah

13 Oct 2014

Me and hubby have been into swinging the past few years, he loves me to have fun and enjoys watching. Im a size 10, 34d firm tits, and blonde shoulder length hair. I got home from shopping on Friday and hubby had a bottle of champagne open, he poured me a glass we ended up drinking the bottle while in the bath together, we had a party to go to on Friday night with hubbys family. I wore my black leather short skirt, suspenders and my see through cream blouse with my killer heels, hubby said he couldn't wait to get me home. The party was ok hubbys brother Kevin was there I knew he fancied me and as I was quite drunk we started flirting, hubby looked over and nodded, he didn't mind as we had had fantasys about me fucking kevin for years as he was so handsome and I had heard through the grapevine that he was hung like a donkey. A slow song came on and kevin asked me to dance, the dancefloor was packed, he danced us to the back of the hall and was pushing against me, I could feel his cock was aroused, he leant down and whispered that I looked stunning, he moved his hands and started rubbing them over my arse, he said you have stockings on what a shame I cant see them, I laughed and said play your cards right and I will let you he bent down and kissed my cheek, he said do you fancy going somewhere so I can see you he said meet in the disabled toilet, so I sneaked off and he followed, I had the best fuck of my life and we have arranged to see each other again