Written by bunnyrabbit1

28 Apr 2013

I'd gone over to see a friend of mine and was looking forward to a quiet night in watching telly. His girlfriend was out for the night and my hubbie was away at a golf tournament. We grabbed a bite to eat then settled into the sofa to watch tv. As the evening grew cooler, I snuggled in and enjoyed the warmth and feel of him next to me. we were both quite tired and ended up getting an early night. we shared a bed, which I didn't mind. I soon drifted into sleep and started dreaming impure thoughts about the Ironman.

I was getting quite aroused by my dreams when I realised his arm was around me and his hand was cupping my tits. it felt nice so I snuggled in closer, thinking he was still asleep. All of a sudden his fingers started to close around my nipple, gently teasing and tweaking them and they immediately stood out, turned on and hard. I rolled onto my back in encouragement and felt his lips and tongue gently kissing my neck and moving down to my tits until he was sucking hard on them. His hands travelled down my sides and his tongue followed between my breasts and down to my belly, which was fluttering by now. I groaned in appreciation and hoped he would continue. he travelled down the insides of my thighs and I could hear myself moaning as my body was taken over by uncontrollable urges. he teased me a bit longer then gently parted my pussy lips to expose my clit. he licked me and I thrust my pussy up grateful for the way he licked and sucked on my clit. As I felt my orgasm building, he gently slipped his finger into my very wet pussy, sliding back and forth until I couldn't hold back. as I came he continued to lick me out and then rose up to show me his beautiful hard cock. he was well endowed and I looked greedily at his gorgeous bellend. before I knew it he had thrust it into my pussy. I was ready for round 2 and a really good thrusting. he didn't disappoint and pounded my pussy before flipping me over and taking me from behind. his hands grasped my tits as he banged my pussy hard until we both came. we kissed long and hard before simply falling back asleep.

when I woke the next morning, I couldn't resist going down and sucking on his lovely cock. he woke straight away and we started to fuck again. he has been servicing my pussy ever since. it seems to work as we both enjoy our freedoms but its nice to have someone to turn to for friendship and a damn good fuck. long may it continue.