Written by Jane Again

16 Jul 2009

I went to a swinging party last night with my husband. When we arrived, at first, I was a bit concerned because all of the people there were quite a bit older than us. I was by a long way the youngest female, and once I’d got my head round the fact that if I was going to have sex it’d be with a much older man, I think my age helped me because I felt as though I had the choice of which ever man I wanted.

The organisers had told us that the way to let people know you were interested in them was to touch their knee. If they were interested, they would touch your knee. I sat on a tall stool at the bar and within a few seconds, a man was standing next to me asking my name. We spoke for a couple of minutes then he touched my knee. I wasn’t really ready to go off with him, because we’d only been in the place for a very short time, but I thought he seemed OK and so I touched his leg in return. He asked where I wanted to go, but I asked him if we could stay at the bar talking while I got my head sorted out. He agreed and we talked for probably half an hour or so before we went off to one of the other rooms.

The room we went to was very dimly lit and there was about 6 or 7 big sofas in there. I could see that a few of them were occupied with couples who clearly weren’t doing much talking. We sat down on a massive leather sofa and put our drinks on the table. I was wearing a button through dress that came to a few inches above my knee and I’d left the bottom few buttons undone and I knew I was showing a lot of thigh when I sat down. He immediately put his hand on my leg and leaned over to kiss me. As he moved towards me, he slid his hand right up to the top of my thigh. I wasn’t wearing any knickers and his fingers felt quite rough as they came in to contact with my shaven fanny. I instinctively opened my legs slightly to allow him better access to my fanny lips.

As we kissed, I managed to get my hand on to his dick which was bulging in his trousers. It felt really nice and hard and struggled for a while to get the zip undone so I could get at it properly. I was delighted to discover he was commando and the tip of his dick was already wet with pre-cum as I slowly pulled him off. Soon I had his trousers completely undone and I was pushing them down off his hips and squeezing and rolling his ball sack. He was getting harder and harder and by now I wanted to fuck him. I told him I was ready to get him inside me and started to get in to a better position. There were a few minutes of slightly awkward manoeuvring as he put a condom on, but once that was sorted out, he positioned himself on the sofa so that I could straddle him. My dress was up almost round my waist as I guided his bell-end between the lips of my wet fanny and lowered myself on to him and got the full length inside me.

It was an amazing feeling to be riding a stranger’s cock in what was essentially a public place. I came fairly quickly and once I’d had my first orgasm they just kept coming and coming one after the other. I was braless, and I could feel my boobs moving under my dress as I was grinding myself against him. I was on my fifth of sixth orgasm when he started to move harder against me and he pulled me towards him as he spunked off into the condom. We clung on to each other until every bit of sensation had left us and then we sorted our clothes out and went back in to the main room and I joined my husband who was still sitting at the bar.

For the rest of the nigh I stayed with my husband, and although my husband didn’t manage to get any action, we were both feeling very pleased with the whole event. The organisers are holding another night in the same place in October and I’m pretty certain we’ll be going again.