Written by Ken

19 Jul 2009

A few weeks ago, me and my wife (Angela) put an ad in a magazine asking for a younger lad to come over to our place to fuck my wife. We had four realistic replies and she ended up picking a lad that was in the Royal Navy. The event finally happened on Saturday night.

We were both as nervous as hell as we sat waiting for him to call. Finally, at 10.00pm the bell rang. He’d been told that Angela didn’t want any small talk or time wasting; what she wanted was him to walk in, bang her and leave.

Angela was sitting on the sofa in the living room as I lead the lad in to the room. Without a word, he sat next to her and pushed her back on to the sofa and put his hand on her thigh. Within a few seconds, he slid his hand right up her skirt and his hand was right up between her legs. Angela looked over to me and then seemed to relax and spread her legs a little to give him better access. I was shaking with excitement as I sat on the chair opposite watching.

Angela was wearing a dress that buttoned from top to bottom and within a very short time nearly all the buttons were undone. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and it was massively sexy to see her on the sofa with her legs open and this stranger fingering her hole right in front of me.

He fingered her to her first orgasm and then he stood up, undid his jeans and dropped them to his knees. Angela was obviously staring at his dick as she changed her position on the sofa and opened her legs wide. He got himself between her thighs and seemed to have very little trouble getting insider her. He stroked slowly in and out a few times and then increased the speed and power of his movements and banged her hard and fast. He hammered his meat in to her for a good 5 minutes and by the noise of his body slapping against my wife’s thighs and arse, it was clear that he really was well and truly fucking her brains out. It was amazing to watch her partly covered, braless tits bouncing as he banged her. It was fantastic to see Angela’s legs (she was still wearing her high heeled shoes) kicking in the air either side of his tight muscular arse as pounded her. Eventually, he reached his climax and off loaded in to her and the session was all too soon over.

Angela has no idea how many orgasms she had but the fucking was just as she wanted it to be and she was well satisfied. She isn’t sure if she wants a repeat with this lad or to keep him as a one off fuck to remember. But I know she’s really keen to repeat it but with a different cock next time.