6 Nov 2016

Fun & frolics before the fireworks display

My husband, Bob, was supposed to help his mate Phil prepare the firework display for their fishing club near their boatyard. Unfortunately Bob had put his back out playing squash and was laid up on the couch. I was bringing him a cup of coffee when I heard him on the phone. He said “Phil I am sorry but I can hardly move mate.. do you think so ..? she’s never done it before.. I know she has watched us put them up but it’s a bit dangerous and she is blonde. Ok ok if you’re sure I will ask her, what time .. 3pm ok I let you know.” Well what a bloody cheek but Phil is a bit of a rough hunk maybe it won’t be so bad I thought. “Hi hun, who was on the phone” I said, “oh just Phil love, look he wants to know if you can help him with the fireworks” Bob said. I thought not half and said “oh I don’t know it’s a bit short notice and could be dangerous” (I hope, I thought). Bob said “I know love but he is in a pickle as I can’t help him can I?” I smiled at Bob, gave him his coffee and a long lingering kiss and said “Oh all right I’ll do it, what time?” Bob told me which gave me 30 minutes to change from my slobs into something more suitable. I went upstairs to our bedroom and threw off my joggers and fleece had a quick shower in the en-suite, got dry, put on my sexy red bra and thong set, with black lacy hold ups. Over the top I put on my tight black jumper that the bra shone through and my tight bum hugging black jeans. I ran downstairs and put on my white trainers and puffer jacket and put head round the lounge door, Bob was asleep so I left him in peace. When I got to the wreck I could see Phil had already set up a lot of the fireworks and saw him standing by his car, he waved at me and I walked casually (well almost casually) over to him. “Hi Phil, looks like you don’t need me then” I said pointing to the fireworks. He looked at me and grinned “I wouldn’t say that Jean, don’t I get a kiss and a hug then?” I looked at him and he winked at me. Oh well I thought might as well at least have a kiss before I go back to sleeping beauty. I put arms around his neck and he grabbed my bum pulling me into his groin, I could feel things were a little on the hard side. Our lips touched and then we snogged like we hadn’t kissed anyone for years. He pushed his pelvis into mine and I could feel the swelling getting much bigger. My nipples were on fire and hard in my bra, my clit was tingling like a sparkler. I pulled away and said “Phil what are you doing you know I am all Bobs” He laughed and said “bet you haven’t had a shag in a while from him with his back being fucked?” He was right there and boy did I need one. “ I don’t know what you mean, I have my pet rabbit your know.” I said. He laughed and put his mouth to my ear and whispered. “ Bunny ears are good but not as good as the real thing, like my tongue licking you nipples.” As he said this he had unzipped my puffer and was tracing the outline of my bra through my jumper, then traced his fingers over my nipples. He knew then he was right as they were rock hard. He took my hand and led me up to the caravan they used for storing their fishing stuff and having a cuppa. I said” Phil we can’t do this here, its daylight, we’ll be seen.” He looked at me and said “Tell that to your tits and my cock” He put my hand over the flies of his jeans and I gasped. He opened the caravan door and led me in. It was a bit smelly but there was still the seating area to sit on. He had already put a clean blanket over them (Mmm). He put on a little gas heater as it was bloody chilly and to be honest it was getting dusk outside. He stood me in front of him and said. “I’ve been dreaming about this moment ever since I saw you at the dinner dance with Bob when you were in that tight black dress. I couldn’t believe my luck when he called and said he’d put his back out” To be honest I had been having a few fantasies about Phil since I had seen him. Phil wasn’t good looking in a conventional way, a bit rough and ready and he always wore jeans a white shirt and cowboy boots - a bit odd but hey what a body seemed to be inside those jeans and shirt I thought. I could feel my juices soaking my thong at that thought. Phil had taken his biker jacket off and was now taking my puffer off me, I didn’t resist. He lifted the bottom of my jumper up and saw my lacy red bra, he smiled and said “I see you dressed up for me and I like it, let’s see if you have a matching bottom half” With that he undid my jeans and eased them over my bum and down my legs. “Wow you do and black lacy stockings, what a treat for the hardworking Phil” he said. He sat me down on the couch and took my trainers off so that he could take my jeans off. He spread my legs and saw my very wet thong. He looked at me and smiled while he traced his fingers up the inside of my leg, up my inner thighs and over my wet thong. I groaned and arched my back up to thrust my thong into his fingers. He slipped one inside my thong and ran it along my clit. I moaned and spread my legs as wide as I could. He took his finger from my clit and put it in his mouth licking and sucking my juices off. “Tasty, very tasty, but let’s not rush it too much.” He stood up and took off his shirt, then he undid his jeans slowly and slid them down his legs and off. He had black boxers on and his cock was making them into a very big tent. I put my hands out and ran them over his boxers and his very stiff cock. He pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang out gasping to be licked and sucked. I went on my knees and took the shaft in my hands rubbing them up and down, flicking his knob with my finger, it was so wet, I couldn’t wait and bent my head down and licked his shaft from top to bottom, flicking his knob with my tongue, and mmm he tasted very very nice. I licked his balls and took them in my mouth. He groaned and then lifted me up off my knees. He said “as lovely as that is I want to unwrap the rest of my present”. He slipped my bra straps down and then pulled the cups off my tits. My nipples where rock hard, he tweaked them with his fingers and then bent down and licked them, taking them one by one in his hot wet mouth. He looked up at me and said “ see much better than rabbit ears on your nips, just think how much better your clit will feel” I moaned and wanted to feel his tongue on my clit there and then. As if he could mind read he moved his hands down my sides and slipped my thong down my stockinged legs, he pushed me gently back onto the couch and slipped my thong off my feet. He spread my legs and then ran his hands up my thighs and parted my pussy lips. He knelt down and pushed his face between my legs and used his tongue on my clit as if his life depended on it, probing my pussy hole with it. I moaned and groaned raising my pussy up and down in time with his tongue stokes until I could not hold back and came in waves and waves of cum that covered his face and ran down his chin. He knelt up and pulled me up turned me round and bent me over. I rested my hands on the back of the couch, while he lifted my bum up and eased his cock into my warm wet pussy hole. He began thrusting slowly at first, his balls slapping against my bum cheeks, I ran a hand between my legs and squeezed and rubbed his balls making him thrust harder and harder and then he exploded filling my pussy with warm oozing cum. He held me on his cock for a while running his hands over my bum and tits. Then he eased out of me and turned me round. I looked at him and smiled, “I think I’ll give my rabbit a holiday if its ok by you for me to come back next week for some fishing practice while rabbits away?” “Send him on a World Cruise and don’t forget to bring your fishnets.” He said. When I got home Bob was awake and I went and said hello. He said “Hope you got the fireworks done – you’ve been ages but then Phil is a perfectionist” Oh yes we did and yes he is I thought. “Yes your right he is and we did” I said smiling sweetly.