Written by June_john

8 Dec 2010

I was tied to a chair in my home with my trousers and underpants around my knees. The two enforcers for a private gambling club were telling me that I had not paid the interest on my debt and they were going to teach me a lesson. Not sure what they were going to do but I knew it would hurt! Just at that moment my front door opened and my wife walked in. Jane is early forties, petite, dark haired and attractive.

She demanded to know what was going on. John the leading enforcer told her it was to teach me a lesson. He then said to his mate, you know what Frank I've a better idea lets take it out on the wife.

Take all your clothes off love. My wife shook her head and refused. You have two seconds to start stripping otherwise we'll tear your clothes off and they'll be ruined.

I could feel my cock starting to harden ( a few minutes ago being so scared it had shrivelled to less than an inch!) - I had always fancied seeing Jane with another man but not fantasised about this scene.

Jane reluctantly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a black lacy push up bra. Take off your blouse she was ordered. Now take off your skirt. Jane pleaded with them but they too were quite excited now. She stood before us in bra, hold up stockings, high heels and a very brief thong. Leave your stockings and shoes but starting with the bra take off that and your panties. She again pleaded with them and threatened them with the police but they just laughed - take them off NOW.

She unhooked the bra and her small tits were bared, she has long very sensitive nipples.She was taking too much time so John stepped forward and pulled her thong down. Step out of your knickers love, that's a lovely hairy pussy. My mouth was dry as I looked at my wife now nude with her crack just showing through her cunt hairs.

They told her to sit on the edge of our table and then told her to lie back, she complained it was uncomfortable but what happened next concentrated her mind. Frank started squeezing her tits and sucking her nipples which probably hurt and excited her. John spread her legs to examine her pussy. Hell you're hairy, see her inner cunt lips are puckered up shows she's given birth naturally. How many children have you got? Jane said nothing so he shoved a finger up her hole roughly. She squealed both from this and her nipples being tormented. Talk to us and we'll be gentle John said. We've two children in their teens a girl and a boy she moaned. We're going to enjoy fucking you - what's your name. You can't do that Jane pleaded. Yes we can she was told. I'll ask you again what is your name. Jane she muttered. John dropped his trousers and briefs to reveal a hard cock about 6 inches long but very thick, much thicker than mine. Jane was starting to cry that he needed to use protection. You will have to get a morning after pill as we want to shoot our spunk into your gorgeous cunt.

With that he shoved his cock between her open vagina lips, Jane yelled as she was quite tight and not used to his prick size. He fucked her for 5 minutes before coming with a groan. Frank then took over, his cock was smaller and he soon ejaculated. They continued to pull and twist her nipples knowing she couldn't stand it. They then pulled open her flaps of her inner cunt lips to reveal loads of spunk starting to dribble out of her pussy. I was close to coming myself and was disappointed when a few minutes later they were going with the threat that if they weren't paid on time next month more of the same would happen. But we'll shave your cunt hairs off first John laughed. I just might have to make sure that the money is not paid again!!