Written by Tescoa 1234

13 Jul 2010

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As Marys job had ended and during our 10 months on site she had gone from a quiet respectable accountants wife to one totally sexy woman. She was now happily living with her husband of 46 and her young lie in lover my former apprentice Chris. A 20 year old black guy who was now in her bed and hubby had taken the role of complete submissive.

Anyway we had completed another couple of jobs in their area and Mary had introduced me to her younger sister Susie.

Now Mary was 41 when we met her and it was now nearly 18 months later. Susie was now 33 and her hubby 63. I had fucked Susie just a couple of times during the last year to keep her on the boil so to speak and also to ensure she was doing the necessary training of her hubby.

Now she had been his secretary and he was mad in love with her so when she began to make demands of him tom perform better for her he knew he was in trouble and when she began to drop hints he was keen to take them up.

She had begun to talk dirty to him telling him to imagine when he was fucking her that there was another man in the bed ready to help him fill her hungry pussy.

She had got him to the stage it was all he talked about and was sure to come really quickly when she did this for him.

As he was totally unaware that she was getting a little from me he was happy for us to begin the job for them.

It had become quite a large project at that point as she wanted to make sure we were on site for as long as possible.

Mary had filled her in on all of her fun. Her double fucks, Her 3 sums with Mike ,John and me culminating in her weekend orgy of young black cock. How her hubby had become her slave serving her and her live in lover even to the point of making his mouth and ass available whenever required by her.

Mary was over the moon and Susie wanted to have it all.

Now on day 1 she was introduced to all the team and especially Mike my foreman also John the plumber who her sister had told hr all about.

On day one we agreed all major points and made a plan for works to proceed . Hubby happily handed over his cheque and kissing Sue headed off to work.

No sooner was he out of the drive than Sue his previously happy wife was being fed my cock in hr mouth while Mike and John banged her 2 holes. Her screams of ecstasy were enough to wake the neighbors but luckily the noise from the lads begining a little demolition hid it well.

She was laid out on the kitchen table and fucked by the 3 of us until she was filled with 3 large loads of our cum.

After lunch i went in and made sure she knew to pop down whenever i was in and give me my morning blow job.

Day one and as hubby came home she had been well and truly introduced to the joys of having some horny builders on the job.

I had bitten her tits and thighs at least 4 times just to make sure he noticed she was getting attention and told her she was to make sure he got the chance to see them as she fucked him later.

Next morning when i arrived i set the lads to work and popped in to have my morning coffee. She came down and without being told got down and sucked my cock until i came,

Then i made her tell me what happened with hubby.

She said that when he got home she told him she had a little confession to make and said that having all those men around had really got her juices going. SHE told him that what with all of his talk of another man fucking her she did not know what came over her and was flirting with me. The BOSS Terry as soon as he left. She told him that she was touching up against me when i grabbed her and started to kiss her. Now at this point he was busy sucking her well fucked pussy unaware it was well fucked pussy.

Then she said look beside your head see that mark. Its where he did one of his bites as he took me.

Pulling his head in harder she told him i had laid her on the kitchen table and fucked her bare back for 30 minutes until i came inside her.

He was licking and slurping greedily as she told him and she said she came in his mouth and then let him fuck her for a minute or so until he came.

She begged him too forgive her and said it would not happen again that is unless he wanted it to.

Looking into his eyes she pushed his head back down between her legs and kept asking for his forgiveness as he ate his own cum from her pussy until she came again

As she came he said i forgive you and hope you will get the chance to do it again

As she head this she had a massive orgasm knowing she had had at least 5 loads up her before he got home and he would be getting the chance to lick some well used pussy during his next few months.

Hearing all this turned me on so much i threw har on the floor and fucked her hard until we both came.

Looks like this will be and interesting job.