Written by Tescoa 1234

1 Jul 2010

Well after out session with the 2 lads and my going back with a few pints and a raging hard on Mary had been well and truly satisfied.

The next morning i arrived to see nubby off to work.

At my usual time i went inside to have my morning cuppa and see if she showed up.

I was surprised to see her in the kitchen fully dressed in a nice dress with just a little cleavage showing.

Good morning she beamed. Here is you cup of morning coffee.

As i sat down she sat opposite me at the table.

We want to thank you foe yesterday it was a special day for us both as it has long been his desire to have that experience.

It was my pleasure i said looking her in the eye.

Yes she said but we all got pleasure. Why the pretty dress i asked.

Off to see my doctor today to have a consult about things.

Waiting i said nothing. We have been trying for a long to make our minds up and now you have come along and seem to know just what we need it is important that i take steps so as not to have any complications.

Waiting again silently. She continued we don't want to have to stop and we don't want to have me get pregnant so i am getting the coil fitted so we can all continue to have fun.

Is that ok with you.

Certainly i said but you know that we need to chat ,set up boundary and rules so no one gets hurt.

Taking my hand she said thank you for understanding and we will chat this evening when work is over ok.

Sure i said and off she went.

Well the day progressed and with just the odd wink or 2 from the guys it was a quick day.

Home time is 4 for the lads and unfortunately for me a lot longer. I find if you walk the job when they are all off and set out for next day things go a lot smoother.

I was at it for a good 3 hours when i heard her call me.

I went in and they were both sitting at the table holding hands as they sat opposite each other.

Sitting down at the top of the table i waited.

ER its about the thing you said re rules etc.

Again i waited.

It seems he said as if we are all thinking the same thing.looking at me he said so i have typed up a contract which i hope we will all agree to and sign.

He reached down and took up a thick file and removed from it 3 sets of documents.

I looked at her and she nodded and smiled at me.

Taking the pages offered to me i started to read.

It was not what i was expecting.

ON this day i ------ hereby agree to totally surrender all my marital rights to my wifes body mind and passions to my new Master.

I agree to devote my time to the total pleasure of my mistress Mary so as to ensure her needs are the most important thing for me to look after.

I agree to follow all instructions without hesitation from my new Master

I agree to allow my Master total control of my wife at all times to do with as he wishes.

I agree to be available for any clean up duties that arise whenever i am required.

I agree to no longer sleep in y marital bed but rather as my Master commands on the floor

I agree to provide total and undying loyalty at all times.

I agree that should my Mistress wish me to be fitted with a suitable restraint device to prevent my little penis from causing any further problems.

I agree that from this moment my Mistress will have as much sex as she wants with my total understanding and love.

The damn thing was making me hard.

Looking at her i saw her smile and nod at him as he continued to read out loud.

When he was done she kissed him and then looking at me said what do you think.

Well i said it all sounds good to me, truthfully i had blanked most of it out , i agree blah de blah. I was going to get to own her pussy and arse and he was happy. Thats all i heard and wanted to know.

Yes all good but what do you promise i asked her.

I promise to do as you ask, whenever ,however and with whoever you want. I promise that he will be locked in a cock cage and never allowed near me again unless to perform his duties

I promise to be faithful to you and only you in all things.

I promise to be your total slut to use in any way you wish.

Getting up i pulled her to me and kissed her deeply.

I accept you both i said and he pulled out a pen and we all signed a copy each.

Now i said lets go to the bedroom and finalize the deal.

Sorry Terry she said you kin of used me a bit too much yesterday and i am still sore.

Now i had a raging hard on as she said never mind it will be looked after.

I watched as she looked at him and said now is the time to show me how much you want this and he said yes mistress.

Getting down on his knees he moved over and bending his head said may i please offer to take care of my mistresses duty for you sir.

She leaned over and kissing me reached down and pulled my cock free.

Quick as a flash my knob was engulfed into his mouth.\

I was a bit taken aback but she whispered to me this is his ultimate goal to be of srevice to us both.

Must admit he was not bad a giving head and as i was getting close to cumming she grabbed his head and verbally encouraged him to look after her cock for her.

After i came he left us and she lay in my arms kissing me and telling me how lucky she felt knowing her husband was now totally on board for her.

I was tired and left soon after but thinking about i later realised that she wanted him to get fucked and at some point when she was having her monthly she was going to make sure he was available.

I knew the lads wanted more Mike and John . And there was chris too, he would definately be gagging for more.

I wonder if when the job is finally done should we have a party and make sure all the lads get a bonus.

More later.