Written by Tescoa 1234

30 Jun 2010

Well the building works were progressing and i had her trained to enter the kitchen every morning and kneel down to suck my ever ready cock.

It had been a couple of days after my young apprentice chris had fucked her pussy hard.

She was sore for a day or 2 and i was unable to have her pussy just had to shag her arse hole. Hubby was knocking around and seemed to want to ask something.

So as i was having coffee he slid in to the kitchen.

Hi Terry he said Mary has sent me to ask you for a little favour.

Sitting quietly i just looked at him and waited.

He was squirming in his seat as i watched.

Well i finally asked.

Bowing his head he said very quietly my Mistress Has requested that you give your men the day off and with a little help from your young friend spend the time with her instead.

I was quiet. Now sending the lads off will cost money you know.

Yes he replied i know that i will be charged for the day.

And i said are you going to stay and enjoy the extras.

Yes he said i am to be available to clean up.

Settled i said. But young chris is in college today so i will have to offer his place to one or possibly 2 of the other lads.

He blushed and said whatever it costs my mistress must be satisfied

Now a couple of the lads had sussed i was getting a bit from her and i had heard a few choice comments on how and what they would love to do to her fancy cunt.

Going outside i told the lads to all bugger off as she was down with a bug and needed to be seen by a specialist. Looking at my foreman Mike and the plumber john i said you lads can stay and get paid a bit extra for some special works needed inside.

Enough said. WITHIN minutes the place was quiet except for the 3 of us. Come on inside i said and quickly told them what was on offer. Now John is separated and not getting any and Mike was widowed around 2 years ago. She was a cow to him and it was a blessing.

Now the lads are both like me around forty and because they were not getting any i knew that Mary would be in for a long day. A long day of hard cock.

We went up the stairs and her hubby was kneeling beside the door.

Please sirs he said my mistress awaits your attentions.

The lads were a bit taken aback but i just pushed him away and growled fuck off wimp i will call you when her cunt is ready for you to clean.

Into the bedroom and she is on the bed.

Black basque, stockings and a big vibe stuck up her cunt.

Within minutes that was replaced with hard cock and she was to spend the next 4 hours taking cock in every hole until we left. AS we went i called the wimp and shoved his eager mouth down between her legs and listened as she abused him.

Telling him to lick up all the spunk as it would be good for him to taste real men spunk from her cunt.

I left to the happy sounds of him sucking and her cumming on his mouth and off to the pub to make sure the boys were happy and willing to keep quiet so we could have more fun with them.

More to follow .