Written by Sinbad8192

15 Jun 2011

For a long time now I have fantasied about sharing my wife, seeing her enjoyed by others or at least hearing some juicy details of sexy escapades. One of my little habits is writing stories about what I would like to happen and sometimes sharing them with her if I think she will enjoy. Here is my repsonse to the story Rebecca wrote for me about getting the roof fixed. I hope you enjoy!

I had had enough at work, it had been a long day and nothing was getting done so I decided to leave early. The sun was out and the drive on the way home got me relaxed and I was day dreaming as I pulled up to the house. I went to pull in the drive but there was a van blocking the way and I remembered the builders were due to fix the roof. I had to pull down the road a bit to park and walked back to the house. The side gate was open so I walked in rather than having to unlock the front door, I just get to the patio when I notice some movement in the living room out of the corner of my eye. I turn to look and my jaw drops as I you dressed up and looking absolutely stunning, but with your top on the floor, discarded in a rush, and a woman I had never seen before slowly cupping and playing with your breasts. I can tell by the look on the face you are enjoying her touch as she plays with you, biting your lip softly as her hands slip inside the bra to play with your nipples. I move back out of sight so I don’t disturb you as I want to see how wild it gets. I can’t believe my eyes as I watch you start to touch the woman, enjoying her body, slowly teasing her and lifting up her skirt to see her sexy French cut panties, giving me a show without knowing it.

I was pulled out of my trance as I heard the doorbell go and I thought it had cut short the show I was enjoying, but the woman went to the door and walked back in with guy, who must be the builder meant to be fixing the roof. You stand there smiling, while the guy looks up and down, seeing you standing there in panties, suspenders and nothing else. The grin on his face shows he is enjoying the view, and the bulge in his jeans shows he wants to join the fun. I watch open mouthed as the woman grabs you hand and takes you into the bedroom, the builder following. I move round to the bedroom window and watch, seeing the woman and builder slowly kiss you, tease you, make you really excited and then they both fuck you. I can hear your moans of pleasure and it is turning me on so bad I want to join in, but I am enjoying the show so much. I watch you cum really hard, the builder deep inside cumming with you, and the woman kissing you hard and feeling your breasts. I watch the woman and builder get dressed, and she leans over, kissing you passionately saying she will be round to inspect the final work tomorrow.

I sneak back to the car and hatch a plan to have some extra fun if the final work inspection is as much fun as I am hoping. I got to the nearest electrical store and buy a few bits to enjoy the fun over and over again. That night, while you are in the bath I set up the camera in the bedroom, knowing that if it is as hot as today it will make a great video. The next day at work time goes so slowly, I am counting the minutes but cannot wait so I leave the office and come home, parking out of the way to have some fun again. I arrive just in time and see you finishing getting ready, wearing the same sexy heels as the day before, a nice tight knee length skirt, a tight blouse with a few to many buttons undone at the top and some suspenders. as the doorbell goes and you answer, looking a bit surprised as the woman is there again, but this time there is another man, looks like her boss but the smart suit and look. You say hello to the woman, calling her Jenny, and she introduces her boss, Dave, saying her needs to do the inspection with her. You let them in and they both start checking the work, very businesslike and I wonder if I am not going to see the wicked show I wanted. Dave checks out the work, and says he is happy to sign it off and hopes you are satisfied with the work done. I see jenny wink at you as he says this and then Dave is time to do the inspection in the bedroom. You ask what inspection, there is no work done in there but Dave smiles, looking at you he says jenny told him everything about the hot sexy and wicked wife who was very very naughty and he just had to make sure she was telling the truth and judging by your outfit he thinks you are very naughty. Dave walks over and kisses you, his tongue slipping inside as you feel yourself give in to him, his hands pulling you against him so you can feel the bulge he has from thinking about you. You step back, shocked at his forwardness but before you can say anything jenny walks over and kisses you again, her hands exploring your body, softly grazing your breasts through your blouse.

Jenny breaks off from kissing you and grabs you hand, leading you into the bedroom as Dave follows. When you get in there Jenny bends you over the edge of the bed and playfully spanks you, saying you are very naughty and spanking is a good punishment. You feel so naughty and so excited as Dave watched jenny spank you a few more times before she would be best spanking you properly, and with that she lifts up your skirt, showing off your legs and suspender and panties to Dave before spanking you. You feel so wicked letting jenny spank you in front of Dave but don’t feel you can resist as you like her being in charge. Jenny pulls you to kiss her again, her hands cupping your breasts through your blouse, slowly rubbing them, teasing them and undoing a couple more buttons, leaving you standing there, the blouse open, and your sexy black bra showing. Jenny leans in close and whispers something in your ear. I see you go a bit red but still excited as you walk over to the bedside drawer and take out your vibrator and then lay down on the bed, and I guess Jenny has asked you to give a little show. I am surprised you have agreed as I thought you would be to shy, but I know how hot you look when you play with your vibrator and I guess you want to show off to them. They both watch as you lift your skirt, slowly showing off, your blouse open showing your bra and breasts as you turn on the toy and push it against your pussy. You close your eyes, letting the toy tease you and turn you on as you know they are both watching you and loving it. Your legs are apart as the toy gets you excited, moaning softly you cup your breast, teasing yourself, making your whole feel good. I watch, so excited as I cannot believe you are showing off like that for them, thinking of the video and how hot is it going to be watching it while I fuck you. Jenny walks over to the bed and leans over, kissing you, surprisingly you with her touch as her tongue slips inside and you moan into her as the pleasure of the toy and her touch gets to you. Her hands play withy or body, your breasts, tracing her nails softly across your skin, reaching down to rub your pussy through your panties. You moan again as she rubs your pussy, teasing you with the toy. She moves your hand away and takes the toy, making you stay laid down she starts to rub you, the vibrations teasing you and driving you wild as she kisses you again. Jenny slowly pulls your panties to the side and then tells you that she is going to fuck you with the vibrator and make you cum so Dave can see, and then he is going to fuck you as well. You look at her and then to Dave, seeing him smiling confidently as he watches Jenny push the toy inside. You feel so wanton and so excited having them watch you and knowing you will be fucked by Dave soon.

Dave starts to strip off, slowly taking off his smart suit until he is left standing there in black boxers, his cock bulging while he watches you and Jenny. He walks over and kisses you, his hands joining jenny’s as they caress you, playing with your breasts, touching your legs and naked body as they tease you. Dave takes one of your hands and moves it to the bulge in his boxers, wrapping it round as you both stroke him, feeling his hard cock. He holds your hand on his cock and watches your reaction, seeing you touch him looks so wild, I watch, wondering what is going to happen next. Dave kneels down on the edge of the bed and pulls you upright, pulling his boxers down her lets you see his hard cock, and he guides you head towards him. I know you like sucking me and how hot you look, but it is amazing watching as you slowly open your mouth and start to suck his cock. I watch as you take him inside, jenny watching as well, her hand still on the toy inside you, slowly fucking you and making you feel so horny and so wild. Jenny starts touching herself, to excited with the show you and Dave are giving, she lifts up her skirt and starts rubbing her pussy. Dave is moaning, saying how good it feels, saying how amazing it is having you sucking his cock and that you are going to make him cum nice and hard for you. I watch you stroking, sucking and teasing him, seeing the sign of his arousal and his hips trembling and jerking, knowing he wants to cum hard for you. Dave moans loudly as his hips jerk and he cums hard for you, your hand wrapped round him pumping his cock, looking into his eyes, acting like a slutty wife to tease him and make him cum harder. You feel his cum spurt out and his your chest, the hot cum splashing over your sexy black bra and making you feel so naughty and so turned on. You carry on, slowly stroking his cock, making him cum more, feeling more spurts over your breasts and body. I watch form the window, seeing your clothes get messy with his cum and seeing how sexy and slutty it makes you look. Jenny cant resist rubbing it in, cupping your breasts and rubbing his cum over you, feeling your hard nipples under her palms as she touches you.

Dave steps back, his body shaking with pleasure as he looks down at you and Jenny as she plays with your breasts and fucks you with the vibrator. You feel the pleasure building up as jenny touches you and plays with you, her fingers feel so hot on your body, touching your clit while the toy is buzzing and pushing inside. I can see you are enjoying it and jenny is going to make you cum, the pleasure is to much for you as you feel it building up inside you, you tell jenny you are cumming and she kisses you hard, her tongue exploring yours as you cum, moaning into her mouth, your legs shaking in pleasure, hips moving as jenny pushes the toy in deep, holding it against your clit, letting you go wild. I watch, so horny as you cum for her, your eyes closed as you savour the pleasure, your face flushed with excitement, your blouse open, cum across your breast and bra as Jenny kisses you. You open you eyes to see Dave standing there, slowly stroking his cock, his eyes glued to your body, loving the sight of you being so bad. He leans down and kisses Jenny and then you, saying you are both very very bad girls and he is going to enjoy punishing you both some more. He pulls you to your feet, and kiss you hungrily, his hand cupping your tits and pulling you against his hard cock. He turns you round and bends you over the bed, and leans in to whisper, asking you to say what punishment a naughty wife wants. He waits, his cock touching your pussy, wanting you to submit to him and to ask him to fuck you. He spanks you lightly and tells you to say what you should have. You quietly submit, saying a naughty wife should be fucked. Dave says that he can’t hear you, you need to speak up. You look at jenny who is slowly touching herself, her fingers teasing her pussy and you feel so horny you tell him loudly you need to be fucked as you are a naughty wife. You feel hip push forward and his cock slide deep inside you, making you feel so bad, so sexy and so good. You feel his hands cupping your breasts as he pulls out slowly, then pushes his cock back inside you, his body hitting yours as you start to fuck. Jenny picks up your vibrator and slides it inside, moaning softly as she watches, the toy making her feel as horny and excited as it did when you fucked yourself for them to watch.

I stand outside, my cock so hard and ready to burst, watching you being suck a bad girl, I cannot resist any more and I walk round the front of the house and let myself in quietly, slowly stripping down to my boxers I wait a the door, hearing your moans and then I walk in. You are facing away so you cannot see me, the first person who does is jenny, she looks up and see my eyes stuck on you, watching you fuck slowly, bent over, Dave’s cock sliding in and out. Jenny wonders what is going to happen, but from my lack of clothes she knows I want to join in. I reach down and cup your breasts, feeling them, touching your nipples and pulling your bra down as Dave realises I am there, he pauses for a second, but seeing my reaction carries on fucking you. I move round and you see me for the first time. Before you can speak I kiss you hard on the lips, feeling you moan, and feeling your body shake as you are fucked. I stand back and tell you to suck me, telling you how hot you look and how much I need to cum. I look into your big eyes as you slowly tease me, kissing my cock and then sucking me, making my legs almost give way as pleasure rushes through my body. I look down as I watch you being fucked, Dave’s hands on your hips, gripping them tight as I hear your moans of pleasure. It feels to wild and hot to have you sucking me, knowing Jenny is using the vibrator and watching you be a very wicked wife. I cup your breasts, wanting to touch every part of your body, loving the sensations of you slowly sucking me, teasing me and being so bad as you know I love watching you being bad. Your body feels so hot, Dave’s cock is sliding in and out, building up your pleasure, making you feel so good. I stand back and watch, seeing the look of lust on your face as Dave fucks you. I kiss you hard, rubbing your breasts, telling you how wild you look and how I cant wait to fuck you. Dave speeds up, his cock pushing in and out as he tighten his grip on your hips, you hear him yell that he is cumming and you push back, driving his cock deep inside you as he cums for you, his whole body shaking with pleasure and lust as he scream in pleasure. You feel his cock twitching and cumming inside you as I kiss you hard. Dave carries on pushing inside, slowly now, then he falls back, exhausted but so excited as we break from our kiss. You look at me in the eyes and say you want to fuck me, you want to ride me hard and cum for me. I lay down on the bed, my hard cock ready, Dave and jenny watching as you lower yourself onto my cock, moaning softly as you feel me slide inside. I grab your breasts and then pull you down to kiss me hard, ours tongues touching as I pump my hips up to push my cock deeper inside you. I feel you start to move your hips, slowly at first, but then speeding up, wanting to cum hard for me, wanting to make me cum hard inside you. You kiss me hard again, pulling me up so you can feel me deep inside you, your hips pumping hard. Jenny walks over and starts to rub your breasts, kissing you and watching you fuck me, her hands touching and teasing you while we fuck, the toy buzzing against her clit as you can see she is going to cum soon, just like us. Your whole body is on fire and you cannot take it any more, your feel your orgasm building and you urge me to cum inside you, Jenny kisses you as you cum, your moans of pleasure in her mouth as we all cum at the same time. Jenny touching herself with the vibrator, my cock pumping cum inside you, pushing deep as you grind down on me, our bodies all hot and excited as you scream out loud.

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