Written by Gillian&James

15 Aug 2013

“You were going to tell me about the guy on the train and the taxi driver,” said Malcolm. Gillian was laying in the bath up to her chin with nice foamy bubbles. Malcolm was standing in the doorway, a glass of red wine in one hand and a glass of white in the other.

“Why the wine?”, Gillian asked.

“I thought we should drink a toast to our new future together, me the cuckold husband and you the slut wife!”, he responded.

“What a good idea!, Gillian enthused sitting up so that her tits were now visible to her husband, “why are you wearing the towel?” she queried.

“I was going to have a shower.”

“Silly, you need a towel after you shower not before. Come here.” she told him.

Malcolm stepped closer and Gillian pulled the towel away revealing that, whilst not hard, Malcolm's cock was far from floppy. She reached out with her wet hand and stroked it lovingly.

“You missed out the 'greedy' in your description, or should I say, definition, of me,” she chuckled as she held out her hand for the glass of wine, “sit on the side of the bath.”

Malcolm sat and raised his glass.

“To us and our new future as cuckold husband and greedy slut wife.” he proposed.

“And all who spunk in us!” Gillian seconded.

They clinked glasses and took sips.

Gillian laid back against the bath, “The train journey back to you and our new life.” she murmured, closing her eyes in happy contemplation.

“You heard the background as I told James”. She started.

I had decided that I wanted a divorce because I couldn't be my true self with you, or so I thought.

The 20:37 is always a quiet train and I stood at the far end, 4 car stop, hoping it would be quiet again. The train stopped and I walked along the platform, the first carriage was totally empty, no good, so I carried on walking. About halfway down was a solitary man, reading a newspaper. I saw him look at me and felt his eyes following me as I walked past, the rest of the carriage was empty so I got in the last door. The train started just as I closed the door. I undid my zip so that my tits were only just contained. They looked pretty good reflected in the carriage window! I walked back up the carriage until I got to the man, he looked up, saw my tits nearly hanging out and smiled up at me. 'Mind if I join you?' I asked and he moved his legs, pointed at the seat opposite and replied 'be my guest, please.'

His eyes were glued to my tits as as I sat down, easing the hem of my skirt up as I did so. It ended up not much below my nice smooth pussy, which he noticed very quickly. I pretended I hadn't noticed and fidgeted about as if trying to get comfortable which flashed my pussy and my tits at him.

'Mind if I open the window a little,' I asked and he said to go ahead. I stood up, leaned forward, slid down the window and put my head out of the window with my bum thrust out towards the man. I could feel the dress ride up and expose my bum, I parted my legs, to keep my balance you understand, and swayed with the train movement. We crossed the points and I lost my balance, landing on his lap, fortunately. Being a gentleman he grabbed me to stop me landing on the floor, one hand inside my dress and the other holding onto my bum, perfect! I didn't rush to move, nor did he.

I gave him a big kiss on the cheek and said 'my hero, rescuing a maiden in dis-dress and he laughed and said 'rescuing you in dat-dress does not require a hero.' and he moved his hand up to cup my breast and stroke my nipple. I moaned with pleasure and snuggled up close, my arms around his neck. His hand stopped stroking my nipple and he undid my zip completely, the dress falling open. I kissed him on the lips.

His hand went back to playing with my nipples and teasing my breasts and I parted my legs to encourage him to explore elsewhere. After a while of stroking and teasing his hand started down towards my smooth pussy and I opened my legs further. His hand was on the inside of my thigh and I could feel him stroking very gently, almost like a feather being drifted over my skin. I had goose bumps now and shivered with anticipation.

His finger flicked across the hood of my clitty, tracing around the very edge and then just a little down until he was right on the button. He ran his finger tip around the edge of my clitty then held it between finger and thumb and squeezed, hard! I came immediately as the sharp pleasure of pain coursed through my body. I jerked and wriggled but he held on and I didn't want him to let go. He eased off and started stroking the hood again while I calmed down. Just when I thought I had regained a little composure he moved his hand downwards and pushed his forefinger and index finger hard up into my swollen cunt, then he bent them upwards and pushed his thumb onto my clitty and squeezed again! I exploded! He kept his thumb on my clitty and finger-fucked me hard and fast. I just kept cummin and cummin and he kept finger-fucking me until I was like a rag doll on his lap.

'Suck my cock, slut!' he demanded and obediently I knelt before him, unzipped him, got his cock out and started to stroke his rapidly hardening cock. He told me to open my mouth, I did. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards his cock. I took it in my mouth. He kept hold of my hair and forced my mouth up and down his cock, it was wonderful! 'It stays in your mouth until I have shot my load down your throat, do you understand, slave?' he said. I nodded. He rammed his cock deep down my throat then pulled it right out. He turned my head up to look straight at him. 'You understand, slave?' his face was very stern. 'Yes, Master.' I replied, meekly. He pushed his cock back into my mouth and started to fuck my face. I held onto his cock and wanked and sucked like a true slut slave.

'I'm going to fill your mouth, slave, don't swallow! Don't spill a drop.' he instructed. I kept stroking his cock as his cock pulsed filling my mouth with his cum. I tried to hold it all in my mouth but I could feel some slipping down my throat and into my belly. When he had stopped filling my mouth he waited a few seconds then pulled my mouth off of his cock and tilted my head up to face him. 'Show me!' I opened my mouth and proudly showed him my mouth full of his spunk. 'Good slave! Now swallow.' I swallowed and licked my lips. I returned to his cock to make sure I had missed nothing, squeezing up his cock with my hand to make sure nothing was still inside. I licked him clean and kissed the knob on the top.

'Shall I put you away now, Master?' He told me to put him away but to ensure that he was straight and had room to grow. 'What station do you get off at, slave?' he asked and when I told him he said that he did too and that he would fuck me in the park across from the station. 'What do you say?' he demanded and I replied, 'Thank you Master, I would like that very much, Master.' He said that I could sit on the seat opposite, put a foot on the seat either side of his legs and masturbate for being a good slave, but that I wasn't to cum. I thanked him again and did as I was told.

I opened my legs wide, held my cunt lips apart and slipped a finger inside. I had to fight the desire to cum, it was nearly impossible but by taking it very carefully I managed to hold on. Master watched me struggling not to cum and smiled. 'Two fingers!' he demanded. I slipped two inside and started to slide them in and out. It was agony! And all the time Master was watching and enjoying my struggle against an orgasm. Just having a man watch me toss myself off usually makes me cum. I was getting close to the pint of no return and still he watched and smiled. I closed my eyes fighting the intensity and started to tremble.

'STOP!' He had lent forward and he pulled my hands away from my cunt. Right on the verge! Oh! The agony. I was sobbing, but I held on! Slowly I raised my head and peeped through half closed eyes at Master. He was smiling ' Good slave' he said, 'now rest, I shall fuck you soon.' He picked up his news paper, The Guardian?, but when I started to get dressed he barked at me 'did I give you permission to dress, slave?' 'No, Master, sorry Master, It won't happen again Master!' I sat opposite him, naked.

Master ignored me for the rest of the journey but I remained naked and motionless with my legs apart and feet on the seat opposite, either side of his legs. The train started to slow. Master looked at me 'Is your cunt still wet, slave?' I put a finger down and it slipped inside quite easily. 'Yes, Master, quite wet, Master, ready for your cock, Master.' He told me to get dressed and to do my zip right up to the top.

Master helped me down from the carriage and told me to follow him, no more than five paces behind. It wasn't far to the little park, which was deserted and he led me along a side path that went behind some shrubbery until will came to a little arbour. He told me to take his cock out and suck it until he was hard. I knelt on the damp grass, unzipped, eased it out, it was already hard, and put it in my mouth, stroking as I did so.

'Take off your dress. I didn't hesitate, I unzipped, let it fall to the ground and stepped out of it. I stood naked in front of him. I parted my legs for him.

'Bend over that bin, slave' he instructed. 'Yes, Master,' I did as I was told, parted my legs and pushed my arse out towards him. He stood behind me 'I'm now going to fuck your cunt, then your arse, slave!' 'Yes, please Master, fuck my cunt and shoot your spunk into my arse, Master.' I dutifully replied. Then he just put his cock against my cunt hole and rammed it as far as it would go. I came! Moaned, groaned and came again as he fucked my cunt without mercy. I just kept on cummin and cummin, he refusing to let me cum on the train had built me up to an incredible climax and I just kept it rolling. It was fantastic.

I could feel him getting ready to spunk inside me. He stopped, withdrew and put his cock against my anus. I was ready for a hard thrust but he was more gentle, he didn't thrust but just pushed in steadily. As he opened me up it was painful even though James had fucked my arse before I left, and he kept it on the painful edge deliberately. 'Feel the pain of my cock in your arse, slave?' 'Yes Master.' Then he thrust, right up to his balls. I bit my lip, with the pain and the pleasure as he set about fucking my arse, intent on filling it with his seed. I relaxed as he pounded into me then carefully tightened up to make him cum. It was his turn to sigh and groan and with one last thrust as he pulled on my hips to drive in even deeper I felt him cum inside me. It seemed that he would never stop his spunking.

He started to soften and eased out, his spunk dripping of his cock and dribbling down my thighs.

You are a good fuck, slave. I shall use you again!' 'Yes please Master, whenever Master desires!' I told him.

Malcolm's cock was hard and Gillian reached out for it and pulled it gently towards her and kissed it.

“I want your spunk husband!”

Malcolm was soon ready to shoot his load. She put her lips to his cock, opened her mouth and slid it in. She started to wank him off into her open mouth. She put her lips around it and ran her teeth over the head.

“Keep it in your mouth, slut,” Malcolm groaned as he came. Gillian kept it in her mouth as she lovingly wanked him dry.

Malcolm eased his way to the floor, put his arms on the side of the bath and quietly said “Show me!”

Gillian opened her mouth and showed him his warm spunk. “Kiss me,” she said and her husband kissed her.

More, if you would like it?

Love Gillian