Written by Gillian&James

2 Aug 2013

Hi! Gillian here again. I'm continuing to tell my husband Malcolm what a filthy cum slut I've been. Search 'Gillian&James' for the earlier episodes.

“You were going to tell me more about your filthy weekend with James,” said Malcolm. Gillian was laying in the bath up to her chin with nice foamy bubbles with her nipples seeming to float above the bubbles. Malcolm was standing in the doorway, a glass of red wine in one hand and a glass of white in the other.

“Why the wine?”, Gillian asked.

“I thought we should drink a toast to our new future together, me the cuckold husband and you the slut wife!”, he responded.

“What a good idea!, Gillian enthused sitting up so that her tits were now visible to her husband, “why are you wearing the towel?” she queried.

“I was going to have a shower.”

“Silly, you need a towel after you shower not before. Come here.” she told him.

Malcolm stepped closer and Gillian pulled the towel away revealing that, whilst not hard, Malcolm's cock was far from floppy. She reached out with her wet hand and stroked it lovingly.

“You missed out the 'greedy' in your description, or should I say, definition, of me,” she chuckled as she held out her hand for the glass of red wine, “sit on the side of the bath.”

Malcolm sat and raised his glass.

“To us and our new future as cuckold husband and greedy slut wife.” he proposed.

“And all who spunk in us!” Gillian seconded.

They clinked glasses and took sips.

Gillian laid back against the bath, “The picnic, the train journey and taxi back to you and our new life.” she murmured, closing her eyes in happy contemplation.

She started.

After James had fucked my ass, on the leather topped desk, in the vestibule, he picked me up and carried me into the house laying me down on his long, leather couch. We snuggled up and dozed off. About an hour later we awoke, and went upstairs for a shower, together. After we had finished showering he said he felt hungry and led me to our bed, laid me down and started to eat my cunt. I came within seconds. I cum very easily and very often as you now realise.

Then we turned around and he rolled me over so that I was laying along him with my cunt directly over his mouth and his cock right by my mouth and I fucked his face and he fucked mine. James didn't have much spunk left but he still came. He says that coming when he is empty, like that, somehow feels more intense. I had plenty of cum left and nearly drowned him with my squirts.

After we had recovered a bit he rang the Mums and Dads and invited them out to dinner. We got back home about 11 and went to bed, and fucked for most of the night.

“And I supposed it was the same the next couple of days?” enquired Malcolm without any malice in his voice.

We had a quick session, for about an hour, before breakfast, but James had a busy day ahead so I prepared a picnic lunch then we went to work. We went to a nice, quiet place for our picnic lunch near the church of the third wedding. A very quiet little woodland glade that we have visited many times over the years.

As instructed, I was not wearing my knickers or my bra, just a summer dress which didn't stay on for long! James was laying on the picnic rug so I got his cock out and started to suck. It was nearly ready to fuck even before I started. It didn't take long to make him properly hard so I took my dress off and sat on him. James handed me a big ham sandwich. So, there I was bouncing up and down on his cock with a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of water in the other laughing fit to bust.

Then I heard a twig snap and looked up and there was this guy, about 20, tossing himself off as he watched me riding James's cock. I told James that we had an audience and he said that he knew and that he had watched me sucking cock and that when I took my dress off and slid onto his cock the guy had got his own cock out and started to wank.

James said that it seemed a pity to waste such a nice cock and beckoned him over. When he got closer I told him that I could do that for him. He came over and stood close to me, I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke him. It was a very nice, cock, very hard, of course, and a little bigger than James's.

I told him that I hoped he wasn't a quick cummer and that when he did cum that he had a lot of spunk as I bent forward a little and took him in my mouth. After a few long, slow strokes up and down his cock I took a short breather to tell him how much I loved sucking cock and having spunk pumped down my throat and into my belly. The look on his face suggested that I would soon have a belly full of his spunk so I opened my mouth and slid his cock in again, as far down as I could get it.

After a while James asked if I would like to have a mouthful of his spunk or a cunt full.

I took another breather, “Shall I suck you off, and swallow, I always swallow, or would you prefer to fuck me?” I asked him.

He said he would like both! The greedy bugger! James said that we had an hour and the lad promised he would have no problem delivering two loads in an hour.

As James already had his cock in my cunt I stayed on top of him while I sucked the young guy, that was really nice, it was a very pretty cock, uncut so I was able to play and tease as well as stroke and suck. I managed to get the whole length in my mouth and down my throat, with no trouble! I suppose it's a bit like riding a bike, oops! That was what James was doing I suspect, anyway, I hadn't forgotten how to suck a new cock and deep throat it. I could feel him building up to a cum, his eyes were closed and he was panting quite hard as well as thrusting his cock into my mouth. He started to spurt his spunk so I took as much cock down my throat as I could and came with him, immediately, squirting all over James's cock. His spunk his went right down my throat and straight into my belly, wonderful! I was able to let him pump a couple of loads directly down my throat before I had to ease him back a little, to catch my breath, with his cock head back in my eager mouth I wanked him off, taking every spurt of his spunk into my mouth and holding it there to show him what a total cum slut I was. By the time he finally stopped shooting into my mouth he had totally filled it with his cum, he was a very heavy cummer! I looked up at him, opened my mouth, swallowed and licked my lips. 'Thanks for cummin,' I said to him and he replied, 'thanks for having me.' A very polite young man I thought. I told him to stroke his cock, while I fucked James and then I told him I wanted some more of his delicious spunk in my cunt before it was time to go to work.

James always likes to see me with another cock in me, mouth, cunt or being ass-fucked. It makes him very hard and when he is that hard I can make him spunk quite quickly, when I need to.

I leaned forward and slid my cunt up and down James's cock, all the way out, over my clitty, back between my lips then back, deep inside my cunt. It always makes me cum and James enjoys it very much as well. I was watching the lad wank his cock, it was getting hard surprisingly fast. He was watching James's cock slipping in and out as he stroked.

“Have you got room for one more in there?” he asked.

I told him I had and moved my body forward and my arse up in the air a little so that James's cock was now in the front of my pussy. With James's cock already deep down inside my cunt, his cock angle opened up my cunt leaving a space for a second cock above James's. The lad knelt behind me and started to rub his cock head along James's cock, just easing a little into my cunt each time. He did this a few times, each time making his cock go in a little further.

“OK?” he asked. It wasn't a polite query it was more a warning that he was about to push it home. He did! Boy was that fantastic? I just started to cum and squirt and cum and squirt! When he was deep inside I told him to stay still and let me fuck them both. Oh My God! I thought, I haven't had two cocks in the same hole for far too long!

I started to rock and roll on both cocks, with little squeezes when they were both deep inside, I pulled back until they nearly fell out then shoved back so hard it hurt, but it was a wonderful hurt. It was one long,rolling constant orgasm and I was soon feeling very tired. I slowed, then stopped. I told the lad to hold my hips still and keep his cock still, inside me while James fucked us both.

The youngster did very well, considering he was in a tight cunt with another cock effectively wanking him off. James was enjoying it also and it wasn't too long before I felt his warm spunk pumping into my sopping wet cunt.

“I'm done, Princess,” he told us but kept his cock inside me, “your turn lad, fill her up!”

He had some stamina, that lad. He held my hips and just set up a nice steady motion, deep in, that was really deep, then nearly out and again and again. I was still cummin, I don't know where I got my energy! His cock rubbing against James's was making James hard so my cunt was full, again. With two hard cocks in me I was over the moon and driving back onto the lads cock. Then he spunked! It felt like gallons, pump, pump, pump, pump!

“We had to stop, I had to call a halt, I'm out of practice, or was,” she said, smiling up at her husband. “They both eased, gently out of me and we all collapsed on the ground.”

“It took me a few minutes to get my breath back, then I kinda sorta shuffled around and cleaned up both cocks. Afterwards they took it in turn to clean me up and kiss me better,” she concluded.

While she had been recounting her adventure Gillian had been playing with her husband's cock, subconsciously ensuring that he didn't cum just yet.

“Y'know? I never did finish that sandwich!” she ended, rolling over to take Malcolm's very stiff cock in her mouth.

More to follow, if you wish

Love & Kisses - Gillian