Written by Harry_22

7 Aug 2011

What a day. I left the office two hours ago and still had about two hours of driving left. I need a rest so I pulled in at the first service station I saw.

I sat at a picnic table and watched the people come and go. It was not long till I clocked that of all the people coming and going, that the majority of men seemed to be going round the back of the services rather than to the main block like I had done. I finished my coffee and figured I would stretch my legs before I got back on the road. I strolled around, continuing to check on my emails on my phone as I did.

And then I found myself around the back of the services and saw a portacabin in front of me. It was hidden exactly, but not on full view either especially with the summer growth hanging low on the trees. Another toilet I figured as I saw a guy stepping out adjusting his fly.

All recently filled with coffee, a piss was a good idea before I started driving again. I bounced up the couple of steps and entered a fairly dark toilet block. The windows were boarded and the only light came in through a couple of skylights. There was no urinals so I entered a cubicle.

The light was surprisingly better in there being right under a skylight and I was pleased to see that it was very clean. As I undid my zip on auto pilot, my eyes were distracted immediately by the graffiti and doodles that adorned the walls. There was phone numbers, messages, drawings of cocks... I eyes whizzed over them all and I found it all quite exciting! I turned around the small booth and saw that it carried on all around, including the door. I stopped my browse on the wall adjacent with the next cubicle and suddenly my heart was racing. In big letters, the graffiti read “You are in the suck hole” and it had a big arrow leading to a hole around which it read “Your mouth here.”

Oh my god I thought and I honestly thought I was dreaming! I jumped when the door banged shut and I followed the noises of someone coming in, walking around and then entering the cubicle next to mine! Oh my god, the words echoed around my head again, this was not really going to happen, was it? My ears really tuned in now as I heard the familiar belt and buckle sounds and the rustle of trousers being dropped.

And then it happened, through the hole came a soft, but fairly thick cock, it hung there about four inches long. This must be a dream I thought as I lowered myself to my knees noticing for the first time that my cock was hard in my pants! An inch in front of my face now I put out my tongue and licked gently on the cock. To my immediate relief it was clean. I felt the flesh move as I licked my tongue up a little and then repeated the move a few times. I licked like this a few more times and then I was rewarded with it coming to life. I felt it twitch beneath my tongue and I took longer runs up the shaft and moved back with each lap so that I could see the swelling start in earnest, I had both hands on the wall for balance, but was enjoying using only my mouth to entertain this impressive member; it was already thick, but the girth filled out a little more as it grew also in length.

In no time it was pointing almost straight at my face and I knew it was time to let it into my hungry mouth. I wet my lips with my tongues and placed them, closed, to the tip of his hard cock. Easing forward I let them open to allow his thick helmet in and was amazed at how wide my mouth was open, I pulled back of it and was amazed at how big this cock now was... I could just about get my mouth around it and bringing my hand down to hold it, I could guessed it to be around eight inches long. Knowing that there was no way I would get that all in, I left my fingers wrapped around his meaty shaft as I took it back in.

I was in awe of the smoothness of something so big and hard as I let it slide in and out of my lips, nearly gagging more than once as it so easily hit the back of my throat, like I said, there was no way I was getting it all in, but that was not enough to stop me trying! Besides, I liked the feeling of my mouth being fucked like that!

I adjusted my knees back a little so that I did need my hands to balance. I pumped my mouth and hand on his cock in unison and slid my other hand up my shirt where I pinched hard on my nipples.

Then, without warning the cock suddenly vanished back through the hole. I actually blushed as I realised I had moaned with disappointment. I looked through the hole to see cock in hand being rubbed.

“let me suck it” I said to the hole and then moved back again to see the cock being wanked.

A whispering voice came back through, “I am going to come” was all it said and I wasted no time speaking back through.

“Mmmmm” I said, “please let me do it, give me your come!”

There was what felt like a years wait, but I was pleased to see that the wanking had subsided to a gentle rubbing and then.. back through the hole it came.

I let it straight back into my mouth and let it push in as deep as it would possibly go and then put my fist around the remaining shaft. Using this as a depth gauge, I plunged myself on and off his hot cock as fast as I could.

Within seconds I recognised a familiar swell and twitch occurring and I let his cock slip to entrance of my mouth, I kept my lips pursed tightly over the tip and licked like mad at its underside, wanking his shaft I my hand at the same time.

Even though I knew it was coming, the first hot blast of jizz took me by surprise and I almost cough/choked his cock out of me. I swallowed that first shot down and the let him pump the rest in and give me a proper mouthful.

When it had stopped I kept suction on his twitching member as I pulled off it, but still a dribble of come dribbled down my chin there was so much!

The shining wet cock looked so good, I swallowed down my dirty load and licked gently all over him, cleaning up the rest of his come. Letting go at last with my hand, one last tear of saltly reward oozed from his tip and I just got to lap it up as his softening cock was pulled back and away.

The door shutting announced the stranger's departure. You filthy cock sucker I chided myself as I tucked my shirt back in, grinning. My cock was still hard and I adjusted it to make the walk back to the car discrete and comfortable! I was very keen to work that hard on off, but figured I would treat myself properly a bit later...

Hope you like this fantasy....