Written by beaupeep

18 Mar 2010

Well Carol said she would get her revenge and it wasn’t long in coming. She told Pete that such a transgression of the ‘rules’ couldn’t go unpunished. Pete just laughed and said “what rules? If you play with the big boys you’re gonna get it rough!!” Bad move on his part. As a 24 carat man hater I knew there was plenty she could do to him and he asked her what she had in mind. “A bit of testicle torture I think, follow me!” Pete looked a bit apprehensive and then looked at me for a get out clause, “Unlucky! You finish what you started” Carol hauled him, only half willingly upstairs, pointed at the bed and barked “lie down, don’t move!”

He duly did as he was told and prostrated himself on the bed. Carol grabbed a couple of stockings from my drawer handed one to me and we tied him hand and foot to the top and bottom of the bed. Pete, who was already naked from our earlier encounter, was looking decidedly nervous by this point.

After having scouted round the upstairs for a few supplies Carol had found a few essential elements of torture. A bic razor, a vibrator and a bottle of moisturiser. I’m thinking “interesting choice” Pete by this point is thinking “OH FUCK!! and is starting to struggle against his restraints. Carol straddles him and whispers don’t fight me, as she starts to rub copious handfuls of moisturiser into his reticent bell end. Using the cream adeptly in her palms she worked him into lather and gave a very good impersonation of a BJ by cupping her hands and forming a vacuum. Pete started to relax and enjoy himself and Carol looked very pleased with her work as his knob stood taut and tall… ‘Perfect for shaving’ she said to him.

‘Keep still and you won’t get hurt!’ was the instruction. I’ve never seen him so still! First she drew the bic, still in its cover over the outside of his knob spreading the remaining moisturiser like icing. I could see that despite his nerves, he was warming to the effect. Then she unsheathed it and gently stroking his member said “now this needs to stay hard otherwise I might catch any wrinkles with the blade.” From there she preceded to run the blade up and down with almost surgical precision till he was as smooth as a babies bum. She even wiped him over with a cloth before saying to him “I can’t abide organic dental floss!!”, as she knelt down and ran her tongue up the underside of his straining member.

Teasing it gently with her tongue she continued up and down, around the rim and nibbling with her teeth. Pete was straining like a dog on a leash trying to get her to suck down hard on it. No chance she told him, you’ll only get what you’re given. She pulled away and whispered “talking of what you’re given…” Grabbing a pillow from the end of the bed she pushed it under him as he strained his dick upwards towards her. Then took the vibrator from where she left it and pressed it against firmly against his sack.

Now are you nervous she asked? Before he could reply she grabbed another large handful of moisturiser and deftly rubbed some of it over the vibrator and began to rub the rest into his crack. Without pausing she slipped one greasy finger into his hole and he flinched. “Obviously not used to this are we?” Relax or you’re gonna get hurt!! By this point Pete was really starting to wriggle. Taking the now pulsing vibrator she pressed it against his reluctant hole, gently at first then more forcefully till it started to slide. Pete gasped. Carol beckoned me over gesturing for me to pump his arse whist she straddled his member and started to fuck down on him. He started come almost immediately and Carol and I just stopped still till Pete’s orgasm subsided. “Don’t tease me, girls let me finish!”

Not a hope said Carol as she gently pressed down on his knob gyrating and then stopped again; with me pumping him in as well he was struggling to hold it together. We continued for a while till Carol decided she was bored with this game and gestured for me to stop, got off Pete, took my hand and waved ‘bye’ to Pete. Where are you going? Come back! Off to play! said Carol, you can listen if you want. We’ll be next door. When we’ve finished we just might release your hand for a wank if you’re good! Carol grinned wickedly and we left him to it.