Written by Angela

29 Feb 2008

For a while I was wishing I hadn’t said anything, but in a conversation with one of the lads in the office I’d told him that I didn’t have any knickers on. I didn’t really mean to tell him, it just came out in a conversation about the Levi jeans I was wearing and I’d said that I loved them and I’d always thought that is seemed right to go commando in Levis. He obviously loved the idea of this because for a while he went silent and a little red, as I did.

Eventually we got over out embarrassment and all was well.

But knowing that he knew about my lack of knickers made me horny as hell and I started having fantasies about having sex in the office. I decided that given that I knew he fancied me and that he knew I wasn’t wearing knickers and was probably feeling a bit horny himself I’d try it on with him. So I asked him if he’d mind giving my shoulders a quick massage. He couldn’t believe his luck.

He stood behind me and started to massage the back of my neck and my shoulders, his hands moved up my neck and in to my hair. I was getting as turned on as hell and after only a few minutes, I stood up and kissed him on the lips. As we kissed, his hands wandered down my back and around my ribs. Occasionally his hands touched the sides of my boobs, I wasn’t wearing a bra and my nipples were clearly visible though my tee shirt. He soon had his hand up inside my shirt and was squeezing and rolling my tits in his warm soft hands.

I reached down and took hold of his dick through his trousers. It was rock hard and I could already feel the bell end throbbing. He pushed his hand down the back of my jeans and continued to kiss me. I pulled at the buckle of his belt and soon had his dick out of his trousers and in my hand; as hard as steel and massive. He didn’t need much encouragement but to make sure he had no doubt what I wanted I said, ‘well, get on with it, fuck my brains out will you’. In a flash he had my jeans undone and his hand inside them fingering my wet slit.

I could wait no longer to have his dick inside me so I took my jeans off, turned my back to him and bent over my desk. He wasted no time in getting his hunk of meat in me and was soon banging fuck out of me. My braless tits were bouncing under my shirt and I struggled to hang on to the desk. He was fucking me like a mad man; powerful, fast and hard. I’d never experienced anything like it. He had one hand on my shoulder pulling me hard against him and with the other he played with my tits.

I couldn’t contain myself as I orgasmed and shouted him to go at me harder. He didn’t disappoint and he continued to bang me, his cock slamming in to me like a jack hammer. I reached between my legs and felt his big balls banging against me; I took them in my hand and squeezed them. I think it hurt him a bit but he wanted more and told me to squeeze him harder. I came again and as I did I felt him slow his strokes and he off loaded in to me and I felt him jerk his warm spunk deep inside me.

I don’t think our fucking lasted more than a couple of minutes, but it was fantastic, fast and wild and one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.