Written by Em

25 Feb 2010

I'm Em and I have a tale to tell!

I had long suspected my wife, Babs, of fucking other men, I had confronted her about it but she had always flatly denied any wrongdoing. Shame really, as I would have loved her to tell me of the conquests she had, it would have really of turned me on! For fucks sake I poked her enough times, why not let some other cock have some fun? 36C, slim hour glass figure, tight furry pussy, hell!... give someone else ago, I can't have all the fun!

Regular as clockwork I would play football with my mates on a Tuesday evening. We were all decent players, some young guns, but most of us were the wrong side of 35 and so enjoyed the drink after as much as the game. It gave us 90 minutes of running around like kids before four pints down the boozer.

We showered and spoke, as all guys do, of who, what, when we shagged whoever! Tales of our conquests got more and more sordid as we all attempted to out do the other. I noticed one or two of my mates cocks starting to get a little excited! I must admit to soaping mine generously to raise its size a little and give me the look of a 'good length'.

This particular evening our local had run out of bitter. Frustrated I told my mates that I had just bought a couple of cases and that they must come back to mine and drink it all!

Three of my regular drinking buddies, Paul, Phil and Mark, came home with me.

As soon as we entered the kitchen I knew all was not well. Two wine glasses sat on the side, I immediately suspected that my cheating wife had taken the opportunity of my Football night to have some fun. Assuming she had gone out, I thought, 'Fuck it, get drunk'.

I told my mates to switch on the TV and went upstairs for a piss. Of course you know what I found? After shaking my cock and washing my hands I went to my bedroom to get my laptop to show my mates my latest porn sites. As I slid the door open I was confronted by a geezers arse bouncing up and down on top of my wife! She looked up at me with a look of horror as the arse continued to pound away. "What the fuck are you doing" I said. The arse stopped mid-action. "Darling, I can explain..." Babs blustered. "Explain my arse you slag. Unless he's raping you, I think your'e well and truly......fucked?" I mockingly replied.

My mate Phil called from the landing, "Babs in is she Em?", I called back " More like someone's in her!" Phil walked in "Do what mate?......Oh.....fuck...". "Exactly Phil, look at this Cunt, in my own house." "You gonna sort it or what?" said Phil, " Just a bit buddy, call up Paul and Mark to have a look will you?".

My wife lay there, legs akimbo with some young arse lying on top, his head buried in her shoulder, hoping it was all a bad dream! I waited for my mates whilst looking at Babs, Christ she looked horny! She stared at me with an expression of fear, for what had she done? And more importantly, what was I likely to do to her?

Paul and Mark stood aghast behind me and Phil, my wife and her lover lay still in front, I should have been angry, feel cheated, demand revenge, but all I could do was look at the young, firm, white arse that had been banging away at my Mrs moments before and think, " WOW!I don't blame you!"

"Look at me you fucker" I demanded of the arse. He slowly, timidly, turned his head to look at me, "Chris!", the fucker looking so sheepish at me was the seventeen year old son of my neighbour six doors up, one of the buggers who was playing footie with me an hour ago and never came for a drink!

"Fuck it mate, lets teach 'em a lesson" said Phil, "You can't leave this" said Mark, "Bloody hell Em, I'd fuck his arse the little Cunt!" said Paul with his eyes like saucers and his hand rubbing his leg!

"Please give us a moment Guy's?" pleaded Babs, "I'll give you a moment" hissed Phil, staring straight into her eyes.

"Right Lads, my wife, my rules" I exclaimed. I pulled Chris up (he whimpered like a chastised dog) "Come here, you need a lesson. Phil..." I said, "She's yours...I know you've always wanted her...fuck her mate, then you two give your best fellas" I said to Paul and Mark. They gleefully smiled their gratitude!

"Please, not like this, Em. No...I'm sorry, please don't do this" The panic spread across her face, she attempted to pull the covers over her, but Mark dragged them aside as Phil lowered his tracksuit bottoms to release a rock hard 6" cock. "Lay back and think of England, Babs, I'm on my way in!" He lay on top, his stiff weapon entering her pussy, moist from Chris' fucking, in one smooth stroke. Babs looked up at me "Enjoy, darling, take it and I might manage to forgive you!" I smiled. She looked back, glint her eye, fear fading to excitement and passion. Phil quickly got into his stride, Chris screamed "NO!" "Shut up you little fucker, who do you think you are? You pathetic little Twat, you fucking love her don't ya!!" I said, holding back my glee. "Your'e seventeen with a cock at the ready 24 hours a day, that's why she let's you fuck her! Not 'cos she wants to marry you, you little prick!" I scoffed.

Chris looked crestfallen. His limp cock held in his hand in an attempt to save what little dignity he had left! I held the back of his head and told him to watch. Phil started to pound, clearly on the 'vinegar strokes'. Babs eyes rolled, her tongue touched her reddening lips, she was clearly starting to enjoy!

I dropped my trousers as I held Chris from behind. He felt so young, firm, but slight. "You have to pay for this, you have to learn the consequences" I said coolly. I reached around and pulled both his arms back. Paul looked at me for acknowledgement, I nodded, Paul did not stand on ceremony! Oh no, he dropped his shorts, his miniature cock at the ready, dropped to his knees and took the limp seventeen year old in his mouth! Paul looked up at me. I could see him suck and lick my wife's juices off the Boys cock...and then, oh yes, Chris' cock sprang like a fucking flagpole. 7 inches, slim, but smooth and almost hairless, absolutely gorgeous. It was enough for my already stiffening cock to salute! My 8" manhood rose, "I will now dry fuck you, you little shit." Chris just layed his head back against my chest and said "Please...no...don't hurt me."

Phil looked across at Paul eagerly sucking at Chris' young cock, Phil grimaced and exclaimed "I'm cumming, Babs you little bitch, your'e making me ....CUM!" With that he gave two last thrusts and emptied everything deep inside Babs' now soaking cunt and collapsed on her as she wrapped her arms around him and held him in place.

Mark, now naked, pulled aggressively at Phil, dragging him back and out of Babs. Globs of Phil's cum started to flow from my wife's pert, pink lips showing from her hairy, but beautifully trimmed, mound.

Mark gave a couple of tugs on his expanding stick. It immediately grew to what was at least 9" and as wide a cock as I had ever seen. His bell end glistened with pre-cum and was as round as a golf ball! Perfectly straight, I wanted to see what it could do. Mark kneeled above Babs, Babs lay her knees further apart to accommodate the giant manhood and guided the mammoth cock against her. Mark took hold of it and gently rubbed Phil's cum back into her tight pussy before removing it and forcing it into her mouth, making her gag with its length, before fucking her face seven or eight times and then slapping both cheeks with the tool.

My cock was now bursting, I reached down to Chris' arse...firm as a young bullock, I groped at his buttocks and listened as Paul slurped his rigged cock. I forced myself against the young arse, making Paul lay against the side of the bed where Mark was now steadily fucking my wife to her second orgasm. Chris was now forced to bend over Paul's head. Paul tugged at his own, meagre, 5" pencil dick, Chris held him self up, arms on the bed, palms down, face inches from Marks gyrating arse. I pulled the young studs bum cheeks apart, his arsehole winking at me, asking me to enter. I spat on my hand and rubbed it against my cock. I placed my cock head gently against Chris' hole, spat at it again, and slowly but firmly pushed against it. At first my cock wouldn't enter, Paul pulled at Chris' 7" and slapped his own face with it, Chris' arse responded and I entered him...first the bell end, then two, three, five, seven inches into his young, firm arse. Chris looked behind to me, a trace of a smile across his lips as he wanked vigoursly into Pauls mouth.

I was suddenly pushed forward toward the bed myself. Phil grabbed the back of my head as he jammed his cock towards my face. He was hard again and I quickly tongued him and tasted the familiar juices of Babs. All too much, I exploded into Chris, my head bobbing on Phil as he ejaculated a few spurts more and I swallowed hungrily. Chris leant forward, tonguing Marks arsehole, Chris pelted his cum over Paul's face and Paul's cock twitched and spurted against his own, firm, stomach. Mark withdrew from my wife and and his warm spunk flew across her belly as she cried out for the third orgasm of her filthy night.

For a moment there was silence....then giggles and raucous laughter, "What a fucking 'Goal!' I cried.