Written by Mike Russell

19 Aug 2008

This is one of Hazels main fantasies, which thanks to SW is at last going to come true in one way or another.

Hazel opened the door, she had been getting dressed when she heard the doorbell ring. She had thrown a robe over panties and hurried to the door. As the door swung open she was confronted by two firemen. Was this a dream, she had always had a thing about men in uniform, especially fireman and now there were two at her door and her in just her dressing gown and panties. She was lifted off her feet by two pair of strong arms and carried backwards into the flat, her feet inches from the floor and deposited on the couch. Her robe was quickly removed and thrown aside. What the hell was going on? Her two firemen sat either side of her and without any further delay, leaned in and each took a nipple between their lips. This must be a dream, men in uniform and both her nipples being sucked. All her fantasies were coming true at the same time. As her dream men sucked at her nipples their hands strayed down to her thighs and stroked and smoothed over them, working their way up to her crotch. She could feel her pale blue panties getting wetter as two hands worked their way over the mound of her sex. Fingers eased down each side of her inner thighs, right at the point where they disappeared into her panties and worked slowly along the elastic line. Moving inwards they pushed her pussy lips together, trapping her swelling clit between the soft folds. She was sure she was going to wake up at any minute. She had dreamt of this so many times before. Both nipples being sucked and her pussy being played with by two men, she really was in heaven. She felt her panties being pushed aside and a mouth closed over her pussy lips. Woah. Her mind raced. Her nipples were both still receiving oral attention and now there were lips covering her pussy. It didn\'t take much working out that there was a third mouth in the room. She opened her eyes and looked down between the bobbing heads at her nipples. \'You bastard,\' she laughed. All she could see between her thighs was the top of an auburn head, a head she immediately recognised. It was Mike, her husband. \'Happy birthday darling,\' he laughed, lifting his head from between her thighs. \'You thought I\'d forgotten didn\'t you?\'