Written by strapped4cash

12 Mar 2018

I struggled to get my skirt up over my hips – it would have been much easier to undo the zip and slip it down my legs, but although I’d asked Stephen up the stairs for a good fucking, I’d now changed my mind and didn’t want to encourage him. No sooner had I managed to raise my skirt than he was pulling me down across his lap. My tits were resting on his left leg and I was almost kneeling on the carpet. Reaching back, he forced his hand between my legs and hooked it around my fanny before heaving me right over his lap until my face was almost touching the floor and my bottom was pointing straight up. I tried to push myself up from the floor but I got two heavy slaps on the back of my thighs and was ordered to stay where I was. My spanking then commenced in earnest across my black tights which as usual I wore over my very practical white M&S, medium control, leg and waist cincher. Had I thought for a moment they’d receive this level of attention I’d have made sure I’d worn something a lot more appealing, but one’s underwear on these sorts of trips tends to be chosen more with comfort in mind rather than the titillation of any chaps one might meet. Likewise, my footwear, which was usually black leather fashion boots at this time of year, with only a moderate heel – practical if perhaps not particularly sexy, but there were few opportunities this far north and it was better to be nice and warm rather than have your cunt frozen off in your stockings and flimsies. That was all very well for a girl’s night out in Glasgow but on the early flight to Shetland In January it was way beyond the call of duty! So, I took some comfort from the suitability of my attire for this sudden onslaught, but I could certainly still feel the benefit of Stephens efforts on my bottom. He was now laying them on very smartly, and with metronomic regularity, and the underside of my arse-cheeks in particular was becoming very tender indeed. My thighs weren’t to be spared either, and although my shape-wear extended perhaps four or five inches down my legs, there was scant protection from the regular flurries of stingy slaps that Stephen chose to deploy there. Perhaps it was two minutes, certainly not three, but after well over a hundred firm blows he suddenly stopped with his hand resting on my thigh. I was fighting back the tears, trying to display what little dignity you can with your arse on fire and pointing at the ceiling. I was ordered onto my feet and told to stand with my hands on my head which I did. My legs were visibly shaking and my mascara had run onto my cheeks but Stephen was stroking my bottom and grinning widely.

“Well then Heather I hope you now appreciate the scale of your misdemeanours and also my commitment to doing something about them! We shall now proceed to the next stage in the proceedings which will be pretty much the same again, but this time without the protection of what I would describe as your quite ample underwear covering your more than ample bottom.”

My cheeks burned with embarrassment at the cheeky young sod’s remarks, but I held up my skirt as ordered while he peeled down my tights to the top of my boots. He had some difficulty with my pants however as the idiot was trying to remove them by pulling the hems of the legs down and of course with the stretchy material, and its grip on my “ample bottom”, all he was managing to do was stretch the legs. It was much easier to grab the waistband and pull it down, turning the garment inside out down my thighs, the normal procedure when I went for a pee, but there was an alternative.

“Look Stephen I think I’ve had enough, but if I must have more, then just leave my pants up and get on with it. You’ve no business taking them down and my bottom’s already very sore.”

“I certainly hope so after your disgraceful behaviour, but your pants will be coming down and we’ll have no such nonsense about whether it’s my business – you should have thought about that when you were swindling this business with fraudulent claims – you are very fortunate I’ve decided not to get the police involved, so get those pants down now and be quick about it!”

I was quite shocked at his outburst and he was no longer smiling – rather an impatient scowl instead as he pointed his finger downwards. I was deeply embarrassed and I needed to pee but he shook his head when I asked to go to the loo, quietly telling me again to get my pants down and get back across his knee. He held my hand for a minute before speaking softly.

“I’m sorry Heather I shouldn’t have shouted but I must insist you do as you’re told and show me some respect. You’ve been a very naughty girl and you must take your punishment. Now would you please take your pants down and get across my knee and we can get this part over with.”

My face was still burning but I slowly rolled them down over my bottom, inverting them onto my thighs and revealing my hairy bush at the same time. Needing to gain at least some control I stood with my hands on my hips and pushed my mound and tits forward, trying to look as dignified as anyone can with their tights and knickers down. Stephen licked his lips and then took my hand again and helped me down over his lap. This time he grabbed my pants and used them hoick me up over his legs in to his favoured position with my face near the carpet and my arse displayed to him. Only this time it was my bare arse, and once he’d pushed my legs apart, he had all my womanly charms on display to him. This second part of my spanking was much more measured. He’d give me six or more quite hard spanks on the same spot before gently rubbing and massaging my whole bottom for up to a minute. Then I’d get another six on a different part but always followed by this gentle massaging of my cheeks and thighs which after a while was extended to the area around my lips. This went on for a good fifteen minutes or so by which time my arse was quite numb and not really registering the pain anymore, but my fanny was running like a tap, such was my arousal, and when Stephen’s fingers inevitably reached my clit I was coming strongly within seconds. As I came down after a most intense orgasm Stephen rolled me over on his thighs until I was lying across them on my back before bending my legs back onto my chest. He used my juices to lube up his forefinger before pushing it into my arsehole. He then used his thumb to work on my clit and with his free hand he managed to unbutton my blouse, although I had to help him get my tits out above my bra. He now pinched my nipples and redoubled his efforts on my clit and in less than a minute he had worked me up to a second wonderful climax. I must have looked a right mess with my legs up and my tits out, my hairy fanny lewdly displayed before him.

Once I’d calmed down he took advantage of my position and gave me twenty hard spanks on my bottom and thighs which felt quite different now with the target area stretched much tighter than before. Stephen then stood up, lifting me in his arms and carried me to the bed where he positioned me with my bottom resting on the foot of the bed. He pushed my legs back as before and told me to keep them there. I then watched him take off his socks and shoes and his trousers too, before turning to his briefcase which he had left on the dressing table. He opened it and removed a packet of condoms, and after selecting one he moved over to the bed beside me. He was wearing a pair of black boxer shorts which were well tented out by the promising erection within. He certainly looked a fit lad, a bit skinny, but very young looking, and with only the slightest wisps of ginger hair showing just above his sternum. Likewise, when he pulled down his boxers there was only the slightest fringe of ginger pubes on the topside of his cock and his balls were completely clean. They were also tightly pulled up against his cock, which in my experience was a sure sign they were ready to discharge sperm very soon indeed. As he was opening the packet I pushed myself up and leant forward reaching out to him, grabbing his cock in my right hand and cupping his balls with my left. I slipped down onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started to suck and lick his knob while all the time stroking his balls. He started to thrust into my mouth but I kept my hand clasped around his dick to prevent him giving me the whole thing. I lubed up my forefinger in my honeypot, and as I pushed the tip into his arsehole he shouted out and came heavily, spraying my throat and then my face with his spunk. He was a bit unsteady on his feet but I held him still and cleaned him up before taking the condom from the packet and rolling it over his knob. I rolled it right down and then stretched the band back until it encapsulated his scrotum too. He howled in discomfort as I gave his supersensitive plumb a squeeze.

“Well Stephen, that was quite a performance. I thought I’d just take your first come now, as it’s a good hard ride I’m needing, and I didn’t want you going off when I’m only half-cocked so to speak. So, I’m going to lean on the bed here with my arse up in the air and I want you to get your cock up my cunt and give it a good fucking – do you hear me?”

“All in good time Heather dear. I think you’re forgetting it’s myself that’s in charge here and if you recall, I did promise you a good belting as part of your punishment. I just couldn’t face letting you down by omitting to do so. If you’ll just hold exactly that position I’ll fetch my strap.”